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Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Too Faced Damn Girl.png


Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community and Too Faced have partnered to give select Community members an exciting early access to Too Faced’s brand new mascara, Damn Girl.


This is a Sephora exclusive, high-intensity mascara that delivers a 24 hour smudge- and flake- resistant curl, maximum lift, and extreme volume without a heavy feel. It contains whipped melting waxes that create one weightless super-layer, lash suspension polymer which lifts and locks-in curl, and hydrophilic black which creates shamelessly-rich, black lashes.


This products is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free of parabens and phthalates.


We want to hear your thoughts on this new lash product. Please share your first impressions and looks on this thread. We look forward to your feedback!

Re: RE: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Congratulations @samkeaysxo! That bag is super cute! Enjoy trying out your new treat! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

So I got home a little while ago after working 10 am - 11 pm. My feet hurt, I'm hungry, and I'm soaking wet (the joys of working in a restaurant and having a dishwashing shift, right?). I opened the door and my boyfriend was playing a Xbox game and I had a pink bubble mailer on my spot on the couch. And to be honest I'm so deliriously tired from working 12 hr shifts back to back that my immediate thought was "I don't remember ordering anything from ipsy???" Cue me being absolutely delighted to flip it over and see this glorious logo:


image1 (7).jpeg


I had honestly forgotten this was supposed to be coming in the mail. Not that I wasn't absolutely thrilled and honored to receive it! But I got the message about it at the beginning of May, and when you work yourself to the bone the way I do you tend to forget a lot of things. Like, even forgetting eating. Lol.


So I immediately ripped it open and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over how ridiculously adorable the packaging was. It came in this shiny bag that I am OBSESSED with and will definitely use to store my makeup for travel:


image5.jpegMuch like a crow, I am drawn to shiny things.

And here's the note that came with it:


image4.jpegShucks, I feel like a VIP!

And finally... the piece de resistance... Holy moly, is this thing beautiful. When I opened the box I was FLOORED. I feel like this is a weapon much to powerful for me to wield, like Thor's hammer. Am I even worthy of this creation?


image2 (3).jpegIf there were a Smithsonian for makeup, this would belong in it.

I am so grateful and thankful to Sephora and Too Faced for gracing me with this little treasure. Because it's currently 12:25AM as I type this I won't be testing it out tonight, but I wanted to post my initial reaction and a thank you! I'll come back with an update and review within a couple days once I get acquainted with it. (:

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Congrats @HunterKathleen! What a great surprise to come home to after a long day! Have fun testing out your new mascara! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Just tried it -- it's wonderful!! I posted some before and after pics near the top of the thread. I'm sold on this 100%. New HG.

Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you @SephoraBIC and @toofaced. I tried this out immediately as I got it, I was so excited to try it. First impressions oh and I shouldmention that my lashes are naturally long and thin. So upon opening this I immediately noticed the applicator was very thick which usually I'm not a huge fan of it since I don't like the feeling if them. So I applied it and I didn't feel anything not even the wand. I immediately noticed that my lashes appeared lifted and curled and more voluminous. Now I do 3 coats no matter what so the other 2 just added more volume. With that being said I'm definitely in love with this. It creates this look of false lashes that just look good. Now if y'all dont know my HG mascara is TF better than ***. And I know most everyone is thinking how can Too Faced come our with something better. And after trying this their both at the same level. Ones not better than the other. I did compare them today. They both give the false lash look. Theirs a few slight differences. BTS lifts the lashes and volumizes them. DG curls and gives volume. What I mean is that BTS looks longer and fuller slightly straighter (I dont curl my lashes). DG looks like they were curled, have volume and just my lash hairs look thicker. I been wearing them for 10 hours now and DG hasn't flake, BTS does which I always known and still wear it bc honestly it's my favorite. I just take a q-tip and touch up. And lastly wand applicator BTS is thinner and I can feel itagainst my lashes. While DG I didn't feel against my lashes, like I even tried I pushed it against my lashes and didn't feel anything its likes the weirdest feeling ever bc you know your applying mascara but you dont feel the brush. So my final thoughts are I'm in love with both mascaras I now have 2 Holy Grail mascaras. I would say DG is that lash when you want to look full glam. While BTS gives your lashes more of a sultry look. Anyways I love this new mascara. And Thank you to @SephoraBIC and @toofaced for allowing me to try this product out. And sending me that cute bag. I love collecting TF makeup bags from collections.


Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Congratulations @diamondlove! Thanks so much for the comparison between the DG and BTS mascaras; very helpful! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Popping in to say I received this as well! I’m looking forward to giving this a try, BTS is one if my favorite mascaras and I’m sure this even bigger and badder! Photos tomorrow as well as some thoughts. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Yahoo @alexasteph! I'm excited to hear what you think about this one! Congratulations! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I also didn’t realize there was this dedicated thread, so I’ll also post my thank you here!


I’m super excited to give this a try tomorrow, college with wear test and comparisons with the better than sex! Thank you again for the chance to try this out! Not gonna lie when I saw the package I may or may not have felt like a mini *influencer* for a minute 😂😂


thanks @SephoraBIC @TeamBIC and @toofaced !! Can’t wait to try the Dang, Girl! Mascara 💕💕💕

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Yaaaaay! I'm excited you received this gratis @cianni! Can't wait to hear what you think about the DG mascara! BTW, you are a full fledged influencer, all the time! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@itsfi thank you! You’re the best hehe ❤️

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Hahaha I felt the same way! My bf watched me opening it and I was super giddy, and I was like "babe I feel like an influencer!" and he just laughed.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Congrat to all recipients!!! I enjoy reading mascara reviews since mine are almost invisible Smiley Wink

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I posted my own thread about this, sorry @SephoraBIC ! I’ll copy and paste my feedback here:


D*** Girl! promises “outrageous” volume, and it more or less delivers (especially on the lashes I’m starting with). The below picture shows my natural lashes on one eye, and two coats on the other eye. The formula is lightweight and comfortable, dries quickly without crispiness, and doesn’t irritate my contacts. It’s a slightly thicker formula, but not gloppy or wet, and it’s so black that I don’t feel the need for liner to create the illusion of a thicker lash line. 


If I had one point of critical feedback, it would be the top of the brush. It’s so thick that I had difficulty reaching my inner- and outermost lashes without potentially smudging the corners. I wish it were a little more tapered. I’d also prefer a bit more length, but this mascara focuses specifically on volume, so I can’t fault it for that. Over the next few days, I’ll report back about the curl, lasting power, and flaking/smudging. Thank you again to @TeamBIC and @toofaced for the opportunity to try out this new product!











Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Love the with and without mascara photo @tastelikewater; super helpful! Congrats on being selected for this great gratis! <3

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Awesome @tastelikewater! So happy for you and love the picture. Do you normally go for length, volume, or a combo with mascara?

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@tastelikewater Your first impressions review/photos are so good! They weren’t kidding about how dramatically dark the color is!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you so very much @SephoraBIC and @toofaced!! I just received my tube of D*** Girl, and I'm so excited to try it. (Haha, I tried typing out the actual name of the product, and it told me to clean up my language before posting). My lashes definitely could use a volume boost, so I'm hoping this does the trick. I will be back soon with updates and reviews, but for now, here of are some photos of the gratis package I received.

mascara2.JPGHere's what the tube looks like.
mascara3.JPGHere's a pic of the brush.


mascara1.JPGHere's the packaging and cute bag they included.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Yaaaay! I'm so happy you received this gratis @PrettyPaint! Will keep an eye out for your thoughts on this mascara! Have fun!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thanks so much @itsfi 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Just received mine! First impressions: so far so good. Love the component, and I love the brush shape and fibres. Applies mascara nicely and easily. Formula feels nice and light, not clumpy and doesn't feel crumbly. I've had it on for 6 hours so far and haven't had any issues (no flaking or smudging under my eyes, which happens to me with a lot of mascaras including better than sex and milk kush mascara). Will post a more thorough review once I have tried it a few more times! 


Thank you so much to Sephora and Too Faced for sending this to me, I also love the little makeup bag that came with it!

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