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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

@ather what the heck!! I'll have to check out the ingredients!! I do have a small size I bought a few months ago

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster  Me too 🤣 I’ve been holding off on buying the new one. 

Re: Empties - V2

@ather do you know off hand what changed?

Re: Empties - V2

So many empties, @lmaster!! The last pic had me lol; I also really dislike that serum. 

Re: Empties - V2

@haleyvvvv I'm sorry but even at a discount, that's too much for a serum you have to purchase every month 

Re: Empties - V2

Is that the POA or did that big bottle only last a month, @lmaster???

Re: Empties - V2

@haleyvvvv if you use it twice a day like it says to, it lasted me about a month and a half, and i just can't justify that

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster Only a month and a half?!  Ouch.

Re: Empties - V2

@CookieGirl1 yes, and I used it as recommended, twice a day, luckily I had two smaller ds sizes I used right after to make sure I was giving it a fair shot at 8 weeks of use, I didn't see any results at all

Re: Empties - V2




 The Paulas Choice is similar the Drunk Elephant Glycolic serum. I already repurchased it as well as Bumble and Bumble. Protini I have some

minis’s in my stash. PC omega serum I have a full size as well. The rest are nice but won’t repurchase right now. Oribe hair spray is nice. 


 Like- Ilia mascara, tarte mascara, body scrub is nice as well. Dime serum is just ok. Not wowed by the brand to be honest! 

Re: Empties - V2

@jen81, that IGK dry shampoo is a nice one; definitely one of my faves. 👍

Re: Empties - V2

@jen81  The ilia is my fav mascara I think. For now it is!

Re: Empties - V2

Excellent bunch of empties! @jen81 

Re: Empties - V2

This months empties.C282C246-D778-4AED-82D4-4BA36F8F8388.jpeg

 Loves-Ilia mascara, It Cosmetics powder, Amika dry shampoo, Christophe Robin scrub, GR lip pop, Tatcha essence.

Likes- Gisou hair mask, Tatcha sunscreen, Patrick Ta lip mask, CT magic cream light, Lancome mascara.

Nope- SC size up mascara & OH lemon scrub 

Re: Empties - V2

You went through so many amazing products @faeriegirl! Awesome work! 😎

Re: Empties - V2

@faeriegirl  Great job! Lots of great products!

Re: Empties - V2

Great job on the empties, @faeriegirl!! There's so many FS there, so impressed!! What was it about the OH scrub that you disliked?

Re: Empties - V2

I didn’t like the scent @haleyvvvv, i am usually a big fan of lemon scents but i didn’t like this one at all.

Re: Empties - V2

Nice set of empties! @faeriegirl 

Re: Empties - V2

Tomorrow's trash/recycling day so I wanted to get all of my monthly Empties OUT!



Of all of these, the fresh Sugar Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15 Sugar Petal Tinted is the only one that I'd repurchase. 

-I actually really liked the way that my hair felt after using the OUAI Medium Hair Shampoo and OUAI Medium Hair Conditioner but the SMELL!  Oh my goodness--it was awful, like a cheap grandmother-ish perfume and it lasted in my hair all day 😣.  If it was in a different scent I could totally see myself buying it but...just no.



Most of these were actually good! 

-I've already repurchased the Tanologist drops and the Ulta facial tanning mist because they both work really well for my face WITHOUT making me look orange.  

-I honestly have no clue how old the VS mist is--at least 10 years if not more--but it was definitely time to finally use it up!

-The Kaja Gloss Shot Hydrating Lip Gloss was OK but wouldn't repurchase it and it seemed like it was the never-ending lip gloss so I was actually happy to finally finish it.

-The little jar of Banana Pudding lotion was actually an Etsy find and it definitely had that banana runts smell to it which has been fun for the summer.

-How have I never burned the BBW Strawberry Poundcake candle before?!  It's lovely so I'm glad I picked up another during SAS.

-Of course I went through another fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sugar Bloom Tinted (I'm finally dwindling down my stash of these!)

-The Anomaly dry shampoo was from Target.  It was fine.

-I like the OUAI Mini Wave Spray 1.7 oz/ 50 mL for adding just a tiny bit of texture to my hair when I'm styling it and I have one more mini left to go

-So many people had recommended the Eva Nyc Mane Magic leave in so I grabbed a mini and I DID like it but I just started trying out the OUAI Detangling and Frizz Fighting Leave in Conditioner and it's working well so I'll have to eventually see which I like better.




-The Elf liquid eyeshadow wasn't ever so great anyway (patchy and wouldn't build) and it dried up so that's going.

-Unfortunately the Maybelline Lifter glosses really burn my lips so after torturing my lips through half of the tube I'm tossing it.

-I'm a little sad about the Colourpop "It's My Pleasure" palette because I got it soon after it originally launched and my purple-loving-heart had really enjoyed it BUT I've noticed that over the last few months it just isn't blending and performing well and almost all of the pans are starting to develop weird little bumps in them so...I think it's time for this one to go.

Re: Empties - V2

@CookieGirl1  Great job! Interesting the eyeshadow has those lumps. I wonder what caused it.