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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

Finally!  Dumping my trash.


Liked all of these.Liked all of these.

With the exception of the Belif Moisture Bomb and the Timeless Vitamin C serum, these were all winners.With the exception of the Belif Moisture Bomb and the Timeless Vitamin C serum, these were all winners.


Re: Empties - V2

I love the banana scents from bbw!! @CookieGirl1 I had a foaming soap that was banana scented,,,ahhhhhhh!!! When it comes back,, I'm stocking up

Re: Empties - V2

@lmaster I have an embarrassing amount of backups of that candle, LOL. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites!

Re: Empties - V2

September 2020


Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Cleansing Oil (though this one says it is the Exfoliating & Detoxing Cleansing Oil, so maybe it's different than what I tagged 🤷) - it is a thicker black gel. It definitely did not stand a chance against my tinted SPF. It did okay as a cleanser with make up but even then I'd follow up with micellar water because sometimes it didn't get quite everything. It was just okay. I snagged this at TJ Maxx for a steal of a price but wouldn't repurchase even if I found it there again.

Lab Series For Men Multi-Action Face Wash - this sample was part of a unicorn mail gift from @keana1. Sure I could have shared with my husband but I focused on my cleanser samples at some point and figured I'd try this. It is exfoliating with tiny beads that seemed gentle enough. It did foam lightly but wasn't bubble crazy like some. It was a bit stripping for me though. I'd describe it as my hands skidded across my face. It had a somewhat peppermint scent though it wasn't overpowering. I didn't mind it for a sample and enjoyed trying it but wouldn't purchase the product.

philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser 8 oz/ 237 mL - also from keana1, this one was just too strongly floral scented for me. It foams lightly but still got bubbles in nose. Seriously why are bubbles attracted to my nose. With all these samples I've realized I just am not a foaming cleanser girl. It was not as stripping as others on me and does remove makeup. I did have some mascara left on but I'm 98% it was my fault for not cleansing area more and not product. It also removes some but not all tinted spf so good on it for at least making some progress on it. The smell was too much for me though.

Garnier Daily Targeted Wrinkle Treatment (TGID, thank goodness it's done!) - so let's just say I bought this in 201X, that doesn't look too bad compared to when the X is. Oops! It never smelled bad and the texture never changed. So I did not use this daily but when my forehead wrinkles bugged me, I'd apply this. It was good a temporarily helping them. I think I need to invest in actives and other treatments for skincare but I'll give the product credit for helping like it claims. Not a repurchase and glad to have worked through it...finally!

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask - another treat from keana1! I had this tube from gratis that I tried earlier in the year and then tried some other masks. I wanted to give this a 2nd go because although the first impression was decent, it's always interesting to see if you feel the same, the next time around. As a pore clearing mask, it seems to be effective. After using it once a week in my routine (which is how I've used these masks) I had some but not a lot of gunk on a nose strip after using the tube. I removed  the mask with a warm makeup eraser but did need to do multiple passes to ensure all was cleaned off. This is one that I'd gladly use again but am not running out to repurchase. I'm trying the innisfree Super Volcanic Clusters Pore Clearing Clay Mask and also have The INKEY List Kaolin Mask to try.

Camay soap - I've been working my way through soap vs body wash/gel and found this in the stash. I'm pretty sure it is from my grandma when I was moving. It was fine but after using soap I'm really wanting to do some gels again. Though it is very satisfying finishing things and diminishing my stash. Once I get through a bit more, I'll pick something up. Any suggestions? I still have the Holika Holika aloe one from @missjeanie that is yearning to be opened.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Vanilla - got this mini as part of a holiday kit. This is the first Laneige lip sleeping mask I've finished. I'm at almost 500 uses of the full size and have a long way to go. This one took 200 uses to finish (yes I tracked it!). I find Laneige in general good for maintenance but not repairing. The vanillas seemed to have a softer consistency than the berry. I enjoyed the scent and out of this and the berry, this one wins for me. I have the apple lime and grapefruit minis still to try. At least I'll be prepared to know how long they take to use and will add them in once it is more spring/summer and try to keep making progress with the berry.

Pocho's Little Soap Shop peppermint bath salt - this was part of a housewarming gift. I feel like the mint type salts do tend to help with muscle soreness but it isn't my favorite scent. It was enjoyable and a sweet gift but I'll probably stick with Dr. Teal's.

 One more week and hopefully I'll have a timely October empties post 😀

Re: Empties - V2

@ShortErica I really like the innisfree,,I have never had a red reaction, and I actually used it a couple days ago, and my skin felt so soft and smooth after washing it off

Re: Empties - V2

Awesome! It seems good so far to me @lmaster. I tend to use it for a few weeks and then do a Biore to test if it is helping keep everything clear and clean

Re: Empties - V2

@ShortErica Did you ever find a cleansing balm/oil that you love?  For bath gels I always go to the philosophy ones purely because I want to have a variety of them to pick a scent based on my mood.  My shower usually has 3 bottles in there that I rotate between, though formula wise it's pretty average.  If you like the SDJ BumBum scent their body gel really is a nice one. 

Re: Empties - V2

I have found some that work fine with makeup but am still trying to find one that will do a complete job with my tinted SPF @missjeanie. I try to only have two open at a time and since I just finished one, I get to try a Korean one my sister-in-law got me. She said the reviews claimed it could remove anything so I'm excited to try it. If it works, or even if it doesn't I'll be sure to share. I don't wear tinted SPF as often since well, covid ruined my sports Sunday when it would be the perfect time to wear some heavy duty SPF and protect my skin. Maybe I'll do an outside day with the boys and test the Korean one tomorrow.

Re: Empties - V2

So...... I haven't been good at posting my empties this year (I feel like everything kind of fell off once April hit).  But, I have been keeping track on my phone.  I can't remember my original goal, but I know it was to use up more than I brought in and probably to finish around 730 empties.  At least that's my goal now lol

I'm currently at 458 empties, 101 of which are from September.  I stopped keeping track of what came in, but without TJ Maxx and Winners in my life I know it's been low.  I've had entire months where I haven't bought a thing. I'd estimate its around 150 including samples. 

September Empties (I challenged myself to a Sample September to use up a bunch of foils)


Re: Empties - V2

So frustrating about BIC not cooperating with photos @missjeanie. I haven't been on top of posting empties but at least have my pics. Just posted August and still have September to add. And what, October is almost over! You seem to be getting through quick a lot though. Awesome job!

Re: Empties - V2

@ShortErica September was a good month... I'm noticing that October is going to be a light month unless I suddenly grow another couple faces lol

Re: Empties - V2

That would be a very 2020 move having multiple faces @missjeanie 😉🤣

Re: Empties - V2

@ShortErica I won't be shocked if it happens at this point!

Re: Empties - V2


 de stashes 



 the meh category. I’d use them again if I got them but wouldn’t seek them out. 


 the nopes. The teeth whitening was hard to squeeze product out, glad I got it on clearance at TJs.



 The yeps.
If I could find the UD one and done in a shade lighter I’d grab it again. Was a nice product for days where I wasn’t actually doing make up. 
The clear plastic housed a llama soap from @Shosh85 that I really enjoyed as did my nieces. I’m going to seek out some more fun soap to make hand washing fun. 



Apparently I also can’t post photos from my laptop anymore 😞


Re: Empties - V2

Excellent!! @missjeanie happy to see your trash anytime 😆🙌

Re: Empties - V2

Impressive amount of foils to go through, @missjeanie 🙂

Re: Empties - V2

So many @l8totheparty !  Thankfully I'm down to a much more manageable amount of foils now. 

Re: Empties - V2

@missjeanie  Glad your nieces liked the soap! That brand makes so many fun ones 😃 .... and dang, you did a good job getting through foils! What are all the blue, orange and green ones?

Re: Empties - V2

@Shosh85 So fun... I've ordered a few more from them!  The blue, green and orange ones are sample packs of the Ole Henriksen truth serum, night gel and moisturizer.  At some point I was given handfuls of them!

Re: Empties - V2

Wow, @missjeanie, way to use up those foil/sample packets!

Re: Empties - V2

Thanks @CookieGirl1 It was a big push and now I've gone super lax in October lol

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