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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying 🙂


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - V2

Nice set of empties @WhereYouStand!! I absolutely love the Rose Water & Ivy hand soap too!! The scent is heavenly. I have been hesitant about the SDL perfume because I've heard a lot of reviews say it doesn't have much lasting power. 

Re: Empties - V2

@WhereYouStand Great job with your empties. 

Re: Empties - V2

@WhereYouStand Wow good job on finishing Champagne pop!

Re: Empties - V2

thanks @Samtian the champagne pop pictured is actually a mini that is why I finished it so fast. I should have specified sorry about that. the mini lasts me not that long but its totally worth the purchase in my humble opinion. I already had a backup on hand so I didn't run out.  I feel its even better applied wet than when its applied dry.

Re: Empties - V2

@WhereYouStand Ah nice! 

Re: Empties - V2

Great job!! Love your labeling too @WhereYouStand 

Re: Empties - V2

Thanks @lmaster  🙂 its rare I have this many empties. it felt nice to see everything I went through in that span of time.

Re: Empties - V2

Mid August empties


The 😁 crew (have repurchased, will repurchase)




The 🙂 crew (ok, but not great)




And the 😐 crew (not for me)



Re: Empties - V2

@quspork Great job!

Re: Empties - V2

I have never tried the oat mask @quspork what didn't you like about it?

Re: Empties - V2

My biggest issue was that it just didn't do anything for my skin, @lmaster but I also wasn't a fan of the scent which was a soggy oatmeal like smell. 

Re: Empties - V2

ARGH! Sephora doesn't want me to be great! Apparently, my original post exceeded the character limit. Even after a lot of editing, I still couldn't post, so I'm breaking it up into separate posts.


July Empties (1/4)


Rating System


R (Results) - Did it work for your skin type/condition?

A (Aroma) - How does it smell?

T (Texture) - How does it feel when applied?

E (Expense) - Is it worth the cost?

Scam Alert  – They’re selling, but we’re not buying. Neither should you. Step away. Save your coint.

Clearance Bound  – Don’t rush out to buy this product. Wait for a sale because it’s not worth full price.

Haul It  – This product is seriously worth the coins. Add this to your cart yesterday! 


All these get a strong "Nope!"All these get a strong "Nope!"



First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Barriair Cream 

R (Results) - Skin feels moisturized 

A (Aroma) - None

T (Texture) - Slightly sticky, snot-like mousse

E (Expense) - $30 1.5 Fl. Oz.; Standard price for a good moisturizer

Rating: Scam Alert - This sample has me doing a heel turn in the opposite direction based on the texture alone.

Ralph Lauren Woman Eau de Parfum 

R (Results) - This has decent lasing power

A (Aroma) - Floral “Old Lady” scent

T (Texture) - Feels heavy; Probably works better for winter

E (Expense) - $64 1.0 Oz.; Since I hated this fragrance, there is no way I’m spending money on this.

Rating: Scam Alert - I absolutely hated this fragrance as soon as I sprayed it.

Truly Hand Sanitizer Germ Killin’ Gel 

R (Results) - Don’t have the ‘Rona, guess it keeps germs at bay

A (Aroma) - Basically smells like alcohol

T (Texture) - Watery; Calling this a gel is straight lies!

E (Expense) - $6 1.0 Fl. Oz.; This is probably way overpriced, and I went through it super quick.

Rating: Scam Alert - I bought this when sanitizer was scarce, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it.

Vichy Idéal Capital Soleil SPF 60 Ultra-Light Body and Face Sunscreen with Antioxidants 

R (Results) - Provides expected sun protection and doesn’t give white cast since it’s a chemical sunscreen, but it doesn’t leave the skin with the healthy glow I like

A (Aroma) - YUCK! This smells like burning plastic and old hot dog water.

T (Texture) - Liquidy and mixes well with my other moisturizers

E (Expense) - $30.50 5.0 Fl. Oz.; Price isn’t a deal breaker for me. However, I think you can get a decent sunscreen that doesn’t make you want to vomit for the same (or a lower) price.

Rating: Scam Alert - Although the texture is nice, this sunscreen STINKS!! I couldn’t wait to be done with it. Also, this sunscreen contains oxybenzone, so it’s not a reef-safe sunscreen.

Re: Empties - V2

Great empties list, @sephoraaddict918!! Your ratings are great!! 


Boo to posting troubles!! And boo to burnt plastic/ old hot dog smells!! 😖🤮🤢

Re: Empties - V2

July Empties (2/4)


From "Meh" to "Okay" to "Not Bad"From "Meh" to "Okay" to "Not Bad"



BareMinerals Lashtopia Mega Volume Mineral-Based Mascara 

R (Results) - Luscious lashes that weren’t clumpy and didn’t smudge

A (Aroma) - None; Advertised as fragrance fee

T (Texture) - Mascara usually makes my lashes feel a little crunchy, but this did not.

E (Expense) - $20 0.40 Oz.; Another overpriced prestige mascara, but I might buy it on sale.

Rating: Clearance Bound - Although I liked the mascara, it didn’t blow me away.

Bath & Body Works Cactus Blossom Shower Gel

R (Results) - Gives me an enjoyable sensory experience in the daytime. 

A (Aroma) - Has a light sweetly floral scent that doesn’t linger after I’m out of the shower. 

T (Texture) - Standard shower gel. Shape of the bottle allows you to get every last drop! 

E (Expense) - $12.50 10.0 Fl. Oz.; With all the coupons and sales, it’s rare to buy a B&BW shower gel at regular price. 

Rating: Clearance Bound - Although the scent wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t amazing. I wouldn’t go out of way for this scent.

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Mask (Acai Berry) 

R (Results) - Slight hydration to the skin.

A (Aroma) - Nothing strong

T (Texture) - Not nearly enough serum

E (Expense) - $9.99 16 Pack; This is beyond a great deal, but these are some cheap masks in both price and quality.

Rating: Scam Alert - I received these masks as a gift, but this is a prime example of getting what you pay for. 

Lapcos Derma Mask Hyaluronic Acid 

R (Results) - Hydrated skin 

A (Aroma) - Light floral scent

T (Texture) - Basic hydrating sheet mask, but didn’t have enough serum for me.

E (Expense) - $3.99 1 Mask; Bought this as part of a set of two; Not worth the price based on experience with other sheet masks.

Rating: Scam Alert - This mask is totally forgettable.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum with Sunscreen for Face SPF 50 

R (Results) - Glowy skin with no white cast

A (Aroma) - No noticeable scent; Advertised as fragrance free

T (Texture) - Very liquidy like a serum; Absorbed quickly

E (Expense) - $42.50 1.0 Fl. Oz.; I think it’s overpriced. 

Rating: Scam Alert - I love the glow this sunscreen gave me, but sometimes it stung my eyes. Also, this contains oxybenzone, so it’s not reef safe.

Laura Mercier Medium Deep Translucent Loose Setting Powder 

R (Results) - Offers sheer layer of coverage under foundation that helps my makeup last

A (Aroma) - No noticeable fragrance

T (Texture) - Soft and finely milled

E (Expense) - $39 1.0 Oz.; This is pricey, but it lasts such a long time, especially if you don’t use a lot of powder.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I know this is consider a holy grail product, but I just don’t get all the hype with this.

The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Healthy Hair Vitamin Dietary Supplements 

R (Results) - After using two bottles, I saw absolutely no change in my hair growth. 

A (Aroma) - I didn’t notice any smell, but there was an initial off putting taste.

T (Texture) - These pills are on the larger size, but I didn’t find them difficult to swallow. 

E (Expense) - $25.99 1-Month Supply; These are in the low to mid-range price of other hair vitamins, but are also often included in sales, so it’s easy to get them at a reduced price. 

Rating: Clearance Bound - Your results may vary, so if you are intrigued, then give it a try when they are on sale. Just don’t expect a miracle.

Moroccanoil Body Soufflé 

R (Results) - Hands felt moisturized with a slight glow

A (Aroma) - Light sweet, nutty scent

T (Texture) - Creamy, but doesn’t feel whipped like I expect when I hear the word “soufflé”

E (Expense) - $56 6.4 Oz.; It’s more expensive than my fave SDJ Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. 

Rating: Clearance Bound - This was only a foil, so it’s not enough for me to jump on the must-haul bandwagon.

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Blotting Paper 

R (Results) - Easily blots lipstick and shininess 

A (Aroma) - None

T (Texture) - Smooth, absorbent basic paper

E (Expense) - $4 50 Ct.; NYX is always on sale at Ulta, so it feels like I’m always getting these papers for nearly $0.

Rating: Haul It - These are my go-to blotting papers.

Rated Green Korean Beauty Avocado Scalp Pack with Banana 

R (Results) - I didn’t see any dramatic results in the health of my scalp.

A (Aroma) - Smells just like banana-flavored candy!

T (Texture) - Looks and feels like smashed avocado. It was easy to work through my hair and made my scalp feel tingly.

E (Expense) - $3.99 1.69 Fl. Oz.; I purchased a set of 2 for $7.98 and got 3-4 uses out of each pack. I wouldn’t run out to buy this immediately, but I would repurchase it.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I didn’t see immediate results, I would use every once in a while to give my scalp some extra TLC.

Sephora Collection Moschino + Sephora Toy Honey Mask 

R (Results) - Face felt hydrated and plump

A (Aroma) - Faint sweet honey scent

T (Texture) - Just the right amount of serum!

E (Expense) - $4 1 Mask; Not worth buying.

Rating: Scam Alert - I was excited to score this mask, but this isn’t worth the hype.

SKIN&CO Truffle Therapy Face Toner 

R (Results) - Saw no difference in pore size or skin texture

A (Aroma) - Smells like a spa; Ingredients include lots of essential oil

T (Texture) - Light and watery

E (Expense) - $27 6.8 Fl.Oz.; This is basically an overpriced witch hazel. I have no desire to buy this product. 

Rating: Scam Alert - Witch hazel does nothing for my skin, so this is easy to avoid.

Re: Empties - V2

@sephoraaddict918 your ‘Scam Alert’ rating cracked me up and made my day😂 Loved reading your reviews!

Re: Empties - V2

July Empties (3/4)





ACURE Brightening Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Oil Free Serum 

R (Results) - No dramatic brightness; Slight decrease in hyperpigmentation

A (Aroma) - Didn’t notice any strong fragrance, but not advertised as fragrance free

T (Texture) - Creamy Lotion

E (Expense) - $19.99 1.0 Oz.; Very affordable Vitamin C. I used 2-3 pumps, and it lasted for about 3 months.

Rating: Haul It - Although I didn’t see dramatic results, I would repurchase. I have dry sensitive skin, and I had zero irritation.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Creamy Luxe Hand Soap 

R (Results) - Hands are clean, but not dried out

A (Aroma) - Smells like cherry, but it doesn’t linger.

T (Texture) - Creamy and luxurious

E (Expense) - $7.50 8.0 Fl. Oz.; It’s rare to pay full price for B&BW soaps, but I would still pay full price for this soap.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I enjoy this soap, but Japanese Cherry Blossom isn’t my favorite B&BW scent.

CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough Bumpy Skin 

R (Results) - Smoooooove legs!

A (Aroma) - Nada! This is a fragrance free product.

T (Texture) - Lightweight, but creamy. Mixes well with my go-to body moisturizer

E (Expense) - $17.99 8.0 Fl. Oz.; Used 2-3 times a week and lasts for about a month. I would definitely repurchase.

Rating: Haul It - After 1 bottle, I still have strawberry legs, but they feel much smoother.

Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 Tropical Coconut

R (Results) - Goes on sheer; No white cast!

A (Aroma) - Has a light sweet scent initially, but started to smell more rancid as I continued using it.

T (Texture) - Creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and mixes well with other moisturizers.

E (Expense) - $28 5.0 Fl. Oz.; Price isn’t a deal breaker.

Rating: Clearance Bound - Although not a bad sunscreen, it’s not replacing my holy grail Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen. However, I would buy it in a pinch.

Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 Piña Colada 

R (Results) - Light mist that allows for easy reapplication and goes on invisible.

A (Aroma) - Didn’t have any noticeable scent even though it’s supposed to smell like piña colada.

T (Texture) - Very lightweight and no stickiness.

E (Expense) - $25 6.0 Fl. Oz.; Price wasn’t a concern; seems like the standard price for sunscreen.

Rating: Haul It - While I will pass on the lotion version, I love the spray for reapplying sunscreen.

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Mask (Apricot) 

R (Results) - Slight hydration to the skin.

A (Aroma) - Smells like peaches.

T (Texture) - Not nearly enough serum

E (Expense) - $9.99 16 Pack; This is beyond a great deal, but these are some cheap masks in both price and quality.

Rating: Scam Alert - I would only buy because of the heavenly scent.

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Moisturizing Foot Mask 

R (Results) - Left these on for over an hour, and my feet felt AMAZING! 

A (Aroma) - No strong scent

T (Texture) - The serum feels squishy and goopy with plenty to cover my big AF feet.

E (Expense) - $7 1 pair; The price is around the same as the other foot masks I’ve used. Also, they are often on BOGO sale at Ulta.

Rating: Clearance Bound - Although I liked this foot mask overall because it’s one of the few that aren’t too small for my feet, it was still a struggle to get them on. These will be a sporadic purchase when I can get a good deal.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

R (Results) - I didn’t notice any results using, but I prefer it as a wash off mask.

A (Aroma) - Fruity in the jar and on initial application, but the scent didn’t linger.

T (Texture) - Bouncy Jelly; Feels sticky on the face especially if you apply a thick layer

E (Expense) - $45 2.7 Oz.; I would not purchase the full size jar at this price.

Rating: Clearance Bound: I originally purchased this in a gift set. I would repurchase the mini size Watermelon Mask, but I don’t see myself purchasing a full size version.

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner

R (Results) - Hydrated face 

A (Aroma) - Cucumber, spa-like scent 

T (Texture) - Light liquid, but the nozzle makes it feel like your face is being doused if you hold the bottle too close.

E (Expense) - $34 4.2 Oz.; This is way overpriced; Only lasted about a month. I would repurchase if there was a sale.

Rating: Clearance Bound: I wouldn’t repurchase often because of the price.

It’s Skin Aloe Mask Sheet

R (Results) - Plump and hydrated skin

A (Aroma) - I don’t remember any strong scent

T (Texture) - Basic sheet serum

E (Expense) - $2.99 1 Mask; It’s not the worst price for a basic sheet mask.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I don’t hate this mask, but I don’t love it either.

Juicy Couture OUI Eau de Parfum 

R (Results) - Doesn’t has great lasting power

A (Aroma) - Sweet, fruity scent that’s totally forgettable

T (Texture) - Light; good for spring

E (Expense) - $65 1.0 Oz.; This scent was not worth buying a full size of this fragrance. I also don’t really like the bottle design.

Rating: Scam Alert - The only Juicy Couture fragrance I absolutely love is Viva La Juicy. OUI doesn’t even come close to taking that top spot.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin 

R (Results) - Moisturized skin

A (Aroma) - No scent; Advertised a fragrance free

T (Texture) - Light cream

E (Expense) - $29.99 1.35 Fl. Oz.; This is not worth the price for me. I can spend the same amount of money for one of my favorite moisturizers, the Kiehl’s Creme d’Elegance Repairateur.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews for this moisturizer, but it was kind of a bust for me. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t the rich, thick moisturizer that I love.

Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parum 

R (Results) - Smells good immediately and melds well with my body chemistry.

A (Aroma) - Warm, spicy floral

T (Texture) - Medium; Probably better in warm weather, but could work in slightly cooler months

E (Expense) - $70 1.0 Oz.; This is around the price I would pay for a fragrance.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I’ve never met a Michael Kors fragrance I liked until Wonderlust. Although it was an enjoyable experience, I need a few more samples before making the plunge to full size.

Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum 

R (Results) - Lasts for hours!

A (Aroma) - Warm Floral; This is a floral for people who don’t usually like florals.

T (Texture) - Medium; Although it’s a floral, this would work better in cooler weather

E (Expense) - $84 1.0 Oz.; This fragrance is pricey, but the scent is so unusual that I’m okay paying that price.

Rating: Haul It - I love a warm and spicy fragrance that doesn’t smell like anything else in my collection.

Truly Blemish Treatment Acne Heart Patches 

R (Results) - Reduced and eliminated pimples … sometimes

A (Aroma) - Nothing noticeable

T (Texture) - Stickers 

E (Expense) - $10 36 Patches; Seems standard, but these patches are very hit or miss.

Rating: Clearance Bound - These patches are just so adorable, but sometimes they didn’t do anything for my zits, but when they work, they’re amazing!

Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water Spray Rich in 15 Minerals 

R (Results) - Gives me a hydrated face ready for serums

A (Aroma) - None; Product is fragrance free.

T (Texture) - Fine, light mist

E (Expense) - $9.50 5.1 Fl. Oz.; Although I ran through this bottle quickly, I think it's one of the more affordable mists.

Rating: Clearance Bound - The mist is so fine, I probably sprayed too much, which is likely why I went through this bottle so fast. There is no way I’ll pay full price for it on a regular basis. 

Vichy Pureté Thermale Mineral Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin 

R (Results) - Removes light layer of makeup or sunscreen without drying out the skin

A (Aroma) - Nothing noticeable. However, parfum is listed in the ingredient list.

T (Texture) - Water; No added oil

E (Expense) - $14.50 6.7 Fl. Oz.; I went through this very quickly, so it might be overpriced.

Rating: Clearance Bound - This micellar water doesn't strip the skin or sting the eyes, but I would wait until a sale to buy.

WHIM by Ulta Beauty Pineapple Hand Sanitizer 

R (Results) - Still don’t have the ‘Rona ...

A (Aroma) - Smells just like sweet pineapple

T (Texture) - Thicker gel; doesn’t make my hands feel sticky

E (Expense) - $3.50 1.0 Fl. Oz.; Probably overpriced, but I love the scent.

Rating: Haul It - I ran through this sooooo quickly, but the scent it delicious. I would most certainly repurchase.

White Barn Wallflowers Midnight Blue Citrus 

R (Results) - Kept my office smelling nice

A (Aroma) - Fruity, juicy ocean water

T (Texture) - Liquid

E (Expense) - $6.50 0.8 Fl. Oz.; Could be overpriced, but I like it. Plus, there are always B&BW sales and coupons.

Rating: Clearance Bound - I like the scent, but I will only buy if the color coordinates with the plug-in decor.

Re: Empties - V2

July Empties (4/4)





Bath & Body Works Rose Water & Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 

R (Results) - Hands are clean, but not dried out

A (Aroma) - Smells like a bouquet of roses

T (Texture) - Light and foamy

E (Expense) - $7.50 8.75 Fl. Oz.; It’s rare to pay full price for B&BW soaps, but I would still pay regular price for this soap.

Rating: Haul It - This is a scent I would happily seek out, and I would buy a couple back ups.

Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing Balm

R (Results) - Woke up to soft, plump skin

A (Aroma) - Mix of baby powder and a floral perfume

T (Texture) - Light balm with a little silicone

E (Expense) - $60 3.4 Oz.; Definitely overpriced, especially if being used for a cleanser. I like it best as a sleep mask

Rating: Haul It - I’ve only tried a few samples of Charlotte Tilbury products, and this is the first one I wanted in full size. However, I would still wait for a sale or some kind of incentive before laying down that much coint.

Dove Dry Spray Rose Petals

R (Results) - My armpits feel dry all day!

A (Aroma) - One word: Roses! 

T (Texture) - When they call this a dry spray, they mean it. Sometimes I spray too much because it doesn’t feel like I’ve sprayed anything. 

E (Expense) - $5.99 3.8 Oz.; I don’t care how much this deodorant costs, I will always buy it.

Rating: Haul It - Since I’ve found the Dove Dry Spray, I have never gone for anything else.


Dr. Jart+ Dermask Foot Smoothing Mask 

R (Results) - Makes my feet feel incredibly soft! However, I have to leave these on for hours before they start to warm up.

A (Aroma) - I didn’t notice any strong scent.

T (Texture) - There could have been a little more serum, but I absolutely love the warming sensation.

E (Expense) - $12 1 pair; After scoring at TJ Maxx for less than $5, it's worth any price

Rating: Haul It - This is the best foot mask I’ve ever tried! I will happily buy it.

Earth Therapeutics Cracked Heel Repair Stick

R (Results) - Moisturized feet.

A (Aroma) - Light sweet scent

T (Texture) - Rich, thick, and buttery thanks to the coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter.

E (Expense) - $12 1.0 Oz.; Seems overpriced, but it’s often on BOGO sale at Ulta, and I got it for less than $5 at TJ Maxx. 

Rating: Clearance Bound - I LOVE the product, but HATE the packaging.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask 

R (Results) - Skin felt soft and nourished

A (Aroma) - Don’t remember a strong fragrance; Ingredients include lavender and rosemary

T (Texture) - Whipped and creamy

E (Expense) - $49 2.3 Oz.; Although this seems pricey, I would purchase the full size because my dry skin loved the richness of the mask.

Rating: Haul It - This will definitely be repurchased!

It’s Skin Honey Mask Sheet

R (Results) - Hydrated, plump, and slightly tacky skin

A (Aroma) - There is an initial sweet honey scent, but it dissipates

T (Texture) - Plenty of gooey serum! 

E (Expense) - $2.99 1 Mask; Good price for a mask that I continue to repurchase.

Rating: Haul It - This is a mask I never pass by. I always buy at least one!


The Oozoo Bear Water-Bang Hydrating Mask

R (Results) - Super hydrated skin

A (Aroma) - Light, sweet floral fragrance

T (Texture) - Milky, slightly viscous serum

E (Expense) - $4 1 Mask; This is one of the pricier masks, but I usually only buy it when it’s on sale. 

Rating: Haul It - I buy this mask every chance I get. I have never been disappointed by it.

SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Bar Soap 

R (Results) - My skin always felt nourished after using this soap.

A (Aroma) - This smells AMAZING!!! Has a light sweet floral scent 

T (Texture) - Gives the most rich and luxurious lather. 

E (Expense) - $5.99 8.0 Oz.; This may seem expensive, but this is a BIG bar of soap that will last for months. Also, SheaMoisture bar soaps are always on sale.

Rating: Haul It - I haven’t met a bar soap from SheaMoisture that I didn’t love. This is no exception.

Re: Empties - V2

Oh yes that Dr.Jart+ foot mask is absolutely DELIGHTFUL @sephoraaddict918 🥰 I found if I stayed in one place, it would warm up, to the point of feeling almost hot. As soon as I got up and walked around, poof-the sensation was gone. It returned again when I stayed still again, though. What a great foot mask!!!

Re: Empties - V2

@sephoraaddict918 I LOVE your rating system and might have to use a few of your categories 😆🙌 great job!! 

Re: Empties - V2

Sorry about your posting troubles @sephoraaddict918 but thanks for your thorough reviews!

Re: Empties - V2

July Empties



Loves. Would or have already repurchased.



Likes. Would potentially repurchase or need to try longer to see if it is a love.



Okays. They were fine to use, and I wouldn't be upset if I got, but wouldn't go out to repurchase.



Meh. Just not for me.



No thank yous.

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