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Empties - V2

Seeing product empties is so satisfying ๐Ÿ™‚


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - 2019

That would be wonderful. If it's not invented we should go on Shark Tank @eshoe!

Re: Empties - 2019

@ShortErica ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe you can make me laugh at any moment!! ๐Ÿค—

Re: Empties - 2019

Well @lmaster that was the weirdest mask ever๐Ÿ˜‚ Sand and sky (well I know salmon swim in rivers, but still...a true water and land mask, now who can top that๐Ÿคฃ)!

Re: Empties - 2019

Weekly emptiesLovesLoves






The whole foods foot mask is a like at the moment and could move onto loves in the next two weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜…

Re: Empties - 2019

Team Peel over here @lmaster ๐Ÿ˜„

Re: Empties - 2019

I sure hope it peels @eshoe that's so satisfying ๐Ÿ˜‚

Re: Empties - 2019

This is seriously one time when I can say I am happy to be on the masking sidelines, @lmaster. Itโ€™s not so much about the peeling but the unexpected-ness of it all.

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe the anticipation was getting to me ๐Ÿ˜†

Re: Empties - 2019

Dang it now I am gonna have to go try one for myself @lmaster

Re: Empties - 2019

@eshoe I'm very impressed with how different this peel is

Re: Empties - 2019

@lmaster Every time I see your empties it reminds me that I need to step up my masking ๐Ÿ™‚ 



@RebeccaBT this was a great week,, loved so many newbies

@RebeccaBT this was a great week,, loved so many newbies

Re: Empties - 2019

A week of empties and full of loves. Isnโ€™t it funny how all your โ€œbigโ€ products always seem to run out at the same time?


04568734-97ED-49D8-8C53-8044763F4D92.jpegWhat is with this lightingWhat is with this lighting

Re: Empties - 2019

Its always extra nice to get through the big things. @scott1201 

Re: Empties - 2019

@scott1201 I feel like I run out of tons of big things every few months at the same time too!

Re: Empties - 2019

@CC3616 @scott1201 I'm going to be in the same boat this month!  I was looking at my Empties bin a couple of days ago and realizing that I'd gone through several larger staple items this month while my last couple of months have been pretty pathetic.

Re: Empties - 2019

Hi @scott1201 ,


Great set of empties! I really like the Lancome Big Monsieur Mascara! I also feel so good when I finish a lotion or body wash. 


Best Wishes,



Re: Empties - 2019

So true @scott1201! My last empties had a few full size all lumped together. Which was your favorite mask of the empties?

Re: Empties - 2019

Empties from April through now. 





glowy base!
Leahlani balancing toner- very hydrating despite the name "balancing" and scent is very refreshing. I would repurchase this (again, things to use up first).
Leahlani siren brightening serum- Actually this should have been in the likes. I enjoyed it but didn't see huge results/wouldn't purchase it.
Leahlani mahina evening elixir- Loved this. Honestly the product results were okay, nothing out of this world. A good solid product, but not a life changer. BUT the scent was so lovely and calming that I might get a big bottle to douse myself in it. 
Mahalo Petal mask- Loved this. The scent was stronger than I prefer but not overwhelming. Very calming and hydrating, left a little bit of blood flow redness that subsided quickly. Want to invest in this but a little hesitant about getting through a large expensive jar in time.
Mahalo Bean mask- Soothing and refreshing, skin was nice and happy after. I would purchase this in a heartbeat if there was a smaller jar but don't use this type of mask enough for a large jar. I will defiantly get a sample again.
St Tropez gradual tan tinted- Big fan of st tropez so wasn't surprised to enjoy this. 
DE B hydra serum- After a run in with framboos serum 3 years ago, I was super reluctant to try anything DE. After loving baby facial, I decided to give another DE product a try and I'm glad I did. Great results, would definitely consider purchasing FS.
Merbliss wedding dress mask- this was so luxurious, I am buying 10 and for sure saving one for my wedding weekend! Thank you  !
Lapcos oil mask- Another brand I've had a run in with before, usually lapcos masks are way too strongly scented for me. When eshoe sent this one as well, it came with a scent warning but I was intrigued by the oil concept and wanted to try it anyways. Scent was strong but not too much, great hydrating results. Will purchase!
Mediheal aloe mask- also from eshoe (girl thanks!!! <3) this mask was super soothing and hydrating. 
Tatcha dewy skin mask- This is a nice luxury but not something I'd use frequently due to price.





Likes- Items that are no harm/no foul and would use again but likely won't repurchase.
New to me/considerable mentions:
Vita coco coconut oil- I love coconut oil! this was okay, it was a little lumpy and harder to "melt down" than some others.
Davines oi shampoo- I actually destashed half a bottle because I am using olaplex with such great results that I can't go back! I like the davines it's just not HG for me anymore
Dr Jart cicapair cream- another long timer in my routine that might not be an HG anymore. I have a couple mini's I will keep evaluating with while I play with some new samples.
Clarins body scrub- worked well but did not like the strong scent.
Chantecaille retinol body lotion- Liked but wouldn't purchase at the price.
May Lindstrom blue cocoon- Teeterd on this a lot between like and love. I did really like the natural earthy scent and it felt soft and luxurious going on, but if I used it at night hydration didn't always last all night. Occasionally after use I had some irritation but I'm not sure it's related or not. I would definitely want to use more of this to pinpoint where it falls. 
Guerlain toner- Again liked but not something I would likely invest in. Scent was stronger than expected but tolerable. 




My skin freaked after I used this. It dried up hard/crusty on my forehead and my skin was angry red when I took it off and super dry. I had a lot of flaking/dryness for 4-5 days and coddling with hydrating heroes to recover. I'm not sure what the trigger was, the ingredients list isn't "clean" by any means but no big heavy irritation hitters either. Anyone else had a hard time with this one? 

And some from traveling



Love: bare republic sunscreen, body butter, dr dart BB
Hate: Goodness Garden sunscreen. Applied bright white, didn't rub in, didn't spray well.
Rest are okay.


Re: Empties - 2019

So many fun-sized samples!  Loved your reviews. Must step of my garbage review game. ๐Ÿ˜Š @CC3616