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Empties - 2019

Seeing product empties is so satisfying Smiley Happy


Post your weekly, monthly, quarterly, whenever-ly empties and let us know how you felt about them!




Previous Empties thread:


Re: Empties - 2019

I’ve been the worst at posting the last couple months but just a little check in - I’m officially at 109 empties to date for 2019! I don’t count: foils, shampoo or conditioner (just dry shampoo), deodorant, toothpaste or sheet masks. I’d like to hit 150 by the end of the year! No photos but notable LOVESSSS and Hard No’s for July-today are in spoilers!



SATURDAY SKIN - Waterfall Glacier Water Cream - the consistency, the weightlessness, how refreshed and bright my skin looked, the hydration and how easily this sunk into my skin... ugh, amazing *chefs kiss* 

IGK - First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo - here I was, thinking batiste dry shampoo was gonna be my number one forever. But then... THIS. I don’t know how it does it, but I can stretch a hair wash 10000x longer with this. Sorry if this is gross but anyone who’s gone from washing often to weaning yourself off so you only have to wash it twice a week will know - the transition is brutal, and greasy. This stuff helped me through it amazingly. Could easily go 5 days without washing my hair if need be.

BECCA - Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder - finally finished this. I am
a woman of many setting powders but this is my top for the under eye area. Whatever makes it “hydra” also makes it amazing at keeping the under eye area from looking dry and cakey. Didn’t do much for the rest of my face so I’ll be rebuying it in a mini.

Womp, womp

FARMACY - Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer - I wanted to love it, really, I did!! But the little Shea butter beads and the consistency and the scent just didn’t do it for me. I have so many other moisturizers I love tat this isn’t a huge loss for me, but Farmacy in general is very BIC-approved so I had high hopes for this!

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE - needles no more® NO MORE BAGGAGE™ eye de-puffing gel - admittedly when I started using this I thought I loved it. It dried out so quickly and got crusty and didn’t apply smoothly towards the end. Not too sure it did much for de-puffing because I normally don’t habe a big problem with that. I realized the main draw was the color because it color corrected my dark circles really nicely. But for the price and skincare benefits, it’s a hard no. 

Bliss lemon and sage body butter - the smell was amazing, but the product was greasy, took a long time for absorption and wasn’t all that hydrating after all that!


Re: Empties - 2019

Ooh, I have a BECCA - Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder - Original

I got it in my Boxycharm box and I'm excited to try it!  @cianni 

Re: Empties - 2019

@l8totheparty ahh I hope you love it too! I have dark circles that I’ll use both a color corrector and concealer on if I’m going for a full makeup look, so it’s easy for it to look super dry after setting (especially because my favourite setting powders are also designed to mattify.. TOO FACED - Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder – Peaches and Cream Collection and COVER FX - Matte Setting Powder are my reliable go-tos). The becca really set everything down and kept everything from looking like a dry mess and settling into creases. It’s so weird but there is definitely a hydrating/almost cooking feeling you’ll experience when you put it on - it’s so nice I’m so happy to have found it 😭 and the price for a mini is also really good which is nice haha

@cianni 😘😘🤗🤗 I really want to try the Becca!! I agree...

@cianni 😘😘🤗🤗 I really want to try the Becca!! I agree, the farmacy moisturizer is not a love, it really clogs my pores 😒 but I do love other products

Re: @cianni 😘😘🤗🤗 I really want to try the Becca!! I agree...

@lmaster BIC also turned me onto the YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer and that works 2000000000x better for me 🙌🏼 I’m still waiting for fenty to release minis of the lavender and banana brightening setting powders 😭 I’m dying to try 

Re: Empties - 2019

This is maybe a month and a half worth of empties?



loves sept19.jpg

New to me:
SKII skincentuals cream: holy glow. Hydrating and glow finish. love the texture too. Way more than I would normally spend considering theres plenty of great creams much cheaper but I might have to save up and cave on this one.
St Tropez bronzing mousse: this took me a while to get through since I don't self tan regularly but I really enjoyed it. Was not streaky at all except areas where operator error took place. Good for face also.
Clarks Botanicals deep moisture mask: Dry skin = love. 
Josh rosebrook cocoa antioxidant mask: not too tough or dry after use.
osea white algae mask: hydrating



Davines oi and NYM dry shampoo- good products that used to be HG for me but I have other favorites now.
Tony Moly I'm peach: smells great and hydrating



Amika triple RX mask: SO MANY SPLIT ENDS after using this instead of my other fave hair masks. I used it like 4 times and the whole thing is basically full and going in the trash.
Florapy: not sure whats up with this. they are usually HG for me, set I got was a gift purchased on amazon and smelled very chemically and off from usual.. 
Tula Insta Bright- I wanted to love this crazy fun foil mask but it burned and irritated my face, so pass.
Ardell glamour lashes- way too much for this simple gal LOL
Becca luminous body mousse- not my shade

Re: Empties - 2019

@CC3616 Great empties! I love that green flower as well Smiley Happy



oh that's too funny @CC3616 glad you like the scent of th...

oh that's too funny @CC3616 glad you like the scent of the peach mask, it has great results that's for sure

Re: Empties - 2019

Wow, this is impressive! I absolutely love SKII Facial Masks. They're the best for getting that healthy, glowing skin. <333

Re: Empties - 2019

@PenelopeBT This was the first time I used them and will definitely be purchasing some!

Re: Empties - 2019

Great batch of empties, @CC3616! On another note, your countertop is gorgeous! 

Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @scott1201! All the low buying was worth it Smiley Happy

Re: Empties - 2019

Weekly 🗑️ IMG_20190916_084844440.jpgLoves


IMG_20190916_084937366.jpgLike the results, not the actual mask


IMG_20190916_101549843.jpgDo not like how sticky it is upon application


Re: Empties - 2019

@lmaster You got through tons of masks! Great job! 



Re: Empties - 2019

Thank you @RebeccaBT trying to preserve this skin as long as possible 😊

Re: Empties - 2019

About a month of empties. A few duds, a few eh (yellow squiggle or question mark), and a lot of loves



Re: Empties - 2019

Hi @scott1201 ,


I have just gotten into wearing the invisabobble hair ties and my sister asked me why I was wearing a key chain around my wrist. I was so confused and then remembered how popular these were in the 90's:


Image result for plastic key chain wrist

My sister was very surprised to hear it was a hair tie! 


Best Wishes,



Re: Empties - 2019

@JaneanBT invisibobbles are the best!! I picked up my first set a while ago because I do a lot of hot yoga and they’re anti-slip (plus they can easily be washed in the shower because it gets sweaty in there!), but now I have to wear them all the time😍😍

Re: Empties - 2019

There is no need to discard an Invisibobble because if they become stretched out just run it under warm water or use a blow dryer for about a minute and it will return to its original size.

Re: Empties - 2019



I need to buy some!! I have been looking for hair ties that do not tug on my hair since it is slightly dry from bleaching.

<3 Melissa
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