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Disney Cinderella by Sephora Storylook palette

Hey Ladies! How was all of yours Christmas? Mine was really great, and I got something I want to show you…

My mom gave me the Storylook palette from the Disney Cinderella collection by Sephora. I was immediately in love with it and wanted to share with all you. Here are the pictures of the packaging as well as the swatches I did. I can’t tell you any comparison shade for reference, because I don’t wear foundation, but I am fair-light skinned, and you can see my skin in the picture, so I think this will still be useful. 


 This is the box it came in. It is reflective, so you can see me, but I think you can still see the magical pattern.2.jpeg

This is the inner box that contains the palette, which is plasic with the metal pans of eyeshadow glued in. 


This is the palette.


Row 1. going from bottom left up, then bottom right up, we have maiden, all aglow, destined, cinderelly, and pumpkin coach.


Row 2. Same system as row 1, there is ball gown, kill joy, fairy godmother, glass slipper, and royal.


Row 3.  Here is gus gus, charming, chateau, palace, and drizella.


Row 3 still 


Row 4. Last but not least, we have cinders, jaq, midnight, a wish, and rococo.


First impression favorite colors woul be Destined, Pumpkin Coach, and Midnight. I love all the pale blues and greens it has, the upper right corner is wonderful. Matte colors include Cinderelly, Royal, and A Wish. Glass Slipper, Fairy Godmother, and Ball Gown have very little shimmer, so they're more satin, but most other colors are very shimmery, glittery, or metalic. I will do a complete review after I have used it more.


Sorry the quality isn't the greatest, I had to use my itouch's camera. I had to go into my grandma's bathroom to get the best lighting, so thats why you can see a bit of the sink in row 2 haha. And I'm also sorry that some of the pictures are sideways, I hope craning your neck is worth it Smiley Happy 

Merry Christmas everyone Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Disney Cinderella by Sephora Storylook palette

Pretty paletteSmiley Happy Thank you for posting the realistic and clear swatches, very helpful!

<3 Melissa

Re: Disney Cinderella by Sephora Storylook palette

Such a gorgeous palette! I really love the casing, its so pretty! The colors of the shadows are super pretty, such a great selection I'm tempted to get one myself if I can find it anyplace Smiley Happy Glad to hear you're enjoying it! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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