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Dior Holiday Couture - Face Palette

I received my Dior Holiday 2013 Face Palette!


Here is the palette. The case feels sort of soft on the outside, yet pretty expensive.



And here is my arm full of swatches!


I wrote down the name of each color if I could easily find it. I haven't done a complete look just yet, but I am optimistic. The glow side seems like a nice day look, and the smoky side looks great for night. Some of the glow colors didn't show up well on my arm, but they are nice shimmering neutrals.

The set also came with the shimmering powder in the center (and a crappy sponge for it), which is really pretty. It also has a mini of my favorite mascara, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. There is a little eyeshadow applicator and a little lip applicator too.

Overall, this was a great buy for me personally. I can understand some of you passing on it though because there's a good chance you have eyeshadow dupes (I did not).

Re: Dior Holiday Couture - Face Palette

I was on the fence on this palette, so thank you so much for the swatches! Smiley Happy

Re: Dior Holiday Couture - Face Palette

It looks so pretty!  I played around with it at my Dillard's Dior counter the other day and had a hard time walking away.  I've gotten one of their holiday palettes every year for the past few years though so I couldn't justify it for the reason you stated.  

Glad you're enjoying it!

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