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Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Does anyone have swatches of the new Deborah Lippmann polishes they can post? I would specifically love to see the cremes (but will look at any swatch!).


I ordered She Bop and it is more purple-y than I thought based on the photo online. It's really pretty, but I'm trying to match a dress for a wedding, so now I'm hesitant to order other colors before I see more information...

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Hey melde - She Bop is the pink in this photo and Liliac Wine is the purple. She Bop is very, very pink (pretty, and not neon or anything, but a true pink).




I have a bunch of the polishes at my desk though, if you have questions and need a swatch of something specific.

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Could you please swatch Lippmann's My Old Flame and Lady is a **bleep**?

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Thank you!! Smiley Happy

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?



DL Dream a Little Dream with Julep "Lauren" ombre


And Cleopatra in New York:



Sorry, I don't have any of the cremes!!!

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

So pretty, anyway!!!!! Thanks!!

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

I haven't swatched it yet, but I just got Lilac Wine in the mail! Unfortunately, it looks to be almost identical to Shoshanna from the Girls Lippmann collection, which I already own. I'll try to get pics up by tomorrow Smiley Happy

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Just google the name of the particular polish you want and the word "swatch".  If that doesn't bring up a dozen photos, add in "deborah Lippmann".

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

I tried that but it didn't work for She Bop. Smiley Sad

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

great idea! I only have the pink glitter one which I posted previously as well as the same black sparkle 100 point perk Smiley Happy They are SO pretty and I've seen a few of the cream colored and shine ones too!





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

That was so pretty!

Re: Deborah Lippmann Swatches?

Ah that would be lovely to see if anyone has some! I just got the 100 point perk which is a glitter top coat, so that wouldn't be all that helpful. The cremes sound perfect for a wedding! Please share pictures once you get yours in the mail.

Whimsically yours,
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