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Contour.. liquid or powder?!

I'm having trouble finding that perfect contour set! I loved the Anastasia powder set but was thinking of trying a liquid?! Suggestions!

Re: Contour.. liquid or powder?!

I personally use both. I like using my ABH creme contour under my foundation so it is a little subtle, then I lightly apply the powder contour on top. I just personally feel that it defines my contour more while  still looking subtle. Because if I did just powder, I don't get the contour I want unless I add a bit of product, but then I feel it looks too obvious. 

My favorite cream contour product is the Nude stix sculpt...

My favorite cream contour product is the Nude stix sculpting pencil. Very user friendly and easy to blend. I use light/medium 1 which is the most cool toned. It's quite light so might not work for medium to deep skin tones.

RE: Contour.. liquid or powder?!

I have dry skin so I usually prefer a creamy contour, the Fenty Matchstix are my favourite because they glide on and blend out so easily.

Re: Contour.. liquid or powder?!

Personally I like powder. For some reason liquid refuses to play nice with my foundation and just looks like dirty. I say stick to powder, I feel it just blends better. However to each there own and if you wanna try it, try it. There is no right or wrong with makeup, just because it doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. Smiley Happy

Re: Contour.. liquid or powder?!

I personally am not a fan of liquid contour, but I don't typically favor liquid or cream products in general. I recommend going for it though! Don't be afraid to try new makeup. I'd try researching a few products from brands you like and then trying the one that sounds like it will work the best for you. You can always return the product if you discover it's not really for you and then try a different one. Good luck!

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