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Post in Makeup Is Life

Color IQ

So who has tried the color IQ in stores & on-line?

I heard people going into multiple stores & getting a different reading each time. 

I just tried the on-line tool with a light neutral undertone shade & all my results were medium with pink or yellow undertones. I also don't understand why I only get a few results and then try another foundation and get different product results. Like if I plugged in a tinted moisturizer shade I wouldn't get any powder product results even though that's what I'm looking for. 

Maybe if we post our results, they can somehow fix/improve it. 

So please... Share your results. 

Re: Color IQ

I think this is all a good point.


Just to differ a bit, I do think tech CAN give us accurate - even awesome and helpful results.


But at the moment I think there are too many factors mucking that up - mostly user error on the SAs part, or imperfect/not calibrated equipment, or some other problem!

Re: Color IQ

I have had ColorIQ done twice, a couple of months apart. Keep in mind the fact that I avoid the sun like crazy.  The first reading was 2Y04, and the new one was 2R06.  I had the second one done because the foundation I purchased at the first visit made me look so yellow. Seems like a really big difference...


Re: Color IQ

That's a huge difference! 

Re: Color IQ

I used the online tool with my favourite foundation and I was really happy with the results. At first I thought the results were way too light but when I tried them on they were perfect.


I haven’t tried it in store.

Re: Color IQ

I think matching it with foundations you already know are your match are better than the in store machine Smiley Wink 

I finally got a good match in store that has some of the foundations I've already been matched to. A few of the results are really off and about 4 shades darker than the others. Hopefully they'll keep updating it. 

Re: Color IQ

I tried it 2 times and got 2 different letters/numbers each was 2y06, and the other matched me with Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation 48 (which was WAAAAY to dark for my skin, change that 2 times before it got to the right color) and CLINIQUE Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Cream Chamois (that one was perfect!)

Re: Color IQ

I'm 1Y06 & some of the foundation matches seem so dark & others are perfect. I think it depends on the brand. Then again the results for 1Y06 are kind of funny. Dior Forever liquid foundation is number 20, but in the pressed powder (same line, same brand) it's a few shades darker. I wear 20 in the powder, have been for a while, the only way I could use the darker is for contouring Smiley Happy 

I'm glad you were able to find a perfect match!

Re: Color IQ

Yeah I've gotten different results each time I've done it - and some of the SAs were pretty confused about how to use it, even months after it came out.


It seems like user error on the SA's part, or just malfunctioning equipment is an issue.


Also, both times I've put in my email or signed into my BI account on their little machine -- and both times it failed to add my color to the BI Account, nor did it email me the results.


So I still don't remember what my number is from either time, anyway, for sure.  Both times the SA insisted it would get to me that way so she didn't write it down.


I THINK I was 2Y06 when I was still perhaps a little tan (I had this done twice close together so it wasn't a fading tan accounting for the differences -- but I will do it again now that I'm winter pale).


In checking my Bare Minerals foundation(s) through the system online-- it seems I am spot on.  Every SA recommends light or even medium (3+ shades darker than I actually wear), I'm not sure why this happens.  But I'm pleased that the system made me feel less crazy -- indeed I am between the two absolute lightest foundation colors in BM!  I feel better now knowing that I'm not insane for insisting on wearing these (I blend the two because the lightest is only available in R (pink undertones) which is too red for me).

Re: Color IQ

Do you remember any of the foundation shades you were matched to? 

You could try a manual search with the foundation shade & it will tell you your number. 

I too was told I'd get the e-mail, never did, threw out the paper the game me (it was written on a tiny piece of receipt paper), but was able to search for it with the foundation I tried. 

Re: Color IQ

Oh that's a good idea -- but of course no I don't remember lol.  Brilliant though if I did!


I think if I go to the mall today to finish up some holiday shopping, I will get color matched again - thanks for reminding me.


I'm also curious now that I'm all pale!