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Color IQ

So who has tried the color IQ in stores & on-line?

I heard people going into multiple stores & getting a different reading each time. 

I just tried the on-line tool with a light neutral undertone shade & all my results were medium with pink or yellow undertones. I also don't understand why I only get a few results and then try another foundation and get different product results. Like if I plugged in a tinted moisturizer shade I wouldn't get any powder product results even though that's what I'm looking for. 

Maybe if we post our results, they can somehow fix/improve it. 

So please... Share your results. 

Re: Color IQ

I used it online and after I put everything in it gave me a match of like 177 in the MUFE HD and I'm between and I'm 153 for the correct color match. Thank God I'm product savy or that could be a disaster.

Re: Color IQ

I know right?!?! 

Re: Color IQ

whoops meant between 153 and 155.

Re: Color IQ

I got 1Y01 and it shows me a few liquid and powder foundation options as well as a couple of tinted moisturizers. Some of them look too dark still, but mostly I'd say they're reasonably accurate. It's nice to have a list of brands that may actually be pasty enough for my skin, haha. 

Re: Color IQ

I got scanned in store, if that makes a difference.

Re: Color IQ

I'm 2Y07 but I'll get two different shades of foundation and its totally weird! For one of the foundations it gave me the color I currently use so I guess it isn't perfect yet, but it could probably give you an idea of what to use.

Re: Color IQ

Ok so I just did another little experiment. 

- I selected the Diorskin forever flawless powder in Light Beige. 

- Color IQ is 2Y04 (that's really dark)

- gave me results for Tarte Airbrush foundation in medium neutral, Lancome Lifting-Radiance in 30w, Bobbi brown in cool beige 3.25, CoverFX N35, Nars Sheer Glow in Deauville, D&G Perfect Matte in Caramel 110, Clinique Redness Solution in Calming Alabaster (the lightest shade)  

- Start over with D&G Caramel 110

- Color IQ 3Y05

- Results Tarte Airbrush foundation in medium tan-sand, Cover FX N40 

- So it's getting darker & darker

I wonder what my color will be when I get matched in store. & you know I'll ask to get matched multiple times to make sure it's correct Smiley Wink 

Re: Color IQ

@dannyc- I know that's what happened to me with the suggestions getting darker and darker. Could you imagine what a hot mess we would be if we chose the colors the IQ chose for us?


Re: Color IQ

Even when I get color matched in store for a new foundation I normally go with the lightest shade they suggest, or try a lighter one myself. I'm not pasty, but I'm not "medium" either. Also I have neutral undertones & it seems like a lot of my matches are for yellow. Yellow undertone foundations don't really look good on me. 

Re: Color IQ

Just wanted to share my horrible in store experience. So I went into Sephora the other night & it was practically empty. I asked a Cast Member to assist me with the color IQ. So we go through the whole process and my number is 4y06. Which I find odd because I don't have yellow undertones, I'm neutral & the shades where way too dark for me. Most of my results are NARS, so she grabs the foundations & starts matching me. I know NARS is known to be heavy on the yellow side & sure enough they all make me look yellow. She insists that these are the ONLY foundations for me & that the system is made by Pantone, the GOD of color. I asked her if she's seen the FB posts or BT comments on how the Color IQ might be off. She said no & that Pantone doesn't lie. I show her the foundations I do own & she swatched my shades on me (which blended perfectly to my skin) but she persisted that the NARS was the "perfect match" & kept insisting I needed it even though it looks really yellow & about 4 shades too dark. While this is going on she starts helping someone else get their Color IQ when there are 3 other Cast Members hanging around. When I start to go to someone else to maybe try a few other foundations she snapped at me to stay in the chair & wait for her to finish with the other customer. I may look young, but I am not a child & I do not like to be treated like one.  I ended up walking around the store & color matching myself. 

Re: Color IQ

It's awful how one Cast member can ruin a Sephora trip; I've definitely been in your shoes.


Maybe we should start a what's your foundation and shade thread to help out. The Color IQ wasn't very accurate when I tried it too, especially when it forgets to account for the fact that some foundations oxidize!

Re: Color IQ

I keep a google spreadsheet of all items I've bought. I keep track of what I've returned, didn't like, had a reaction to... So I have a running list of all foundations that have matched me and I think I can actually pick foundations on-line now without swatching first. 

I just can't believe she was insisting on me purchasing a foundation that clearly was not the right shade for me. 

Re: Color IQ

I am 1y06 and when it popped up the list of foundations I should try it had the two I already use in the right shades - bareMinerals medium beige and Tarte BB cream in Light (although I add a drop of medium to warm it up). Does the Y stand for yellow? Because I am the epitome of neutral, but I do tend to have some redness, so the woman color matching me said this should be a good shade for me.


The only thing that annoys me about color IQ online version is that I was hoping to see more than 52 options. Okay that is A LOT of options but some of the foundations I would be interested in knowing my match (um, like Hourglass Immaculate) they didn't have. I was able to figure it out from the other hourglass products but I thought it would be a little more extensive/throughout all lines.

Re: Color IQ

I think the limit in options means there's no exact match with your number for those lines. 

Re: Color IQ

Yeah, that's my only problem with Color IQ online. I wanted to find out what I would be in a couple different foundations using MUFE HD 120 which is my perfect match right now, not much I'm interested in comes up... even going back and forth between the "lighter" and "darker" option.


Are those lighter and darker options pretty close to the color you're matched to?

Re: Color IQ

So I got matched in store for 4y06 & there are only 12 foundations that are a PERFECT match for my color IQ. If I go lighter, then I only get 7 PERFECT matches. 

It only shows the foundations that are the perfect match. Which sucks, because there are others out there that are a "close" match. 

Of those original 12 I am a match for, I actually own one of them; the too faced BB cream. But my Color IQ is for 2 shades darker than what I own which is already a summer shade for me. It doesn't even show up as an option if I go lighter. 

Re: Color IQ

I went and got my reading. It was way off. too dark.  I wear MUFE HD 117 sometimes I can pull off 120.  They recommended 127 and so I encouraged the SA to blend it out on my face/neck and she was like WOAH that is way too orange. She rematched me. AGAIN it was way off. Then I got up and went shopping. 

the end.

Re: Color IQ

Where is a link for the online one? 

Re: Color IQ

Just go to Makeup-Face and on the top there's a HUGE banner for Color IQ

On-line you have to search with foundations you already have

Re: Color IQ

I finally went last night to have it done.  I had some makeup on so the cast member who was helping me gave me a LARGE facial wipe and let me get it all off.  When she had me pat my face dry and wait a couple of minutes so that the "wiping" didn't make me artificially pink or red.  She took three photos and then we got the results.  I came up a 1R06.  One of the foundations recommended for me is the Urban Decay Naked Skin in 3.5 which made me happy because that is the color that I already use.  It recommended that I use the YSL Touche Eclat in BD 40.  I have that foundation in the BR30 and I have always thought it was was a little too light and a little too pink.  I had purchased it on the recommendation of TWO sales associates at Nordstroms.  The cast member put the YSL BD40 on me and it made me look like I had no makeup on at all, only much better!  So, I have to say that I had a good experience and I feel it was quite accurate. The only thing that baffles me is I only have 27 matches out of sooooo many brands and choices. 

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