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Clear or Tinted Brow Gel?

I am new to the world of brow gels (all eyebrow makeup, really) and need some advice about whether I should go for clear or tinted. I have medium brown eyebrows that are naturally fairly bushy. My eyebrow ~goal~ is to make them appear a little darker.


Currently my brow routine is simple - I use a pencil and a spoolie. I want to try the ABH powders (as I prefer a more natural effect and am concerned that the dip brow would look less natural). 


Can you use tinted gel with other eyebrow products or am I best off using clear?

Clear or Tinted Brow Gel?

I would recommend using tinted if you want your eyebrows to be a little darker. I usually fill in my eyebrows with a pencil or pomade. After I always follow with a tinted brow gel. The two that are my favorite are the milk make up brow fiber gel or the makeup forever. Both work great and aren't too costly. They also don't leave your brows feeling hard and crunchy. @Daniela4098

Re: Clear or Tinted Brow Gel?

@Daniela4098 You can definitely use tinted gel with other brow products.  It's just adding color on top of your brow to make them darker. 


For my brow routine I use a MAC eye shadow close to my hair color to fill in my brow and then ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Brow Wiz to define my brow and then set it with ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Brow Gel

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