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Cleansing Balm Comparison

Hey, y'all, need an opinion.  I've actually never used a cleansing balm (I know, I'm late to the game) but I'm in the mood to try one and I'm trying to decide between the CLINIQUE - Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and the FARMACY - Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm.

Can someone who has used both compare/contrast them for me and give me your thoughts?  Both have excellent reviews, of course, but I'd love some opinions!

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

Hi @CookieGirl1


I've used both, but I far prefer the Clinique. It's one that I have repurchased for years, even after trying out other similar balms. 


It removes my makeup (and any SPF products) very well, without drying out my skin. I found the Farmacy option didn't remove my makeup quite as well (especially longwearing products). 


I use the Clinique balm 6-7 times per week, and it lasts me about 3-4 months. I don't find I need too much - about a quarter sized amount or so. 


Another option you might be interested in is the Pixi Cleansing Balm. I find it similar to Clinique. 

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

Hi @CookieGirl1, I too have used both.  I don’t wear much makeup (only blush and lip products) but am religious in using sunscreen.  I use the balm as first step in double-cleansing and while both are great products, I like the Farmacy better.  I agree with @darkiceis that you seems to be able to use less product and I like the texture and smell more.  This coming from someone who usually prefers non-scented products (which the Clinique balm is)


I used to use oils as my first step cleanser and the balms are really nice and somehow seem easier to use.  You can’t go wrong with either one.

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

Alrighty here we go. 


I have been using the Clinique balm for several months and now the Farmacy balm for just over a month. 

I have very dry skin and use the balm as a first cleanse followed by the Korres Greek Foaming cleanser.


Both products work very well and I am happy with both. The differences that I have experienced are:


Clinique does a better job at removing more makeup vs Farmacy. However, the amt of product needed per use for the Farmacy balm is a lot less compared to the Clinique balm which is impressive. Also, to note, I do wear makeup 5-6 days out of the week with 3-4 of those days being heavy makeup days with the full shebang and enchilada. Clinique hands down does a way better job at removing mascara faster. A better job meaning that there is way less manual labor needed. Farmacy does take off the mascara just fine, it just takes a little bit more work. This wouldn't even be a small peeve of mine if I had not experienced the Clinique balm first.


After I pat dry my face there is close no traces of makeup leftover after my double cleanse with Clinique. Farmacy, after the first few uses there was a noticiable amt on the towel after drying my face. So I ended up just putting in a little bit more time to wash my face a bit longer and its better.


Overall I really do love both balms. The benefit of Farmacy is that it is a clean brand, less product needed per use but with a slightly longer cleansing ritual. Clinique takes off more makeup but needs more product per use and is not clean.


My plan of action is to use both. Farmacy will be my main balm bc it's clean so I'd rather use that more. Clinique I'll keep around to use on some of the heavier makeup day wears. Neither balm dries my skin out which is generally hard for me to find in a lot of cleansers.


Another benefit of the Farmacy is that it does leave my skin so much more hydrated compared to when I use the Clinique.


Wow ok, so I just reread my opinion and I guess I'll have to say that Farmacy is sounding like a better choice. Smiley Happy




Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@darkiceis @MissPuff another question for both (either?) of you: how long does a container of either balm typically last you?

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@CookieGirl1 if you have a store close by I'd recommend getting samples if possible. If I had any samples I'd send them over to you but sadly I don't. Smiley Sad



one month and I've only used half. So one container is looking like it's going to last me almost 2 months.



Foil packet 2 - 3 uses

Deluxe sample jar - 4 - 5 uses

Full sized jar - about 5.5 - 6ish weeks


@MissPuff  I'm curious to know how long the Clinique lasts for you.

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@darkiceis  Heehee, I always do that, I start writing a post, get distracted, come back and post and then see another just like mine Smiley Happy The more the merrier, and you were able to articulate so much better than I was Smiley Happy


The clinique is a MASSIVE tub, like comically large. I don't wear makeup every day, and for light, no base, no heavy eyeliner, I'll skip the balm cleanse, just swipe off with Son & Park beauty water, then do a regular cleanse. So...3-4 times a week, the jars have lasted me about 3 - 4 months, using bigger dollops for heavy /special occasion makeup days and smaller blobs for everyday. I've also got some smaller jars floating around for travel that never seem to die.


The Farmacy green clean, I've still go some left in a travel/deluxe size picked up during a GWP I find myself digging out bigger chunks to try and use it up but it's still kicking. Maybe 10+ uses per little jar? Oddly enough, I have the opposite experience of @darkiceis  , I need less TTDO vs the Farmacy, the clinique turns into a smoother oil that doesn't absorb into my skin as much as the Farmacy, therefore, I find it more effective in rubbing away the makeup. Interesting point about the Farmacy being more hydrating, I don't use it with enough frequency to make the comparison, but I could see that.


The clinique travel size pops up all the time in clinique promos from the department stores, if I have any that aren't dug in to, I'll send you a DM @CookieGirl1  Smiley Happy 



Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@MissPuff @lachaton  So great to see the differences! Clearly I’m probably using too much of the Clinique as it does not last me 3/4 months, I guess that I’m quite generous Smiley Very Happy . That definitely gave me something to think about in trying to use less. I suppose that I’m a bit of a savage. 

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@darkiceis @lachaton @MissPuff @newcarlee Thank you all for the opinions!  Lol, I should probably just purchase one of each and try them out.

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@darkiceis K, good to know.  Thanks! 

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

I really appreciate the in-depth review, @darkiceis . That's the kind of info that I was hoping to get from people!  In your experience, which leaves the least residue? I obviously will use it as part of a double cleanse but I also don't like the feeling of a really oily film either and want a balm that rinses easily and cleanly. 




Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@CookieGirl1  I haven't experienced any leftover residue from the either balm. They both melt down pretty quick, Farmacy melts down faster for me. Clinique feels slightly oily with a tad of grease while the Farmacy feels more like a gentle oil when it melts. As far as removing makeup, Clinique does get more off. This makes sense being that it is not "clean."

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

Gotcha.  Thanks, @darkiceis  

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@CookieGirl1  I've used both and like both, but the Clinique juuuuuust edges out the Farmacy. For me, the clinique has a slightly richer texture and removes more of my stubborn (read: mascara and eyeliner) makeup more cleanly with less residue/raccoon eye. The Farmacy IS still very effective, I have a travel size that I take on trips with me, but at home, I'll always reach for the clinique first. 


Both are equally gentle on my eyes (and I REALLY rub it on my lashes), the clinique melts a bit faster and lathers/emulsifies a bit better. The Farmacy smells great, and is a great Clean version of a balm cleanser, the full size comes with a little spatula! I always double cleanse so I can't comment how cleany/fully either balm washes off. 

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

@MissPuff  I just read your post after I wrote my novel Smiley Very Happy


We definitely have the same experiences with both balms. The fact that Farmacy is clean is mentally making me pick it even though Clinique overall does a better job. For me, with my severe dry skin the Farmacy actually has made a difference in keeping my face hydrated even after my second cleanse. The Clinique isn't as hydrating and both are absolutely gentle on the eyes which is so comforting to know.

Re: Cleansing Balm Comparison

Thank you, @MissPuff !  That was exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for--I really appreciate your input.

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