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Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Love these little kits so much! Here's a swatch of the Rainbow version - so fun!



Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Thats really cool! Since its sandal season, I've really been hitting the polish and taking care of my nails. Are those little beads that are in the polish?

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

The little beads are actually loose and separate from the polish - the kits contains a normal polish that you use, then while your nails are still wet you sprinkle on the beads! The package states that each manicure lasts up to 48 hours, and after testing I totally agree. Not a lot of staying power but so cute for a night out or special occasion!

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

I totally agree with that! I can say that as long you aren't constantly wetting your hands it should last two days, but not more than that. Truly a cute accessory nail design.


Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Hi jesspsd!


I love these! I have the black caviar nails but now wish I had the rainbow ones. I think one of my favorite facts is that its SO easy to remove and not at all like taking a glitter polish off! Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing your pretty nails with us all!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Hi Diana! I totally agree - I was surprised at how easy it was to remove. Additionally, I love the little tray and funnel system they provide so you really get the most of your beads! Speak soon! Jess

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Very cute. I wonder how long I'd make it last...

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

I love this look! Sadly I don't think it would be worth me purchasing because it probably wouldn't last even a full day for me. :/

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

I definitely wouldn't recommend these kits if you have small children, or if you plan on eating finger foods! The beads do come off easily and it's not a good idea to use a topcoat (it makes the beads & colors kind of bleed together). For daily wear it's not very practical, but the kits are great for a fun event or to wear as an accessory for a bit! Very unique look.

Re: Ciate Caviar Nails in Rainbow!

Very cute! Thanks for postingSmiley Happy I also want to try the white one!

<3 Melissa
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