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Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Hey BIC beauties! One of my goals this year is to try to put together a makeup capsule with a handful (okay, maybe a large handful, in my case) of products that will work for me for an every day look and special occasions. Given my current collection, I won't need to be starting from scratch. 😂 So, I'm treating this capsule makeup collection challenge like a shop my stash and declutter adventure all in one. Would love for you to join me if and when you can.


If this is something that interests you or just piques your curiosity, please feel free to use this thread to document and challenge yourself to

(1) use what you have / shop your stash; and

(2) determine which products in your collection to keep, which to declutter, and which to try again another day. All with the goal of curating a set of makeup products that will help you achieve a signature look - and maybe a few additional products for other looks in your daily life, including looks for special occasions or events.

Capsule Makeup Photo 1.jpeg


Capsule Makeup Photo 2.jpeg

Every week, I will post a group of makeup products I plan to choose from (i.e., shopping my stash) for my looks during the week. The themes / prompts are guides and if you have a certain interpretation or approach you want to take with it, go for it! Not every product has to fit squarely within the theme; it can be just one item.



Week 17 (April 22 - 28) - The "Green" Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule - In honor of Earth Day (April 22), let's assemble a "green" capsule for the week. What does it mean to be "green", you ask? You tell me! Here are a handful of meanings "green" can have - 
  • Sustainable
  • "Clean" by whatever standard you want - Clean at Sephora? Natural? Non-toxic? 
  • The color - either the product itself or the packaging, or both
  • New or young
  • Other - your definition (oh, inquiring minds will want to know, so do also share your definition of green)
Or, if you have one or more products you picked up from the Sephora Spring Savings Event, show them off with a capsule highlighting one product or all of them. A shop-your-Sephora sale-stash, if you will.  
Week 18 (April 29 - May 5) - The April 2024 Edition of "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule and/or The "More Play Time With My Sephora Savings Event Hauls" Makeup Capsule - Were there makeup products from April that stood out to you - good or bad? Did you discover any new (or tried-and-true) favorites this month? Are there products you've been on the fence about? Create a makeup capsule with one or any combination of these ideas. OR show us what beauties you picked up during the Sephora Savings Event. Now's the time to play (or to keep playing) with that newness (and those beloved restocks) you hauled during the sale! 
Week 19 (May 6 - 12) - The AAPI Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule - To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month, let's curate a capsule with one or more makeup products from AAPI owned or founded makeup brands. [NOTE: A non-exhaustive list of AAPI owned or founded beauty brands can be found in the spoiler below ⤵️]
Week 20 (May 13 - 19) - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule and/or The "OMG, More Stuff From the Sephora Spring Savings" Makeup Capsule - I was inspired by the theme of this year's Met Gala, "Sleeping Beauties" - go through your stash and create a makeup capsule with beauties that have been sleeping in your stash and could use love and attention. Or, were there makeup products you picked during the Sephora Spring Savings Sale that are just now making their way to you (or that you are now getting to)? Put them in a capsule, by themselves or mix in a few "Sleeping Beauty" products. 
Week 21 (May 20 - 26) - The "My Best Self" Makeup Capsule - May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Curate a capsule with products that make you look and feel your very best
Week 22 (May 27 - June 2) - The May 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - it's that time again, curate a capsule with your standout or favorite products this month or products you're trying to decide whether to keep or declutter. 

AAPI Owned / Founded Makeup Brands
Below is a non-exhaustive list of makeup brands founded or co-founded / owned or co-owned by Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) - the brands listed are primarily ones that offer makeup / color cosmetics.  To the extent the founder's identify cannot be determined by the brand name, his/her/their name(s) will appear in parens next to the brand name. Brands with an asterisk (*) next to their name denotes that that brand is available at Sephora.
CLE Cosmetics (Lauren Jin)
CTZN Cosmetics (Aleena Khan, Aleezeh Khan, and Naseeha Khan)
Em Cosmetics (Michelle Phan)
* Glow Recipe (Christine Chang and Sarah Lee)
Jason Wu Beauty
Kimchi Chic Beauty (Kim Chi)
* Kulfi Beauty (Priyanka Ganjoo)
Live Tinted (Deepica Mutyala)
Mango People (Sravya Adusumilli)
Meloway Makeup (Aiden Kim and Ash Kim)
One/Size by Patrick Starrr
Orce Cosmetics (Yu-Chen Shih)
Ourself (Lauren Otsuki)
Patrick Ta Beauty
Purlisse Beauty (Jennifer Yen)
Seraphine Botanicals (Sylvia Phann)
The Creme Shop (Theresa and Lawrence Kim)
Tower 28 Beauty (Amy Liu)
U Beauty (Tina Craig)
Wander Beauty (Divya Gugnani)
Yensa Beauty (Jennifer Yen)
Youthforia (Fiona Co Chan)

FAQs: [Updated 4.28.2024]


What is a capsule makeup collection?  

A capsule makeup collection is a selection of makeup products that can be used to put together different looks for a variety of occasions. For some of us, that may mean a group of essential products for your everyday look plus a few extra items for a more glam or dramatic look; and, for others of us, that may mean, a lineup of our holy grail product(s) in each makeup category. My ideal capsule makeup collection probably falls somewhere in between - we'll (hopefully) find out at the end of the year! I don't see myself as a minimalist, but I don't have an extensive collection of makeup either. I appreciate the collections of people who fall within both camps but I float somewhere in between - on the one hand, my brow product collection would earn a gold star if we were using a minimalist approach to makeup; my lip product lineup, on the other hand, would not. 🤣 It would most definitely not.  


Why have a capsule makeup collection?  

Everyone will have their own reasons for having (or not having) a more streamlined makeup collection. Over the years, I've just become more interested in having less beauty products on hand (well, except for lip products, lol) - a handful of items I use or reach for more frequently with maybe a few additional products that are go-to's for me for special events or occasions.  Don't get me wrong, I love trying new products and I don't see that changing. I just like the idea of having a simpler collection (I appreciate that "simpler" can be relative), curated to my needs and lifestyle.

Why weekly? 
A few years ago, beauty & lifestyle blogger Serein Wu, did a weekly series (on her blog and YouTube channel), Makeup Bag Monday, where she rotated her makeup bag each week with new product launches and makeup already in her collection. Every Monday, she shared the products she selected for the upcoming week and provided detailed makeup reviews on the makeup she used for the previous week. I may not post detailed reviews, but will at least try to include a weekly recap (probably at the end of the week) of what products I like and which ones didn't work for me.  If weekly works for you, great. If not, feel free to join in based on what works best for you.


What if I don't have enough products to fit the theme for a full face?

No need for your entire makeup capsule to fit the weekly theme(s). Just one will do. And, even if you don't have one that fits squarely within a theme, feel free to post your makeup capsule. We'd love to see what you're using and hear your feedback on the products as you put them to use. 

I'm excited to see what results from this experiment and I welcome everyone to join in this adventure, whenever and however is most effective for you. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

RECAP: Week 20 - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule

Week 20 - The Sleeping Beauties Makeup CapsuleWeek 20 - The Sleeping Beauties Makeup Capsule

Week 20: The SwatchesWeek 20: The Swatches

The Sleeping Beauties theme made for both a fun and productive week when it came to working through my makeup collection. It served as a catalyst for not just reaching for previously neglected makeup products but for other things as well, like clothes and shoes. 


🏆  Top Shelf - No new products to add to the top shelf this week, though the ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Mini On 'Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray 1 oz/ 46 mL continues to give a strong performance. Summer will present the best testing ground for me for this one, but it continues to hold up (and hold my face in place as it has been), it could not only see it's way onto the top shelf but possibly be a GOAT as for as mattifying setting sprays go.


🤔  Undecided - I'm not so sure about the Anna Sui primer but I'm intrigued about it enough to keep it around. The Kulfi Underlined Kajal Clean Waterproof Long-Wear Eyeliner Cheeky Chiku is growing on me as I get familiar with working with it, but I'm not so sure about its long-wearing properties, though to be fair, the oils at my lashline don't generally place nice with anything but liquid liner. I was sure the Anna Sui blush would go, but I'm kinda liking it (and it's not just the packaging, lol) - the shade is just different enough from Tower 28 Dumpling Hour and Ami Cole Hibiscus that I can make room for it in my blush collection, for now, at least.


and finally, the products I'm saying "good bye" to ~

Week 20: The DecluttersWeek 20: The Declutters

🗑 Cover Girl TruBlend Undercover Concealer - I thought about keeping this around just because I thought the handle would make for a good photo decor. 

🗑 IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Dark Spots Concealer + Serum with Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid - I really like that this has a brush on the end; it’s a good concealer, but it’s got some stiff competition and since the shade isn't the best match, it's out.

💝  Orce foundation x3 - these are fine, but none are a great match shade for me at the moment and I'm not sure the formulation would beat out the other foundations I have (and have been enjoying). These will be donated to an organization that helps women entering (or re-entering) the workforce with clothes, makeup, and assistance with resumes and interviews. 


Declutter emoji key 


🏡  Rehomed = given to a friend, family, neighbor or coworker 

🗑  Tossed = tossed 😏 

💝  Donated = given to a women’s shelter, non-profit or other charitable organization 

Declutter Dashboard


This Week’s Declutter Count = 5

Month-To-Date = 6

I have a family dinner later this evening and will use it to finalize my decisions for my Week 21 My Best Self Makeup Capsule. 


Excited to see and hear about everyone's capsules.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Hey there, beauties! 👋 We're halfway through May already and I wanted to check in with some updates as we barrel down the last half of the month and head into summer. 
fyi post it.jpg
😍  Extra! Extra! I'll be making a slight adjustment to the prompt for last week of each month, starting this month. It will continue to be a recurring theme, but I'm adding an "On Repeat" theme to the options for the week. The "On Top" and "On The Chopping Block" themes will remain, but there's now an option to curate a capsule with those product you've been reaching for often, on repeat, if you will, during the month - it may be an item (or items) you've been testing during the month or a product you consider an everyday essential in your makeup routine.  
Alternatively, "On Repeat" could be another way to get in a "Do Over" or "Take 2" capsule, with or without modifications from the capsule being put on repeat. 😉 For those interested in repeating a previous capsule, either because you loved it or because you missed out on putting one together, I'll post an updated list of our previous themes in the spoiler below and will update the original post at some point as well.
😎 Summer Capsules - Tried & True Themes and Newness On The Way. We'll see some previous capsule themes pop up again during the months of June, July & August - BIC Inspired; One Brand vs. All The Brands; Pops of Color; Quick & Easy  / On The Go; and Sleeping Beauties - as well as some new ones, including capsules focused on:
  • products that have been repurposed or that act as multi-taskers [June]
  • using the good stuff [June]
  • vacation makeup [July]
  • indie brands [July]
  • sample sizes - get out those deluxe size or foil samples of makeup products that may be piling up in  your bathroom drawer (or maybe that's just me) [August]
  • day-to-night [August]
😘  "Whoa, we're (almost) half-way there." 🎶🎵🎶 We're coming up (quickly) on the halfway point of the year and just FYI - there will be a week in July set asid for creating a capsule based on current favorites, or on the beauties discovered (or rediscovered) based on all capsule themes to date.
Previous Capsule Themes (as of 5.18.2024):
1 - The First (of the Year) Makeup Capsule
2 - The Quick & Easy Winter Edition Makeup Capsule
3 - The $20 USD ($27 CAD) & Under Makeup Capsule
4 - The "On the Go!" Makeup Capsule
5 - The Best of January 2024 Makeup Capsule
6 - The Black Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
7 - The Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon Makeup Capsule and/or The "Things I Love" Makeup Capsule
8 - The "BIC Inspired" Makeup Capsule
9 - The Best of February 2024 Makeup Capsule and/or The "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule 
10 - The International Woman Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
11 - The "One Brand" or "All The Brands" Makeup Capsule 
12 - The "Springing Forward" Makeup Capsule and/or The Pops of Color Makeup Capsule 
13 -  The Fast & Furious / Quick & Easy Makeup Capsule and/or The March 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule 
14 - The "Do Over" or "Take 2" Makeup Capsule
15 - The Makeup-Artist-Founded Brand Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
16 - The BIC Inspired (Summer Edition) Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
17 - The "Green" Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
18 - The  April 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule and/or The "More Play Time With My Sephora Savings Event Hauls" Makeup Capsule
19 - The AAPI Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
20 - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule and/or The "OMG, More Stuff From the Sephora Spring Savings" Makeup Capsule
As always, thanks so much for sharing your makeup capsules. So great to see what folks are using and loving!  It's been fun (and eye opening) working my way through my stash and (slowly, but surely) finding pieces to make up my ideal capsule makeup collection.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Oooh how fun and well thought out! 😀 @itsfi Reading and following along though everyone's capsules this year has been so fun. It's been a thrill to see into everyone's makeup collection's and see the capsules everyone has put together.

I'm looking forward to watching the next week's unfold and see what directions everyone takes with thier capsules.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Week 20 - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule

19 - AAPI Mix 1.jpg


19 - AAPI Mix 3.jpg

So many beauty products could be part of this week's capsule. I opted to extend the Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Founded/Owned Beauty Brands theme from last week into this week's capsule as well. 



-- Anna Sui Gel Foundation Primer


-- Orce Cosmetics Experience Set (Light) - I've had this sample set in my stash for far too long. The brand has repackaged their experience sets since the time I picked this up. We'll see if there's a good shade match. I imagining there will be some decluttering from this set this week.


-- Tower 28 Beauty Swipe All-Over Hydrating Serum Concealer 


-- ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Mini On 'Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray 1 oz/ 46 mL 




-- Kulfi Underlined Kajal Clean Waterproof Long-Wear Eyeliner Cheeky Chiku 

-- Tower 28 Beauty Mini MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara Jet 



-- Anna Sui Black Cream Blush (gwp promo) - I would ordinarily pass this on to someone who is more into blush, but I'm intrigued by how it changes colors, from a black tint to a light red. 



-- Kulfi Heirloom Satin Lipstick Bangle Box 

-- Kulfi Heirloom Satin Lipstick First Sari 

-- Kulfi Heirloom Satin Lipstick Rose Wood 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  you've put together another great capsule! I love that you've combined last week's AAPI brands theme with this week's Sleeping Beauties theme. Like you, I have so many items that could be included in this week's capsule 😅


How do you like the Tower 28 concealer? I am curious about it - it's on my list of concealers to try at some point, though not right now since I definitely have enough concealers at the moment 😂

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Thank you @caitbird! I initially just assumed my Sleeping Beauties capsule would be a random medley of products that I'd pull from my stash, all with the common demoninator of just not having received much attention or love prior to the week. I was enjoying the AAPI items I had been using and realized I had a lot more than even I thought I did and many of which I hadn't really used much, if at all, so I thought, why not just do a theme within the theme? Ha!


I'm hoping to put the Tower 28 concealer to use more this week but when I have used it, I've really liked it. I don't know if it would be something I'd say right now is my favorite concealer but it is one I enjoy using and reach for without pause. It came out around a time when so many brands were releasing concealers and I also have a few more of those to test out. I'll keep you posted - it'll be interesting to see which ones end up being best suited for me. Just thinking aloud, I feel like I possibly could have 3 "top shelf" concealers - one for under eye, one for concealing blemises and spots and one that acts like a foundation. I usually have different concealers (or, at least different shades) for my under eyes and my dark spots/blemishes. 


I could not help but laugh at your comment about "having enough concealers at the moment" - there's definitely a large pool of concealers out there to choose from. Of those that you've tried so far, are there any that have been standouts for you?

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts about the Tower 28 concealer when you've had a chance to test it out more. I like to sometimes use different concealers for different purposes or needs too - my go-to concealer has mostly been the Glossier Stretch concealer for a while, but I also like e.l.f. Hydrating Camo concealer as a more full-coverage option for particularly stubborn spots, etc. Actually most of the concealers I have I haven't really tested out fully yet 😅 I hope to do some more testing of some of them in this week's and future capsules!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Week 19 (May 6 - 12) - The AAPI Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule - To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month Recap



The fit:


Better than last week, but why do I bother? 🤣

ETA Tags:

PATRICK TA Major Dimension III Matte Eyeshadow Palette 

PATRICK TA Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo She's So LA 

PATRICK TA Monochrome Moment Velvet BlushShe's Seductive

Danessa Myricks Beauty Power Bronzer Cream Bronzer Deep 

Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna We're Even Hydrating Longwear Waterproof Concealer 

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr On 'Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray 3.4 oz/ 143 mL 

One Size Brow Kiki

BASMA The Cream Blush Fuchsia 

BASMA The Cream Blush Cherry Red 

Kulfi Underlined Kajal Clean Waterproof Long-Wear Eyeliner Jungle Gems 

Hourglass Mini Ambient Lighting Bronzer Radiant Bronze Light 

Tower 28 Beauty Mini MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara Jet 

PATRICK TA Major Headlines Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush DuoShe's Baked

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Golden Glow

Sephora Jelly Melt Lip Tints

Saie Really Great Gloss

Ami Colé Lash-Amplifying Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara Rich Black 

Ami Colé Skin Melt Talc-Free Loose Setting Powder 

UD primer in Caffeine

PAT McGRATH LABS Sublime Perfection Concealer M18 

Stila Highlighter palette

Live Tinted Tinted Moisturizer Shade 6

Random Lashes

Velour Lashes Lash & Go Eyeliner 3-in-1 Eyeliner + Magnetic Lash Adhesive 


So the week was hectic, some of my  selections fell to the wayside.  I also subbed out something midweek because Youthforia CAN GO KICK ROCKS 🤬 ( The Deeper Hues Thread (Swatches, Color Matching, etc.) 

I really wanted to resume my lash game, especially upon learning velour was AAPI, but every morning something cut into lash practice, so by Thursday, I just gave up on it.


I took my Jelly Melts out of lipstick purgatory, and was like, I really should start using this...AND IT DIED.  The applicator just peaced out.  I tried using a lip brush, but it wasn't the same.  RIP Lip melt.


I got decent mileage out of PATRICK TA Major Dimension III Matte Eyeshadow Palette , the creams are dried up, which kind of is meh given it's not something I used a lot and have had less than a year.


Got mileage out of the Gisou lip, too.  Ironically @sister13 's dislike of it (and getting a fab new shade), reminded me to use mine 🤣


@itsfi& @ather .  The Live Tinted moisturizer is comparable to Tower28, and it's less dewy.  One of the reasons I wanted to try it was because the Tower28 is too dewy for me.  The shade match was so good...but while I like beaming, but I was full on glazed donut and rather keep any and all donuts regulated to only my mouth (not my face).  This isn't as dewy, BUT IT IS SO ORANGE once you go past a certain shade.  I am using it to use it up and for the SPF 😎, but I won't be repurchasing.  I just saw Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Huez Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Mineral Spf 30 Sunscreen is on its way, so I'm hoping that'll be the one for me.




Week 20 (May 13 - 19) - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule aka " I'm living in My Met Gala dream, don't wake me plz"




The Fit 🙌🏽

ETA to add mo' tags-

PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership VII Eyeshadow Palette - Divine Rose Collection 10 x 0.047 oz./ 1.32 g 

PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette - Bronze Seduction 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner Amethyst 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner Emerald 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner Opal 

NARS Pro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 

Tower 28 Beauty Mini MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara Jet 

PAT McGRATH LABS Dark Star Volumizing Mascara 0.43 fl oz / 13 mL 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Linework Paintbrush Fluid Liquid Eyeliner 0.034 oz / 1 ml 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Soft’Lit Naturally Luminous Hydrating Longwear Foundation(I hate looking for this tag, I swear)

Lancôme SKIN FEELS GOOD Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 23 05N Radiant Tan 

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Bronzerin Desert Glow

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Bronzer Bronze Divinity 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Melting Bronzing & Sculpting Stick Chocolate Caramel 

PAT McGRATH LABS IntensifEYES Artistry Wand 

PAT McGRATH LABS LUST: Lip Gloss Bronze Temptation 

PAT McGRATH LABS LUST: Lip Gloss Flesh 4 

PAT McGRATH LABS LUST: Lip Gloss Flesh 6 

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Blush Divine Rose(Actually it's the Duo DRII)

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Divine Powder Blushin Paradise Glow

Dior Forever Glow Maximizer Longwear Liquid Highlighter 017 Nude 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow Stick Bellini Ba$H 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow Stick Get On Taupe 

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Blurring Under Eye Powder Yellow 

Ami Colé Skin Melt Talc-Free Loose Setting Powder Deep / Medium 

Becca Skin Love Foundation

Urban Decay Vice Lipstain

SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner 17 molasses 

Becca Highlighter Mini in Rose Gold

KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment Medium Brown 


I'm really enjoying this week, probably my fave this far.  It's the mix of new and forgotten loves.  Divine Rose when I got it, was kind of lackluster, but it's been pulling weight now

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Glad I could inspire you with my negativity, lol!! 😂😂😂 @danielledanielle 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Lol, not negative at all @sister13 .  If anything, it made me curious.  "I went in thinking, I don't remember it being like that, lemme see 😂🤣"

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@danielledanielle  Great capsule!!! Too bad about your lip jelly’s. 


Thanks for the tag on the live tinted! I’m interested in trying it now!!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@danielledanielle  I love the capsules you put together! You have some very nice products in here. Interesting to hear your thoughts on everything, what worked for you and what didn't. Sorry about your Patrick Ta palette and lip melt, that's a bummer ☹️


(also, reading up on the Youthforia debacle: oh nooooo...that was one of my fav blushes, but I definitely won't be repurchasing now, or buying anything else from the brand...yikes 😬)

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Thanks @caitbird .


I still have one Jelly Melt! That's something 😂

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@danielledanielle, I’m sorry your week was hectic. I hope things have gotten to a more steady state.

Week 19: AAPI

Your AAPI has some fabulous beauties but that’s a huge bummer about the Patrick Ta palette!  🫤 Kudos to you on resuming or trying to resume your lash game. With the exception of a couple of JBeauty lashes, I gave away all my faux lashes last month to a coworker and to a friend’s adult daughter. I can’t remember the last time I put them on myself. 


💯on your decision to sub out, D. 💯 



Week 20: Sleeping Beauties 

Yaaay, glad this week’s theme has been a good one for you. I’ve been looking forward to it, even with it being as humbling as it’s been to see how many sleeping beauties I actually have. I knew there would be a lot, but … 😳 


Is that the new Fenty hydrating longwear foundation I spy in your bag? 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Yes, sleuthy as always @itsfi 


I think the last time I tried a lash outside an occasion was 2022...😶


Heh, no worries...sometimes makeup aspirations are just that.  I think I'll give the capsule a re-do at some point.  I was able to revive the creams with Mehron, but I do recall them being on the smudgier side, so if they don't get used past this point, I just continue to enjoy the powders.  I really like the easy neutral eye I can get with this, and it doesn't look dusty.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@danielledanielle, I'll have lashes put on me for an occasion and then I somehow talk myself into thinking that I can do it. That would be a nooooo! But, at the time, I think, oh, I'm sure with a little practice .... so I pick up a couple of lashes and they sit ... and sit ... and sit. 😂 But now they are in good homes, with people who wear false lashes on the daily. 


btw, I meant to say in my original response, I'm jelly of your nails. What lovely lengths they have. 😍

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

RECAP - Week 19 The Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Makeup Capsule

19 - Recap - AAPI.jpg

I'm behind on posting. I caught a bug of some sort Sunday night, but am feeling better-ish now. Here's a quick debrief of the standouts (good and bad) from my Week 19 capsules.

Top Shelf:

No new products to add to the Top Shelf, but there are a few beauties I can see making their way there at some point.


Pleasant Surprises:

😍 U Beauty The Super Tinted Hydrator - My sales associate gave me a sample of this tinted hydrator a while ago and i liked it enough to pick up a full size, but it's sat for a while. Well, I can admit when I've made a mistake and that was a mistake. I have enough dark spots from sun exposure and healing blemishes that I feel more comfortable adding a concealer to certain areas. That being said, this gives my complexion that dewy, plumpy, hydrated glow that my current normal-to-dry leaning skin loves. 


😍 Live Tinted Hueguard Skin Tint SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum impressed me with its coverage and longevity. It's not a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in this category, in part because it's up against the Tower 28 which I enjoy so much, and in part because I feel like I still need to use it in different circumstances, weather, situations, etc. to be in a better assess its overall performance. It is one I am happily keeping around and I look forward to trying it out more. @missjeanie @ather 


😍 Tower 28 Beauty Mini MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara Jet - I've held off on trying this for the looooongest time, mainly because it's not a waterproof formulation. I know this gets a ton of hype and there was a part of me that wondered whether the results would be similar to the Tower 28 SOS spray - a cult favorite but something that just doesn't work for me. Well, that was not the case here. While it's not without its flaws (does smudge a little, but actually no more so than some of my favorite waterproof mascaras), it's clear to me now why and how it has the following and devotion it does. Still early on and I'll want to test it during the warmer months but I'm a fan.



🤔  Anna Sui Gel Foundation Primer - it leans on the "like" side, but I want to test it out more, to make sure it's not just a fluke. Also, to make a fair assessment, I need to test it out when my skin is more on the oily side and when the weather is both warmer and cooler.


🤔  Kulfi Underlined Kajal Clean Waterproof Long-Wear Eyeliner Cheeky Chiku - I'm not typically a fan of gel liners, but this one is not bad. I need more time with it to determine if it's a keeper though. 



🗑  Jason Wu Beauty Jewel Stick Eyeshadow - Sparkle Pearl - Oh, I wanted to like this eyeshadow stick - the shade is really pretty - but it goes on very patchy. Ordinarily, I might give it another few weeks, but I have so many similar products to this, and ones that I consider favorites, if not Top-Shelf-worthy, so I'm going to let this one go. 


Month-to-date - that's 1 decluttered product so far for the month of May. 


Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  oh no. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling good. I hope it passes quickly. Poor thing. 

The Live tinted sounds like it may be a contender against the Tower 28 sunny days!! I can’t wait to see how this pans out!!


Yay you love the Tower 28 Mascara. I’m surprised you haven’t tried it till now! I hope it just becomes more of a fav for you! It’s such a great one! 

Feel better! 💐 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@ather, I just realized - it was you I think that mentioned a Live Tinted product, a serum in stick form, perhaps? that is geared in part towards addressing discoloration or hyperpigmentation? Is that right? Was that you? My recollection is that the item contains niacinamide?


Yeah, I’m a late comer to the wonders of the Tower 28 mascara. It came out and caught on when I was being very good about how many mascaras I had open and in use - it was one at the time and I was sticking to waterproof or tubing mascaras.


These capsules have made it a little more challenging to keep to just a few open mascaras - I’ve been aiming for no more than 3 at a time. I’ve been able to stick to that most months so far. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  Yes! I did try the Live Tinted Superhue® Hyperpigmentation Serum Stick which I enjoyed. And would re purchase. But I think I want to try Live Tinted Superbright™ 15% Vitamin C Serum Stick #next. I have a bit of sun damage from my early years of using baby oil in the summer and not applying sunscreen as a kid ever. So I’ve been trying to address those spots and I have been bouncing around from different products! It was my first attempt at this brand and I really did enjoy it! 

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