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Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

It's 2024, BIC! A new year, with new adventures in store! One of the new adventures I will be embarking on this year is something I've been wanting to do for years actually - to create a capsule makeup collection that will suit me, my needs, preferences, lifestyle, and budget. My goal is to come up with a collection of tried-and-true makeup products by the end of the year that will work for me and I'd love, love, loooove for you to join me. Jump on in if you are interested - in creating your own makeup capsule or if one of the themes pique your interest.


tl;dr: [Edited 1.2.2024 to add] Using this thread to document and challenge myself to (1) use what I have / shop my stash; (2) determing which products in my collection to keep, which to declutter, and which to try again another day. All with the goal of curating a set of makeup products that will help me achieve a signature look (and maybe a few additional products for other looks in my daily life, including looks for special occasions or events).


To add some fun to going through what I have (which can seem like a herculean task), I'll challenge myself to pull together products to meet the theme each week, and then at the end of the month, curate a set of makeup from the best (or most loved products) from each of my weekly efforts. All in the hopes that by the end of the 52 weeks, I will have assembled a more streamlined makeup collecion that works for me.  


Capsule Makeup Photo 1.jpeg


Capsule Makeup Photo 2.jpeg


Every week, I will post a group of makeup products I plan to choose from (i.e., shopping my stash) for my looks during the week. I plan to post a photo of the products and tag those that may be available at Sephora. To keep things interesting and add a bit of fun to this experiment, I will try to have most of the products used fall within the weekly prompts/themes (see below), but, even though I have a fairly robust amount of makeup, there will be weeks when there may only be a few items that will fall squarely within that particular week's theme. All that to say, if you don't have a product that fits wholly within the prompt, don't let that keep you from participating. 


CURRENT WEEKLY THEMES [Updated 2.4.2024]: 

February prompts.png

March 2024 Makeup Capsule Schedule: [Updated: 2.16.2024]

Capsule Theme
February 26 - March 3
The Best of February 2024 Makeup Capsule and/or 
The "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule (thank you @cianni for this marvelous idea)
Three (3) options this week for your makeup capsule - 
  1. The Best of February 2024 Makeup Capsule - What makeup product(s) from the past 3 weeks stood out to you? Put together a makeup capsule with your favorite makeup products used this month.
  2. The "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - Have some makeup items you're not sure whether to keep or declutter? Bring them together for this week's capsule and let us know at the end of the week which of your beauties on the chopping block are staying another day, and which, if any, you've decided will no longer be part of your collection.
  3. The Hybrid Makeup Capsule - Mix it up and curate a capsule with your makeup favorites from this month, along with some beauty products that you've been on the fence about.
March 4 - 10
The International Woman Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule - In honor of International Women's Day (March 8), curate capsule with 2 or more makeup products from a woman owned / founded (or co-owned / founded) brand from around the world. [NOTE: A partial list of brands that fit within this prompt will be posted by or before the end of February].
March 11 - 17
The "One Brand or All The Brands" Makeup Capsule - Browse your stash and put together a capsule for a full look with either makeup products from (a) one brand or (b) all different brands.
This week's prompt was inspired by @sister13 who included this theme in the Makeup Looks Challenge and @Mellmars1185. Thank you, ladies! What a great idea for a capsule!
March 18 - 24 
The "Springing Forward" Makeup Capsule and/or 
The Pops of Colour Makeup Capsule (thank you @missjeanie for this fun and fabulous prompt!) - Spring is in the air! Create a makeup capsule with one or more product(s) that (a) give you springtime feels; (b) add a pop of colour to your everyday "go to" look; (c) pops because it's all about ALL the colors; or (d) any combination of the (a), (b), and (c). 
March 25 - 31
The March 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - Let's close out the month with a capsule made up of the makeup products that (a) were the best of the beauties you used this month; (b) are items you're trying to decide whether to keep or declutter; or (c) a combination of both.

Black Founded / Owned Makeup Brands:

This list is not exhaustive of all Black founded / owned makeup brand. It focuses on beauty brands that include makeup products; brands with an asterisk (*) next to the brand name are available at Sephora.  

AJ Crimson Beauty
*Ami Cole
Beauty Bakerie
Black Girl Sunscreen
BLK/OPL - Black Opal
*Cay Skin
Coloured Raine
*Danessa Myricks
*Fashion Fair
Fempower Beauty
Josephine Cosmetics
Juvia's Place
Keys Soulcare
LAMIK Beauty
Laws of Nature Cosmetics
*LYS Beauty
Mented Cosmetics
*Pat McGrath Labs
Plain Jane Beauty
*Pound Cake
Range Beauty
Sacha Cosmetics
The Lip Bar
Undefined Beauty
Uoma Beauty
Yubi Beauty

Past Monthly Themes:

January prompts.png



What is a capsule makeup collection?  

A capsule makeup collection is a selection of makeup products that can be used to put together different looks for a variety of occasions. For some of us, that may mean a group of essential products for your everyday look plus a few extra items for a more glam or dramatic look; and, for others of us, that may mean, a lineup of our holy grail product(s) in each makeup category. My ideal capsule makeup collection probably falls somewhere in between - we'll (hopefully) find out at the end of the year! I don't see myself as a minimalist, but I don't have an extensive collection of makeup either. I appreciate the collections of people who fall within both camps but I float somewhere in between - on the one hand, my brow product collection would earn a gold star if we were using a minimalist approach to makeup; my lip product lineup, on the other hand, would not. ๐Ÿคฃ It would most definitely not.  


Why have a capsule makeup collection?  

Everyone will have their own reasons for having (or not having) a more streamlined makeup collection. Over the years, I've just become more interested in having less beauty products on hand (well, except for lip products, lol) - a handful of items I use or reach for more frequently with maybe a few additional products that are go-to's for me for special events or occasions.  Don't get me wrong, I love trying new products and I don't see that changing. I just like the idea of having a simpler collection (I appreciate that "simpler" can be relative), curated to my needs and lifestyle.

Why Weekly? 
A few years ago, beauty & lifestyle blogger Serein Wu, did a weekly series (on her blog and YouTube), Makeup Bag Monday, where she would rotate her makeup bag each week with new product launches and makeup already in her collection. She would post every Monday the products she selected for the upcoming week and provide detailed makeup reviews on the makeup she used for the previous week. I may not post detailed reviews but will at least try to include a recap of what products I like and which ones didn't work for me.  If weekly works for you, great. If not, feel free to join in based on what works best for you.

Other Challenges On the Forums Worth a Look:

These are just a few of the many, MANY challenges on the forums. I've included links to ones that are active and will try to update accordingly. Some I participate in regularly, others I post to every so often, and others still I visit to learn about makeup products, tips and tricks, or just to see what's going on. 

Shopping Your Stash / Using What You Have

* Project Pan: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge
* Foil Challenge: Foil Challenge

* No Buy / Low Buy:2022 & 2023 - THE NO-BUY, LOW-BUY, BUDGET - to be updated with link to 2024 thread
* With Monthly Themes: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2024
* With Weekly Themes: Makeup Challenge of the Week
* Lipstick/Lip Products Focused: 100 Days of Lipstick Challenge 
* Eyeshadow Focused: 100 Shades of Eyeshadow Challenge
* Eyeliner Focused: 100 Shades of Eyeliner 
* Cheeks Focused: [Edited 1.20.2024] Cheek Challenge Winter 2024: Mocktail Makeup
* Home Fragrance: Home Fragrance Thread

I'm excited to see what results from this experiment and I welcome everyone to join in this adventure, whenever and however is most effective for you. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@Mellmars1185, Armani LSF is a ๐Ÿ product for me. Iโ€™ve had a bottle in my collection for over a decade - foundations rotate in and out of my stash, but thereโ€™s always been a bottle of the Luminous Silk Foundation. Do you think youโ€™ll pick up another bottle when youโ€™ve finished with it or try something new?

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfiYes! It is a great one. I can see why it is a G.O.A.T for you.This was surprisingly my first bottle, so it would not qualify for me โ˜บ๏ธ. I forget what inspired me to get it. I will be repurchasing it for sure. I will probably wait until the sale to pick it up since I have the opened ones to work through. I like trying new Foundations. That is exactly how I discovered this one. Tbh, there are not too many that I repurchase because I am always moving on to the next new thing. So that says a lot about the Armani LSF

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

You can call it a GOAT ๐Ÿ product @Mellmars1185. I just put a requirement on myself to have gone thru 2 of an item so that  GOAT designation isnโ€™t a fluke. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

You picked out really fitting items for this week's theme @Mellmars1185 ๐Ÿ‘Œโค๏ธ beautiful choices here!


Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu Thank you. I purchased two Nars Lunar new year items (breaking my no/low buy). Maybe they will arrive in time and I can add them to this week's lineup.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Oooh I hope they arrive home to you soon, I bet they are beautiful. ๐Ÿคฉ They would really fit in with everything you've laid out here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Awww no/Iow buys are soooo hard! Especially when fun things keep getting released. 

I splurged a lot recently so I'm holding off on all the fun LNY items. It's a challenge ๐Ÿฅน

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Recap of week 6


Recap in spoiler

Fenty Eaze Drop'Lit in Honey Citrine - This creates a soft warm glow and make-up lays nicely on top. Will keep this in my stash but not sure about repurchases anytime soon as I have other products similar I need to work through. I got this in a sub box.
LYS Beauty Mini Higher Standard Deluxe Cream Blush Trio in higher standard - Beautiful shade with staying power. These cream shadows are becoming one of my favourites.
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Eaze Drop Stick Blur + Smooth Tint Stick Foundation 7 - Fantastic product. It applies like butter and gives a hydrated look. Make up layers well underneath and on top. I have other foundations to try but would consider repurchasing for travel.
PAT McGRATH LABS BlitzTranceโ„ข Lipstick mini - this one smells a bit old but applied beautifully. It  has a bit of a sparkle to it. I am going to hang onto this one a bit longer.
Ami Cole Lip Treatment Oil in Reflection - I didn't end up using it this week but hanging on to it as I have used it in the past and it feels nic on the lips. I know I won't be able to get this on the Sephora Canada site either.
LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation MN3 - LOVED this formula. The shade was a perfect match for me and I applied this with a brush and wet Beauty blender. I liked how it turned out with the wet beauty blender. This is a lightweight formula. I am used to more coverage and matte formulas but this one was so nice! Right now I have 5 Foundation open...eek
Danessa Myricks Beauty Groundwork: Defining Neutrals - Palette For Eyes, Brows, Face & Lips - Wonderful palette for creating a base to any eyeshadow look. Hardly any fallout. I wad happy to get some use out of it.
Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork V: I Am Palette For Eyes And Face - so special. I dont reach for this as much as I should because I tend to stick to neutral looks. This palette can be used to create more bold looks or just add a subtle was of shimmer. I feel lucky to have been able to get my hands on this.
#LYS Beauty Speak Love Moisture Matte Lipstick Moody great long lasting formula. I have realized I have a similar shade which is Too Faced Cocoa Bold Cream Lipstick Chocolate Chip 
Fashion Fair Iconic Lip Shaper Liner Truly Truffle - Nice pencil formula. I like a good pencil liner
***EDIT*** i just realized that Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork V: I Am Palette For Eyes And Face  is not pictured here. 
I actually took a photo of the Pat McGrath Artistry Palette. I didn't use it this week. Oops!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@Mellmars1185 I don't need another foundation ... I can assure you I have more than 5 open... but the way you describe the LYS.... I'll have to try to get a sample soon to try it out.  It sounds goregous!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@missjeanie I feel like it is a good formula for my oliy skin in the winter months. I wish I opened it earlier. However, if it were not for this challenge I am not sure when I would have opened it.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Way to go using the palettes this week, I know you said you wanted to get more use out of Groundwork and seeing the I Am Palette get used, is a treat. I feel like all looks with that one are just so special. ๐Ÿ˜‰โœจ @Mellmars1185 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu Thank you! I think the more I use it, the more comfortable I will be including it in different looks more often.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Week 7 - The Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon Makeup Capsule and/or The "Things I Love" Makeup Capsule

Week 7 - Full Face.jpg


I don't have enough LNY makeup to do a full face so this week's capsule will combine both themes and include some products from last week's prompt that I would like to use more, together with a couple of items I'm working on as part of the Pan It! - 2024 Challenge.


Primer (Face):
Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation, a Top Shelf product and a ๐Ÿ (This is a GOAT, Greatest Of All Time product for me)
Concealer (under eye):
Primer (Eye):
Tower 28 Beauty x Kung Fu Panda BeachPlease Cream Blush in shade Dumpling Hour (Limited Edition (LE)) - I can't tag this as it's not available anymore (will use for cheeks & lips, but mostly cheeks)
Tower 28 Beauty x Kung Fu Panda ShineOn Lip Jelly in shade Magic (LE)
Setting Spray:
Gucci Brume de Beautรฉ Beauty Mist 2.7 oz / 80 mL (not pictured), another Top Shelf product
Jewelry pouch converted into a mini makeup bag. It won't hold all the products I use for a full face, but it should fit all the go-to's for my everyday look this week.

These items together would make a full face of makeup for me, which I'll probably do about twice, maybe three times, this week. I'll pare this down to about half a dozen products for my everyday look, which will include the two limited edition Tower 28 x Kung Fu Panda products that are part of The Lunar New Year Year of the Dragon Theme. 


What beauties are in your makeup capsule for this week?

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi The Tower 28 lip and cheek and the sunny days are both hero products for me as well.  I did the same this week... combo of products from both theme options... or at least my interpretation of the themes.  I love the products you chose.  Concise, multi use, and still a full face!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@missjeanie, believe it or not, this Tower 28 LNY cheek/lip product is the first one I have used from the brand? I have most of their lip products (surprised?) and have gone through and repurchased SunnyDays at least twice! But no cheek product until now. And of course the first one is a bold red shade! ๐Ÿ˜‚ 


A combo of products from the themes this week and some pan products made for a well rounded group of makeup products. I donโ€™t know how to explain it - I prefer a more streamlined number of products for my daily looks but I like having a lot of options for products. Hahaha! Itโ€™s like I need / want the best of both worlds. lol 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

I get that @itsfi ... I want to have a few options... but not too many.  I feel like my capsules so far have been good for that... they look like a lot, but it's much more curated than just having the run of my entire collection.  Too many is too overwhelming, and too few makes me feel like I'm stuck with just one thing. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi Your makeup bag/capsule is absolutely gorgeous. The Tower 28 Foundation is something I need to try one day. Next time I cross the border, this is going to be something I pick up. Great picks for this week. I like your chart breakdown of everything.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@Mellmars1185, I wish the Tower 28 tinted SPF foundation was available in Canada. Seems like anything with sunscreen (or thatโ€™s regulated like actives) has a harder time passing muster up there. Between this challenge and a couple other ones on BIC, like this the masking one and tracking empties and foils, Iโ€™m realizing how much I like charts to break things down. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I donโ€™t know what it is?!! Maybe having all the info in one place at a glance?!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi The charts are very organized and neat. They just make sense. I have to invest in a new laptop because mine in an antique at this point. Once I have one I might be doing the same thing. I tend to go on my phone to post.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  Absolutley love these products I would love to try the eye primer amazing selection 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@peculiarzmakeup, thank you! Itโ€™s been great to identify which products are must haves for my collection and even better to let go of some that Iโ€™ve been hanging on to. 

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