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Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Hey BIC! One of my goals this year is to try to put together a makeup capsule with a handful (okay, maybe a large handful in my case) of products that will work for me for an every day look and special occasions. Given my current collection, I won't need to be starting from scratch. 😂 So, I'm treating this capsule makeup collection challenge like a shop my stash and declutter adventure all in one. Would love for you to join me if and when you can.


If this is something that interests you or just piques your curiosity, please feel free to use this thread to document and challenge yourself to (1) use what you have / shop your stash; (2) determine which products in your collection to keep, which to declutter, and which to try again another day. All with the goal of curating a set of makeup products that will help you achieve a signature look - and maybe a few additional products for other looks in your daily life, including looks for special occasions or events.

Capsule Makeup Photo 1.jpeg


Capsule Makeup Photo 2.jpeg

Every week, I will post a group of makeup products I plan to choose from (i.e., shopping my stash) for my looks during the week. I plan to post a photo of the products and tag those that may be available at Sephora. To keep things interesting and add a bit of fun to this experiment, I will try to have most of the products used fall within the weekly prompts/themes (see below), but, even though I have a fairly robust amount of makeup, there will be weeks when there may only be a few items that will fall squarely within that particular week's theme. All that to say, if you don't have a product that fits wholly within the prompt, don't let that keep you from participating. 



Week 14 (April 1 - 7) - The "Do Over" or "Take 2" Makeup Capsule - Was there a prompt or theme in the previous 13 weeks that you loved and want to repeat, with or without changes? Or that you want to "do over"? Or, was there a capsule that you missed out on and want to give a try?  If so, this is your week! Don't remember all the prompts we've been through over the last 3 months? No problem. Check out the Past Makeup Capsule Collection Challenge Themes
Week 15 (April 8 - 14) - The Makeup-Artist-Founded Brand Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule - Curate a capsule that includes one or more products from makeup brands created by makeup artists.  A non-exhaustive list of celebrity makeup-artist-founded beauty brands can be found in the spoiler below. 

Or, did you pick up any makeup beauties during the Sephora sale that you want to play with? Share your newness with us and incorporate one or more of the goodies you hauled during the sale into your capsule this week. 
Week 16 (April 15 - 21) - The BIC Inspired (Spring Edition) Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule - Has there been a product (or two, or three...) you were inspired or enabled to pick up after seeing or hearing one (or more) of your fellow BIC beauties talk about or show it off in a look of the day?  Incorporate one or more BIC enabled product into this week's capsule. Or, curate a capsule with one or more items you picked up from the Sephora Spring Savings Event. Or, combine both prompts this week. 
Week 17 (April 22 - 28) - The "Green" Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule - In honor of Earth Day (April 22), let's assemble a "green" capsule for the week. What does it mean to be "green", you ask? You tell me! Here are a handful of meanings "green" can have - 
  • Sustainable
  • "Clean" by whatever standard you want - Clean at Sephora? Natural? Non-toxic? 
  • The color - either the product itself or the packaging, or both
  • New or young
  • Other - your definition (oh, inquiring minds will want to know, so do also share your definition of green)
Or, if you have one or more products you picked up from the Sephora Spring Savings Event, show them off with a capsule highlighting one product or all of them. A shop-your-Sephora sale-stash, if you will.  
Week 18 (April 29 - May 5) - The April 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - Were there makeup products from April that stood out to you - good or bad? Did you discover any new (or tried-and-true) favorites this month? Are there products you've been on the fence about? Create a makeup capsule with one or any combination of these ideas. 

Makeup Artist Owned / Founded Makeup Brands
This list is not exhaustive of all makeup brands owned or founded by makeup artists. Brands with an asterisks (*) next to the name can be found at Sephora (online or in select stores). Name of makeup artist listed in parens if their name is not otherwise part of the brand name.
Anastasia Beverly Hills (Anastasia Soare)
Artist Couture (Angel Merino)
* Beautyblender (Rea Ann Silva)
Bobbi Brown
* Charlotte Tilbury Beauty
* Danessa Myricks Beauty 
Em Cosmetics (Michelle Phan)
Half Magic (Donni Davy)
* Huda Beauty (Huda Kattan)
Jones Road (Bobbi Brown)
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
* Laura Mercier 
Lisa Eldridge
* Makeup by Mario (Mario Dedivanovic)
* Melt Cosmetics (Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar)
* NARS (Francois Nars)
* Natasha Denona
* One/Size by Patrick Starr
* Pat McGrath Labs 
Patrick Ta
Pixi Beauty (Petra Strand)
Sephora Collection (various Sephora makeup artists help to create products from the line)
* Stila (Jeanine Lobell)
Surratt Beauty (Troy Surratt)
Wayne Goss
Westman Atelier (Gucci Westman)

 Upcoming Makeup Capsule Challenges: [Updated 3.26.2024]

Week 18 (April 29 - May 5) - The April 2024 Edition of "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - Were there makeup products from April that stood out to you - good or bad? Did you discover any new (or tried-and-true) favorites this month? Are there products you've been on the fence about? Create a makeup capsule with one or any combination of these ideas. 
Week 19 (May 6 - 12) - The AAPI Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule - To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month, let's curate a capsule with one or more beauty products from AAPI owned or founded makeup brands. [NOTE: A non-exhaustive list of AAPI owned or founded beauty brands will be listed in the original post a few weeks beforehand]
Week 20 (May 13 - 19) - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule and/or The "OMG, More Stuff From the Sephora Spring Savings" Makeup Capsule - I was inspired by the theme of this year's Met Gala, "Sleeping Beauties" - go through your stash and create a makeup capsule with beauties that have been sleeping in your stash and could use love and attention. Or, were there makeup products you picked during the Sephora Spring Savings Sale that are just now making their way to you (or that you are now getting to)? Put them in a capsule, by themselves or mix in a few "Sleeping Beauty" products. 
Week 21 (May 20 - 26) - The "My Best Self" Makeup Capsule - May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Curate a capsule with products that make you look and feel your very best
Week 22 (May 27 - June 2) - The May 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule - it's that time again, curate a capsule with your standout or favorite products this month or products you're trying to decide whether to keep or declutter. 



What is a capsule makeup collection?  

A capsule makeup collection is a selection of makeup products that can be used to put together different looks for a variety of occasions. For some of us, that may mean a group of essential products for your everyday look plus a few extra items for a more glam or dramatic look; and, for others of us, that may mean, a lineup of our holy grail product(s) in each makeup category. My ideal capsule makeup collection probably falls somewhere in between - we'll (hopefully) find out at the end of the year! I don't see myself as a minimalist, but I don't have an extensive collection of makeup either. I appreciate the collections of people who fall within both camps but I float somewhere in between - on the one hand, my brow product collection would earn a gold star if we were using a minimalist approach to makeup; my lip product lineup, on the other hand, would not. 🤣 It would most definitely not.  


Why have a capsule makeup collection?  

Everyone will have their own reasons for having (or not having) a more streamlined makeup collection. Over the years, I've just become more interested in having less beauty products on hand (well, except for lip products, lol) - a handful of items I use or reach for more frequently with maybe a few additional products that are go-to's for me for special events or occasions.  Don't get me wrong, I love trying new products and I don't see that changing. I just like the idea of having a simpler collection (I appreciate that "simpler" can be relative), curated to my needs and lifestyle.

Why Weekly? 
A few years ago, beauty & lifestyle blogger Serein Wu, did a weekly series (on her blog and YouTube), Makeup Bag Monday, where she would rotate her makeup bag each week with new product launches and makeup already in her collection. She would post every Monday the products she selected for the upcoming week and provide detailed makeup reviews on the makeup she used for the previous week. I may not post detailed reviews but will at least try to include a recap of what products I like and which ones didn't work for me.  If weekly works for you, great. If not, feel free to join in based on what works best for you.

Other Challenges On the Forums Worth a Look:

These are just a few of the many, MANY challenges on the forums. I've included links to ones that are active and will try to update accordingly. Some I participate in regularly, others I post to every so often, and others still I visit to learn about makeup products, tips and tricks, or just to see what's going on. 

Shopping Your Stash / Using What You Have

* Project Pan: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge
* Foil Challenge: Foil Challenge

* No Buy / Low Buy:2022 & 2023 - THE NO-BUY, LOW-BUY, BUDGET - to be updated with link to 2024 thread
* With Monthly Themes: Monthly Manicure Challenge 2024
* With Weekly Themes: Makeup Challenge of the Week
* Lipstick/Lip Products Focused: 100 Days of Lipstick Challenge 
* Eyeshadow Focused: 100 Shades of Eyeshadow Challenge
* Eyeliner Focused: 100 Shades of Eyeliner 
* Cheeks Focused: [Edited 1.20.2024] Cheek Challenge Winter 2024: Mocktail Makeup
* Home Fragrance: Home Fragrance Thread

I'm excited to see what results from this experiment and I welcome everyone to join in this adventure, whenever and however is most effective for you. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi, cool, I feel less weird that I've pseudo window shopped aka built a cart earlier this month 😅

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

lol @danielledanielle! We’re all very ummm … organized around here. Yeah, organized.  😝

Here’s my most current edit ✍️ …. 


No idea what this will look like by the time the sale actually rolls around. Ha! @missjeanie 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi Our lists might have one or two overlaps...


-Touchland sanitizer ... Mango Passion edition

-SPF (always... leaning to Cay Skin... we'll see what's out then)

-Summer Fridays Lip Oils... trying not to want all four?

-YSL Over Red in a travel size to make sure I like it.

-Cay Skin Lip Balm... it's health care.

-And my Prada Beauty also has question marks next to it


I may also have like 20 more lines of products.  I might need to narrow it down just a bit. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@missjeanie, narrow it down to make room for more things to add! 😝 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@danielledanielle @itsfi  Are you really a BICer if you don't have a running list????

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@missjeanie, touché 🤣🤣😂

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Wow, you got everything in the bag. 🥳 That is an accomplishment. 😉 It's full but ready for everything. 

You picked out so many great things here. The Nude Stixs set has been on my radar @itsfi , having it's own mirror is a good selling point, I didn't catch that when I was looking it over the few times I've been humming and hawing over it.


Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu, the mirror on the inside of this Nudestix tin is fantastic - definitely comes in handy for on the go!! The stix are also easy to blend - with brushes and with just fingers. 


Edited 1.24.2024 to add swatch:

Nudestix Roses N Honey.jpg

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi omg bohemian rose is soooo gorgeous!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Right @cianni? It doesn't work so well on me as a lip color, but as a blush, wow! It's very pretty.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

So my on the go makeup capsule! I have been dealing with breakouts and really sensitive eyes. Everything is making them water! 


here is my on the go! 
MERIT The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick Ecru 

Kosas Air Brow Clear + Clean Lifting Treatment Eyebrow Gel with Lamination Effect 0.13 oz/ 4 g 

Summer Fridays blush side note it’s not on their site or Sephora. I wonder why??

#LAWLESS Skin-Smoothing Talc-Free Perfecting Powd

Sephora Collection clean bouncy cream eyeshadow in dragonfly 

caliray Come Hell or High Water Volumizing & Lengthening Tubing Mascara 0.37 oz / 11 mL  this is on my pan it. I have 6 mascaras open right now! What is wrong with me 😳

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@ather ahh, breakouts always happen at the worst time! This is a great capsule - hopefully everything plays nicely with your skin and eyes!


also - I’m very much the same way with mascaras!! There always seems to be the justification to open a new one!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@cianni  Thank you! I agree. They always happen when you’re not wanting them!! 

Urg I have a problem with wanting to try everything at once!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@ather Fantastic capsule. The Merit Foundation is a smart on the go item. Sorry to hear about you eyes. I also have quite a few mascaras open!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@Mellmars1185  Thank you!! Yes I am always down for a fast look!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@ather I noticed last week that the SF blush was off both sites as well.  I thought I found it on another site, but after double checking with SF's they confirmed they were not authentic products.  I wonder if they didn't do as well as I'd have thought on initial launch?

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@missjeanie  Maybe. They are actually my fav blush right now. I feel like I will have to use them sparingly! Fingers crossed it’s repackaging!!! I have all 4 shades and they will last a long time but still!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

I actually twisted mine up to see how much I had left when I saw they weren't on the sites anymore too @ather .  I think I'll be okay with the one I have (It was really the shade that I knew I'd get the most use out of), but I hope they come back like @itsfi mentioned... maybe new packaging or new shades!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

That's purse sized and ready to roll @ather 😄 You made a great capsule here.

I'm sorry too hear your struggling with water eyes atm. 🩵

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu  Thanks! I’m definitely seeing my stash isn’t as robust as I thought it was when choosing a capsule!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Oh, I love your On the Go! capsule @ather! We're foundation/concealer twinsies this week with the Merit! Yaaay! Love the inclusion of a pan it! product too! It's so easy to lose track of how many open mascara tubes we have, isn't it?!! 


About the Summer Fridays, I don't know for certain but I wonder if they are repackaging them - maybe to make them refillable? Just a guess.

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