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Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Hey BIC beauties! One of my goals this year is to try to put together a makeup capsule with a handful (okay, maybe a large handful, in my case) of products that will work for me for an every day look and special occasions. Given my current collection, I won't need to be starting from scratch. 😂 So, I'm treating this capsule makeup collection challenge like a shop my stash and declutter adventure all in one. Would love for you to join me if and when you can.


If this is something that interests you or just piques your curiosity, please feel free to use this thread to document and challenge yourself to

(1) use what you have / shop your stash; and

(2) determine which products in your collection to keep, which to declutter, and which to try again another day. All with the goal of curating a set of makeup products that will help you achieve a signature look - and maybe a few additional products for other looks in your daily life, including looks for special occasions or events.

Capsule Makeup Photo 1.jpeg


Capsule Makeup Photo 2.jpeg

Every week, I will post a group of makeup products I plan to choose from (i.e., shopping my stash) for my looks during the week. The themes / prompts are guides and if you have a certain interpretation or approach you want to take with it, go for it! Not every product has to fit squarely within the theme; it can be just one item.



Week 22 (May 27 - June 2) - The May 2024 "On Top", "On The Chopping Block" and/or "On Repeat" Makeup Capsule   

It's that time again, BIC Beauties! Curate a capsule with (a) your standout or favorite products from the month; (b) products you're trying to decide whether to keep or declutter; (c) products that repeatedly find their way inio your makeup looks; (d) all of the above... OR, treat the "On Repeat" theme as an opportunity for a "Do Over" or "Take 2" of a previous makeup capsule, from earlier in the month or any of the previous themes to date (see below for complete list).


Upcoming Makeup Capsule Themes: [Updated 5.27.2024] Take a sneak peek at the themes to come.

Week 23 (June 3 - 9) - The Love Is Love Makeup Capsule
Let's curate a capsule of one or more products from LGBTQ+ founded/owned makeup brands to honor Pride Month. Check out the spoiler below ⬇️ for a non-exhaustive list of LGBTQ+ founded/owned beauty brands focused primarily on makeup / color cosmetics.
Week 24 (June 10 - 16) - The Repurposed Makeup Capsule and/or The Multitasking Makeup Capsule
Do you have a product(s) that you've repurposed for a different use or ones that perform more than one function (lip and cheek, eyeshadow and bronzer, etc.? Let's pull them out of your stash and put together a capsule with one or more of those beauties. Shout out to our marvelous @missjeanie  for the repurposed theme. 
Week 25 (June 17 - 23) - The "Welcome, Summer!" Makeup Capsule and/or The "Good Stuff" Makeup Capsule  A couple of fun themes this week. Summer is officially here (well, on Thursday)! Let's kick things off with an ode to the sunny, warm, bright & breezy days to come! Or, use this week to focus on the "good stuff" in your collection, be it one or more products you looooove or the "good stuff" that only comes out every now and again (or, maybe for some of us, for the first time this week). 
Week 26 (June 24 - 30) - The June 2024 "On Top", "On the Chopping Block" and/or "On Repeat" Makeup Capsule - Last week of the month, BIC! You know what that means. We have options! Let's shine a spotlight on one or more products from the capsules this month that's (a) one of the best products of the week (on top); or (b) something you're thinking about tossing or decluttering from your stash (on the chopping block); or (c) made a recurring appearance in your capsule all month (on repeat); or (d) all or some combination of the above. Or, curate a capsule that's been done before - a "Take 2" or "Do Over" - with or without any adjustments as you like.

LGBTQ+ Founded/Owned Makeup Brands:
Below is a non-exhaustive list of LGBTQIA+ founded/owned beauty brands that primarily include makeup / lor cosmetics in their collection.  An asterisk (*) next to a brand name denotes that the brand is available at Sephora.
about face (Halsey)
Flower Beauty (Drew Barrymore)
Formula Z Cosmetics (Zach Dishinger)
* Freck Beauty (Nasera Alayon)
Jason Wu Beauty
Jecca Blac
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
KimChi Chic Beauty
* Makeup by Mario
* One/Size by Patrick Starrr
* Patrick Ta Beauty
* Tom Ford Beauty
Trixie Cosmetics
W3ll People

Previous Makeup Capsule Themes: [Updated 5.27.2024]

1 - The First (of the Year) Makeup Capsule
2 - The Quick & Easy Winter Edition Makeup Capsule
3 - The $20 USD ($27 CAD) & Under Makeup Capsule
4 - The "On the Go!" Makeup Capsule
5 - The Best of January 2024 Makeup Capsule
6 - The Black Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
7 - The Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon Makeup Capsule and/or The "Things I Love" Makeup Capsule
8 - The "BIC Inspired" Makeup Capsule
9 - The Best of February 2024 Makeup Capsule and/or The "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule 
10 - The International Woman Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
11 - The "One Brand" or "All The Brands" Makeup Capsule 
12 - The "Springing Forward" Makeup Capsule and/or The Pops of Color Makeup Capsule 
13 -  The Fast & Furious / Quick & Easy Makeup Capsule and/or The March 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule 
14 - The "Do Over" or "Take 2" Makeup Capsule
15 - The Makeup-Artist-Founded Brand Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
16 - The BIC Inspired (Summer Edition) Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
17 - The "Green" Makeup Capsule and/or The Sephora Spring Savings Makeup Capsule
18 - The  April 2024 "On Top" or "On The Chopping Block" Makeup Capsule and/or The "More Play Time With My Sephora Savings Event Hauls" Makeup Capsule
19 - The AAPI Owned / Founded Beauty Brand Makeup Capsule
20 - The "Sleeping Beauties" Makeup Capsule and/or The "OMG, More Stuff From the Sephora Spring Savings" Makeup Capsule
21 - The "My Best Self" Makeup Capsule


FAQs: [Updated 4.28.2024]


What is a capsule makeup collection?  

A capsule makeup collection is a selection of makeup products that can be used to put together different looks for a variety of occasions. For some of us, that may mean a group of essential products for your everyday look plus a few extra items for a more glam or dramatic look; and, for others of us, that may mean, a lineup of our holy grail product(s) in each makeup category. My ideal capsule makeup collection probably falls somewhere in between - we'll (hopefully) find out at the end of the year! I don't see myself as a minimalist, but I don't have an extensive collection of makeup either. I appreciate the collections of people who fall within both camps but I float somewhere in between - on the one hand, my brow product collection would earn a gold star if we were using a minimalist approach to makeup; my lip product lineup, on the other hand, would not. 🤣 It would most definitely not.  


Why have a capsule makeup collection?  

Everyone will have their own reasons for having (or not having) a more streamlined makeup collection. Over the years, I've just become more interested in having less beauty products on hand (well, except for lip products, lol) - a handful of items I use or reach for more frequently with maybe a few additional products that are go-to's for me for special events or occasions.  Don't get me wrong, I love trying new products and I don't see that changing. I just like the idea of having a simpler collection (I appreciate that "simpler" can be relative), curated to my needs and lifestyle.

Why weekly? 
A few years ago, beauty & lifestyle blogger Serein Wu, did a weekly series (on her blog and YouTube channel), Makeup Bag Monday, where she rotated her makeup bag each week with new product launches and makeup already in her collection. Every Monday, she shared the products she selected for the upcoming week and provided detailed makeup reviews on the makeup she used for the previous week. I may not post detailed reviews, but will at least try to include a weekly recap (probably at the end of the week) of what products I like and which ones didn't work for me.  If weekly works for you, great. If not, feel free to join in based on what works best for you.


What if I don't have enough products to fit the theme for a full face?

No need for your entire makeup capsule to fit the weekly theme(s). Just one will do. And, even if you don't have one that fits squarely within a theme, feel free to post your makeup capsule. We'd love to see what you're using and hear your feedback on the products as you put them to use. 

All are invited to join in this adventure, whenever and however is most effective for you. I'm excited to see what results from this experiment. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge


Thank you! The Guerlain pearls are my all-time favorites! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Week 2: The Quick & Easy Winter Edition Makeup Capsule

Week 2 - Quick & Easy: The Winter Edit, with options for a couple looksWeek 2 - Quick & Easy: The Winter Edit, with options for a couple looks

The Products:

-- Prepping my skin before applying makeup becomes even more important during the winter months as my skin is more dry and dehydrated, with a tendency for dry spots and/or flaking. Bobbi Brown Mini Vitamin Enriched Face Base Primer Moisturizer 0.50 oz/ 15 mL  makes an excellent makeup primer for this time of the year, especially for those with dry or very dry skin - it's nourishing and smoothing.
-- Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation is one of my top 5 bases, regardless of formulation or consistency, and it is the tops as far as tinted foundations/moisturizers go. This is my 2nd (or maybe 3rd) tube❣️ Coverage-wise, I'd probably categorize this between a tinted moisturizer and a traditional foundation. It gives a wonderful, healthy glow! 💗
-- Westman Atelier Vital Skin Full Coverage Foundation and Concealer Stick is quick and easy, though I do need to make sure my dry-leaning skin is prepped for it. I don't usually gravitate towards full coverage foundations, but this can be made more sheer with a lighter hand and a beauty sponge. This will be doing double-duty for me this week, as a foundation (on days I need more coverage) and a concealer.

-- Sticking with the Victoria Beckham Beauty Matte Bronzing Brick - I'm not great with bronzer but this one is pretty easy to apply, even for the likes of me. If I were not trying to pan an eyeshadow and testing out a shadow stick (see Eyes below), I'd also use this as eyeshadow. Maybe I will do that later this week.

-- Primers: Bringing back the SEPHORA COLLECTION Boost + Lock Eyeshadow Primer 0.33 oz / 10 mL to see if it stays or goes. I'll be pitting it against my go-to eyeshadow primer, the tried-and-true NARS Pro-Prime™ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. It doesn't have to best the NARS to stick around, but it needs to hang in there with it if it will stay in the collection. 
-- Eyeshadow: I love the convenience of eyeshadow sticks. My go to are the ones from Bobbi Brown but I knew I wanted to give the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora Colorful® Waterproof Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Multi-Stick 11 Truffle Shimmer  a try when I saw this and the other new, reformulated sticks in store. It's a shadow and liner in one so that's quick and easy!
-- I'm also including a few eyeshadows from Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Full Size Biba Neutral Eyeshadow Palette in the mix. It's part of my pan it! challenge and I really want to give it a good effort. I took a break from it mid-month last month so I'm trying to get myself back into the rhythm of reaching for it. The Sephora multi-stick will be what I primarily use this coming week, but I'll reach for the Biba shades one, maybe two days.
-- Mascara: Same duo as last week. Lancôme Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara 01 Waterproof Big is The New Black isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it's a HG. Testing the mini Yves Saint Laurent Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara another week to see how I feel about it - I liked that it applied quickly and easily, didn't smudge, and was easy to remove. I saw a waterproof version come online earlier this month; hoping there'll be a mini gwp promo for that soon-ish. 

-- Keeping it simple this week with just a tinted balm (Rhode Peptide Lip Tint - Toast) and iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Glaze Lip Oil Mystery - it shows up as a light pink shade on me, similar to the color I get when I apply one of those clear pH adjusting lip oils.

-- Gucci Brume de Beauté Beauty Mist 2.7 oz / 80 mL is a favorite multi-tasker. I'll be using it in my routine to set my makeup and to refresh it throughout the day.
-- Makeup pouch came with one of the Sephora Favorites kit - this is a lot roomier than it looks. Not a complaint, just an observation. 



Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi  Great picks for this week! I bet they will all work perfectly together! I love that you picked Sunny days as your base! It is the best! And Rhode peptide tint yes! Absolutely the best!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Thank you @ather! I have a feeling there will not be very many, if any, declutters from this group. There are a lot of loved products in this bunch. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi I see so many products here that I love!  I just cracked into the YSL Mascara in Blue.  While I have way too many to open yet... I want to snag the black as well.  That bag is so pretty for winter too!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

The YSL blue mascara is so pretty, isn't it @missjeanie


"I have way too many to open yet" - hahahaha! Whatever do you mean, missjeanie? 😃 I feel like that could apply to so many beauty categories for me. The only categories it wouldn't apply to would be brow products, eyeliner, setting spray and maybe face primers. Wait, take that back, eyeliner is a maybe; not open but I have a feeling I have more than I think I do. 😂 


I think I'm going to have to think about ways to repurpose some of these bags. Or, perhaps they will be decluttered to, at some point.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi Might be a nice way to pick out your capsules earlier?  Choose items and then have them set aside? 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Excellent idea @missjeanie! 👍🏼 I have been keeping a bag to collect items for the “best of the” month capsule. And I’m finding that there are products I’m wanting to keep the next week, so that’s telling as to the product as far as likelihood it will be one of the ones considered for inclusion in that final makeup capsule collection. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Your approach to this winter edition capsule is sooo strong, you've got a little something for everything. @itsfi ooh I think I'm already thinking of tweaking mine lol.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Awww, thank you @CynthieLu! Let's just say that I've had many a winter (and many a face with cakey foundation, or dry patches showing up early and staying all day, etc.) to know what my skin needs for my makeup to stay on. There's been many "winter looks" where people have stared ... for the wrong reasons! 🙁😂🤣😂 


I say go with your original capsule lineup first and make adjustments over the week. Your choices are so good! You may find you don't need to make any modifications at all for an everyday look.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

That is sound advice, I appreciate it @itsfi. 😊 I can change things up if I need to, but I'll see how my first instincts fair. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@itsfi Wonderful winter capsule. I have been loving the Nars primer. How are you lIking the Rhode lippie?

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

The NARS eyeshadow primer is good stuff @Mellmars1185! I'm pretty sure that will make my capsule makeup collection at the end of the year. I tried others but that is one I continue to go back to again and again, for at least a decade now. ❤️ 


I love the Rhode lip treatments and was excited to see that she came out with lip tints. They're good. I like the color selection and that the product is hydrating. Of the two lines though, I probably have a slight preference for the original lip treatments. That said, I'll continue to buy both. 😂

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

This might be too light but here we go. 

This is my attempt at:

💙 The Quick & Easy Winter Edition Makeup Capsule ❄️


Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide has a tint and SPF protection, I still SPF even with all the snow. 😉

A dual eyeliner, that's a 2 for 1 product right there.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte & Metallic Double Ended Eyeliner - Eye Color Magic Collection Copper Charge 

A matching liner and lippie

Natasha Denona I Need A Rose Cream Lipstick 12.5NB Calla Natasha Denona I Need A Rose Long Lasting Easy Glide Lip Pencil NB1.5 Calla 

A blush that will stay on my cheeks sunshine or blizzard. 🥶

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Virtue 

Plus: My go to brushes for eye make-up, for a little bit of everything I need to do. Place, smudge and blend. 😉

Clairns 4D Mascara in Brown.

And this cute little Mac Duo is perfect for any day. It makes a quick and easy look.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Saddle 

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Amber Lights 


Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu  Great picks! Also great minds think alike with the Rare beauty!! 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu Great collection of goodies!  I know they aren't always the talked about brand anymore but MAC single shadows are some that I always go back to.... very much fall into the 'easy' category for me.  And I bet that lip combo looks stunning!

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu, this is a fantastic group of products for a quick and easy winter look. If you're finding it's too light, add in products. That's part of the learning curve - finding out what products make a good capsule for you. Looking forward to hearing how these worked out and if you decided to add in additional products, either for a day or two, the whole week or not at all. 


The MAC duo!!! Those are two beautiful and versatile colors.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Thank you 😊 @itsfi I think this will take some tweaking and experimenting but it was fun to put it together. I really wanted to participate and thought this theme was right on point for the season and a great chance to jump in.  This is a fun idea for a thread. 


That Mac Duo is a little work horse, it can pull an entire eye look and it just blows my mind how simple and easy those two shades make it.

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Workhorses are the best, aren't they? I know that I get distracted by new things but oftentimes, there are a handful of beauties I go back to time and again @CynthieLu - some are sparkly, some simple in shade or design but it's that something that pulls a look together. 


Jump in whenever the mood strikes, even if there's just one or two items in your capsule that fits the theme. The prompts for a little extra structure and to add a little fun element to each week. It's mainly about using what you have (or pick up along the way) and figuring out if a makeup capsule is for you, and if so, what it looks like. 

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

@CynthieLu Great winter capsul items. What are you most excited to try??

Re: Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge

Thank you @Mellmars1185 I've used these all a bunch but I don't know if ever in this specific grouping. It should be fun to try out. 😉❄️

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