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Post in Makeup Is Life

Can makeup promote aging?

Does anyone know..can wearing makeup promote aging..wrinkles.. Does your skin age quicker if you sleep w/your makeup on?

Re: Can makeup promote aging?

Sleeping in makeup isn’t bad for your skin aging wise, but it can lead to other problems like clogged pores which can be bad in the short and long term if not properly taken care of.


Wearing makeup doesn’t promote wrinkles, but I feel like how people apply it does. I’ve seen women who like to tug and drag their eyes out to apply eyeliner which is horrible for that area. I’ve seen women be rough with their faces in downward motions, also not great for the skin or keeping wrinkles at bay. 

Re: Can makeup promote aging?


Enlarged pores can result from age and volume loss in your face...  If you don’t remove your makeup at night and allow your skin to breathe while your body repairs itself then enlarged pores can occur, resulting in a more aged appearance, but  I don’t believe makeup ages you faster than wearing a bare face so long as you’re not wearing it through the night.  Your skin does need to breathe and no better time to let it than at night when your body’s natural healing occurs.  

There’s a certain amount of sun protection provided in wearing makeup (a lot of it contains spf) and sun exposure ages you faster than anything so it can be said that wearing makeup can keep your skin looking younger. 

I do believe that being rough with your skin while washing and applying skincare does result in wrinkles over time.  Tips like applying eye cream with patting motions using your ring finger and not rubbing but patting your skin dry after washing are super helpful.  

Re: Can makeup promote aging?

@taylorjullie anytime you leave your makeup on it clogs your pores. Plus your skin doesn’t get to breathe.  I don’t know about aging it quicker but it’s not great for your skin if you continually do it. Your skin needs time to heal especially from outside exposures and makeup. That is why it is suggested to wash your face every day and night if your skin can handle it and have a good skincare routine. 

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