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Post in Makeup Is Life

Break the bank beauty $$

Just for fun 🙂 What's the most expensive makeup/beauty item you've ever bought? And why did you decide to shell out the big bucks for it?


Anonymous Insider

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

What a great splurge and treat for yourself @ope590!  The Simple Human mirror has been on my list for awhile, I just keep getting distracted by other purchases.  One day!!!  😉  Enjoy!

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Thanks! @Anonymous 😄

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Well, for me it is perfume or scented candles. I am a huge scented candle and perfume snob, and only buy luxury items. I love and pretty much exclusively buy Cire Trudon's candles and have several of them, in scents that speak to me (they go for over 100$ CAD per 90g candle). As for perfume, I love Clive Christian, Kilian and different types of luxury Oud perfumes that are harder to come by in Canada. My ancestor used to make perfume for Queen Victoria, so maybe that's why I am so into scents!

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

The queen Victoria bit is fascinating! I’ve always found it interesting the ancestory and history some families have. 

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Same! If I bought my fragrances at Sephora, I would def have been Rouge by now 😛


Also, @Smeegle - that is sooooo cool about your relative. England has excellent perfume houses, new and old.

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Thanks, @pocketvenus @pinyo!!!


I thought it was amazing too, and explains why I am and always have been obsessed with high end scents!

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