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Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

I just got this today from the Bobbi Brown store in Grand Central Terminal, NYC! I'm kind of flip-flopping between whether I like it or not.


The good:

Look at it! It's gorgeous!!! It's wrapped in cardboard, but the thing inside holding the products is plastic. As a whole it feels very sturdy. It closes with a magnet and comes with a generously sized mirror inside. The products themselves are a very generous size too. You get: Amnesia Rose matte eye shadow, Silver Lilac Sparkle eye shadow, Pink Lilac Sparkle eye shadow, Iron matte eye shadow, Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash eye shadow, Mulberry matte eye shadow, Sand Pink matte powder blush, and Desert Rose pot rouge (the only cream product in the palette). I like how most of the colors are matte, and then you can pat the sparkle shadows on top wherever you want to shine. I mean, the sparkle shadows are totally some sort of cosmic fairy dust magic. So sparkly!


The bad: 

The shadows swatch abysmally. So patchy, dusty, uneven, etc. I was ready to cry. In my swatch pictures, I basically kept glomming it on to get that level of color. 


The good again:

But on the eye, when applied with a brush, Amnesia Rose (matte beige mauve), Iron (matte gray), and Mulberry (dark matte violet) do very well. They go on smooth and blend easily. The Sand Pink (matte warm pink) powder blush is quite pigmented and smooth. The Desert Rose (matte tea rose) pot rouge is also nicely pigmented and smooth. I wear it on my lips too. 


The bad again:

Ultra Violet, the neat shimmery bright orchid color, takes a lot of work to use. I need to pack it on to see it, and then try not to blend it away. I don't see the shimmer either. The sparkle shadows are finicky too, and I can't tell the difference between the two on my skin. 


The last tidbit: I can use Iron to fill in my brows (I have black hair) and Amnesia Rose to contour my cheeks (I have pale skin). Also, look how pretty that palette is!!!


Anyway, sorry for the long post! I hope it was helpful!DSC03637.JPGDSC03638.JPGDSC03656.JPGDSC03657.JPG

Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

I read somewhere that if you use your finger, instead of a brush, to apply her shimmery colors they will go on better. I havent tried it (I keep forgetting) so I dont know if its true.

Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

Thank you for a wonderful pictured review!  Beautiful packaging! So I guess from the other comments the sparkle shadows aren't good in person as either (I though maybe they just photographed really bad?)

How much is this?

Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

great review! at first i was disappointed with the sparkle shadows too, but i found that they look beautiful when applied wet.

Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

Hi there Mangothemango,


thanks so much for your very helpful review of the palette, and an extra big thank you for the swatch photos. After seeing the collection on the Temptalia blog I was really curious about how the colors would translate. 


In general I haven't been impressed with BB sparkle shadows. They all seem to end up looking fairly similar after (lightly) applied. However, for me, the Sand Pink blush and 4 other shadows are interesting enough to justify purchasing the palette. 


Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

I think some of the colors are quite a departure from the typical Bobbi Brown, which I think could be a good thing that they're experimenting. That being said, the colors just aren't for me.  The packaging looks a bit like my Bobbi and Katie palette packaging except it has a cloth cover around it.

Re: Bobbi Brown + L'Wren Scott Amnesia Rose palette swatches!

Oh wow that looks really pretty!! I really think you cuold mix those colors up for some fun day/night looks.

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