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Post in Makeup Is Life

Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I always like hearing of other people’s product successes, so I thought I’d ask: What has been your best beauty product discovery of the last 6 months? 


Mine has been BECCA Cosmetics Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer 0.13 oz/ 3.7 g:A2495B22-105E-468D-A379-5BB52B80C29E.jpegUpon first application, I honestly thought it had done nothing. I shrugged, continued on with my usual morning makeup routine, and went about my day. Later in the day, however, I did a double take when I looked in a mirror and saw how improved my under eye area looked! After a couple weeks of daily use, a coworker even commented that I looked younger. Who doesn’t want to hear that once in a while 😁

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@suzyo I wish I could try this! We still don’t have it available on Sephora Canada 🙁 But I’m glad to hear that it’s as good as I like to imagine it is, and at a reasonable price! I will continue to wait patiently... 😌

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I’m with you @PinkEvergreen, I really

hope Canada will get this brand! I would to try the glow sleeping mask 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@bakeamuffin @suzyo I am beyond thrilled that we now have this available in Canada!! It’s on my list for the appreciation event coming up 😁😁😁

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen What a fun idea!  Honestly, it's been an item I discovered since shopping my stash and trying to pan.  It's been my Too Faced Little Book of Bronzers.  I put it in my products trying to pan for the year and I've been absolutely blow away at how bronzer improves the overall appearance of my make up look.  It's funny to me because that item has been sitting untouched forever in my stash and now it has become a staple. I love using bronzer and can't imagine the day I actually pan the book! 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@mishanyc I love it when someone “shops their stash” and discovers a great product. I’ve had that happen a couple times lately as I’ve been decluttering hardcore. I’ve found things I forgot I bought or haven’t gotten around to trying. 


I’m glad TF’s Little Book of Bronzers is working well for you! I’ve found that a palette with a range of bronzers/contouring is what I need. My skin tone fluctuates constantly depending on how much sun I get so a single bronzer just doesn’t work well for me. 


For anyone else reading this: Omg, I just looked up the Little Book of Bronzers and it’s gorgeous!! I had never seen it until now. Congrats on finding it in your stash, @mishanyc!! D8440034-39A4-4FCB-8874-AC993AFE7796.jpeg


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I have been really into the new Urban Decay: Born to run palette and for stubborn mascara or liquid lip the Garnier Skin Active Cleansing Water (waterproof formula) has absolutely no match in my mind when it comes to removing makeup.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@Piccolo15 I’ve heard great things about this palette too. I love the UD shadow quality, and what I like about this palette is the colors are varied but all seem wearable. It appears to be a really well thought out and curated palette. The only thing holding me back from getting it the fact I have between 15-20 palettes already and quite a few singles. I wish this was released years ago! 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@alexasteph Same here! I still have UD’s Full Spectrum palette which I actually love. I know a lot of people don’t, but it performs so well if you mist your brush with priming or setting spray during application. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, too. 06C6F3E5-7659-4C0F-9A12-561992FAE92B.jpeg



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@Piccolo15 Nice! What do you like most about the Born to Run palette? So many people seem to be curious about it 😊

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I like that is has many different colors and shades to the point where I can recreate almost any eye look out of it, and the fact that it is highly pigmented and easy to use makes it live up to its name as a "travelers palette". It really allows you just to have fun and  be creative, and I have tried over 2/3 of the palette so far and there has not been a single shade that has let me down, even the purple shades don't skip or turn muddy which is hard for many companies. Overall it is one of two palettes that I own that I really don't have any cons with!

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

What's the other palette that's unequivocally good for you?  @

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@Piccolo15 Well, I’m sure you’ve just convinced a lot of fence-sitters to take the plunge with this palette! It really does have a huge range of colours in a small package, and a non-skipping purple is something anyone can appreciate 😊

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