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Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I always like hearing of other people’s product successes, so I thought I’d ask: What has been your best beauty product discovery of the last 6 months? 


Mine has been BECCA Cosmetics Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer 0.13 oz/ 3.7 g:A2495B22-105E-468D-A379-5BB52B80C29E.jpegUpon first application, I honestly thought it had done nothing. I shrugged, continued on with my usual morning makeup routine, and went about my day. Later in the day, however, I did a double take when I looked in a mirror and saw how improved my under eye area looked! After a couple weeks of daily use, a coworker even commented that I looked younger. Who doesn’t want to hear that once in a while 😁

Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I have an extraordinarily hard time finding eyeshadow that work for my hooded, monolid eyelids. But, after purchasing a few different palettes from UD and too faced, I found my HG products! Finally. The TF Natural Matte Eye Pallet and the TF Chocolate Chip Matte Eye Pallet go together perfectly for me. I'm so in love, I want to buy everything too faced!!!

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@TypeATina Check the sale section! A lot of too faced products are on sale 😍 lots of palettes 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I finally found a Lancôme Bi-Facil eye makeup remover dupe that costs less and doesn’t hurt my eyes! 


I seem to suddenly have many Paula’s Choice skincare products on my counter. :DI seem to suddenly have many Paula’s Choice skincare products on my counter. 😄

Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover: I got a full size bottle in a GWP with a PC direct order. It’s dual-phase, fragrance free, and oil free. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or dry, so I can use it all over my face. Surprisingly, it works as well as Bi-Facil: it removes mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and concealer from my eye area with no harsh rubbing/scrubbing. And man, Bi-Facil can remove almost anything. 😄 So can this PC remover! A 4.2 oz bottle of Bi-Facil costs USD $7.14/oz. The biggest size, 6.7 oz, costs $5.97/oz. But a 4.3 bottle of PC Gentle Touch costs just $3.72/oz. Guess which one I’ll restock from now on. 


I didn’t think I’d like the PC remover because I’ve also tried the PC Gentle Touch makeup wipes (also received as GWP) and was unimpressed: they’re too gentle to remove much makeup, even with lots of rubbing. But the bi-phase liquid remover is fantastic. 


While I’m here, I’ll mention 2 other great recent discoveries: 


IT Cosmetics Miracle Water Micellar Cleanser 8.5 oz/ 250 mL - I was recently very ill, to the point where I couldn’t stand at a sink to wash my face daily, let alone stand in the shower. This stuff saved my face. It really does wash and tone in one step, and pressing in any remaining product does feel like applying a nice serum. I kept this bottle on my nightstand along with some reusable bamboo rounds and my moisturizer, so I was able to wash my face daily. It doesn’t replace my daily cleansers, but it’s nice to have for days/nights when I can’t do my full skincare routine for whatever reason. I’ll also use this stuff as my post-workout face wash on days I exercise in the afternoon (instead of morning or night). 


The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL - yeah yeah, I’m late to this party. 😄 There’s rosehip oil in facial oil blends I’ve used before (and still use), but I wanted to try this oil as a solo act—especially after a doctor recommended it to combat inflammation. I just got a bottle a couple days ago, and I’ve since used it 2 nights in a row while my face is in rebellion mode (thanks to another new-to-me skincare product I’ve had to stop using). It’s definitely calming my skin: my redness is much lower now, and I’ve got fewer little bumps everywhere. In just 2 nights! I’m sold. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

Hi @WinglessOne ,


I love micellar waters! I will have to  check out the It Cosmetics one! Thanks!


Best Wishes,



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne - That Lancome remover is my fav for removing eye makeup, will definitely have to pick-up the PC Remover next time I make an order on Dermstore. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

The Rosehip Oil is my skincare secret. I also love putting it under my eyes as an eye oil (it instantly plumps up those fine lines!) and I use it to condition my eyebrows/eyelashes. I also heard Miranda Kerr swears by it. Best of all, it's under 10 bucks! <333

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne I just bought the PC Gentle Touch Makeup Remover, too!  And I bought it as a dupe for the Lancome, and agree with your assessment 🙂  I picked it up from Dermstore for $11 as I had $5 off (I recently learned that you could write reviews and gets points to convert to dollars).


Have you ever tried the PC Perfect Cleansing Oil?  I used it once on my eyes, and they burned and teared.  I was very surprised.  I've enjoyed everything else from that brand.


Funny that you mentioned The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil, b/c I'm going to buy some either tomorrow or the next day 🙂  It's always reassuring to hear when someone likes a product you just bought, or are looking into.  Esp someone you trust.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@greeneyedgirl107   Oh, I keep forgetting about Dermstore’s program! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 Nordstrom also carries Paula’s Choice, so I’ll probably use Nordy Notes to restock Gentle Touch Makeup Remover. I’m glad you got a good deal on it! 


I haven’t tried PC’s Perfect Cleansing Oil, but I have similar problems (burning eyes) with most cleansing oils on the market—so I stopped using them this year. There have been a few PC products I haven’t liked. In fact, the skincare product that most recently ticked my skin off was PC’s 10% azelaic acid booster, another GWP. I patch tested it for 1.5 weeks and it seemed fine, but the rest of my face did not like it at all, even though I used just a tiny amount. Since this booster also contains licorice root, a soothing ingredient my skin likes, I assume azelaic acid and my skin don’t get along. 


I hope you like the rosehip oil! I rub 2 drops between my hands and then gently press the oil into my face. That way, I don’t overapply it, especially on my oily zone. It hasn’t made my oily zone significantly greasier than usual, and it doesn’t seem to be clogging my pores. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes, so I can use it as a moisturizing layer on my undereyes. If you try it, let me know what you think of it. 🙂 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne Thanks for the tip about applying the Rose Hip Oil!  (I was a bit leery about starting it.)  I'll try it this afternoon.  After I get a sense of it, I will have to let you know my thoughts.  I'm concerned my skin will be a bit out of whack for a while, though, since I just upped the concentration of my Retin-A to .1%.


I'm relieved to hear that someone else got burning from cleansing oils.  I guess I can put trying the oil version of Clinique's TTDO on the back burner.  


It's a shame you've had some disappoints with PC, but I guess no brand is perfect!  BTW, I did have a question about the Gentle Touch Makeup Remover.  I prefer to use cotton balls instead of rounds/squares.  The trouble is that the packaging on that product makes it hard for me to see how much is coming out.  I'd like to take the stopper off, but I'm afraid if I remove it I won't be able to get it back on.  What are you thoughts?  Thanks!  🙂


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@greeneyedgirl107 @WinglessOne 

My current favorite method for removing stoppers is a pair of scissors. Just gently wedge a blade under each side and tug up. I happen to have a bottle of the PC remover in question, and it works like a charm 😁



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@RGbrown Awesome idea!  And how coincidental that you used the hack on the very product in question!

Image result for hearts gif

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

Thanks @RGbrown ! 🙂

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@greeneyedgirl107  I just tried pulling the stopper out of my Gentle Touch Makeup Remover bottle but quickly gave up, once I realized I’d need a butter knife to pry the stopper out. 😄 I mean it’s probably doable but I didn’t want to accidentally spill makeup remover all over the place—and knowing me, that’s exactly what’d happen. I do think you could push the stopper back in, though. At some point, curiosity will force me to try that myself. Maybe when the bottle’s near empty. 


Or, you could shake a bit of product into the cap for cotton ball dipping, but you might need to pour very small amounts at a time so you don’t end up dipping into separated liquids. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne Thanks for the info!  That is a really great idea about pouring some into the cap!  

Related image

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I’d like to share a discovery. Fenty concealer doesn’t crease in my deep smile lines so I can smile all I want without getting that crusty old lady brown line where my makeup cracks. Every time I went to the bathroom I was blending that line but resistance was futile. Now I really look younger in makeup. God bless America the land of good makeup.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I am very happy to say that today, I finally found a nude shade that works for me! It has literally been months of me haunting lipstick aisles and swatching everything. I tried all the classics like Velvet Teddy and nothing worked. The shade was always just a liiiiiiiittle bit off. It wasn't dark enough or light enough or it was too pink, too orange, too purple, too brown, too desaturated, not pigmented enough on and on and on.


Anyways, the perfect shade was under my nose all along!




It's a matte formula, super pigmented but very easy to apply. And so affordable!! Now I can just carry it with me and look for dupes if I want different finishes or another formula but for now I am just going to give it a rest!!!




My foundation shade is YSL Touche Eclat in B30 🙂

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@pocketvenus How amazing! I love when I find my perfect shade! Thanks for sharing 🙂



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I am such a dodo, I forgot to mention the shade!!! It's Brunch Date 🙂

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I’ve been a dedicated Lancôme Dèfinicils High Definition Lengthening Mascara Blackuser for years because I like the natural volume look but then I discovered Lancôme Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara Standard Size Black - 0.33 oz/ 10 mLand whoa, talk about big lush lashes that somehow look natural! I also finally took the plunge the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 Mediumand it helped clear up my skin, so that was pretty amazing. At the same time I wanted a better way to apply the CC cream so finally, I know I’m so late, tried the BEAUTYBLENDER - beautyblender® pro and it did not disappoint.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@lnum I realize you *just* got the beauty blender but I took so long I skipped over the beauty blender but ended up buying the Super Sponge (so late to the party I somehow ended up ahead lol)- It's essentially a beauty blender dipped in silicone so it applies makeup just as well but sucks up less product at each use and I really like the way it feels- something to think about when you need to replace the beauty blender!

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@Brutalitops Ahh thanks for the tip definitely on my radar now!

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