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Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I always like hearing of other people’s product successes, so I thought I’d ask: What has been your best beauty product discovery of the last 6 months? 


Mine has been BECCA - Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer:A2495B22-105E-468D-A379-5BB52B80C29E.jpegUpon first application, I honestly thought it had done nothing. I shrugged, continued on with my usual morning makeup routine, and went about my day. Later in the day, however, I did a double take when I looked in a mirror and saw how improved my under eye area looked! After a couple weeks of daily use, a coworker even commented that I looked younger. Who doesn’t want to hear that once in a while 😁

Re: @WinglessOne you are so right!! 😂 it smells so good 😉

@WinglessOne yes 😆 and on top of that, I'm so used to having nose issues, I've adapted to being a mouth breather strictly,,tmi sorry, but I have to purposely try to smell something before I notice it, unless it's really strong

Re: @WinglessOne you are so right!! 😂 it smells so good 😉

@lmaster  Heh, I understand chronic nose issues. I had my adenoids removed when I was a 5th grader. That helped with some of my sinus issues but I still get occasional sinus infections, and allergy season is very unkind to me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve shoved my nose into a handful of peppercorns to force my nose to smell again and sneeze crud loose. 😂 Not really what you’re supposed to do but I’m easily frustrated about not being to smell anything. 

Re: @WinglessOne you are so right!! 😂 it smells so good 😉

@WinglessOne you definitely know how I feel 😉

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne me too!! I'm very impressed!! Glad you like it as well 🙌

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@lmaster @WinglessOne  Wow! Better than May Coop Raw Sauce?? And affordable? Don’t you love when that happens? 😁

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I have another favourite to report on 😊 I’m a huge fan of Sephora Cleansing Wipes and have been using them daily for about two years. My favourites have been:


-Rose, for every day and when my skin needs hydration

-Coconut, for when my skin is feeling sensitive and needs gentle care

-Yuzu, for when my skin is oily and needs a reset

-Watermelon, for when my skin needs just light cleansing (e.g. a no makeup day)


However, my new favourite is one that just came out this year:


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Cleansing Wipes - Cucumber - Anti-fatigue


I still plan to use the other kinds, but I find that these new cucumber wipes not only cleanse well, they are also very gentle and very hydrating. Plus, they have a very light, refreshing cucumber fragrance that is the nicest cucumber fragrance I’ve found across all drugstore and luxury brands. 


For me, they bring together the best characteristics of the coconut, rose, and watermelon wipes.


Highly recommended! 😊 🥒 👍 


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen  Hmm, don’t think I’ve tried the cucumber wipes yet. I normally use the coconut ones, but I’ll add these to my Try It list. 🙂 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@WinglessOne  From one sensitive skin sister to another, I think you’ll really like them 😊

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I love my SC Cleansing Wipes, too! I always keep a stash in my gym bag because it's the fastest way to clean my skin after a workout. <333

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PenelopeBT  I keep them:


-on my nightstand

-on the living room coffee table 

-in the bathroom 

-in my purse

-in my desk at work

-in my car

-in my swim bag


I am the Frank’s Hot Sauce lady of Sephora wipes 😂



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

My latest and greatest discovery is a shampoo and conditioner pair that have improved my hair so much:


DRYBAR - On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo


DRYBAR - On The Rocks Lightweight Conditioner


I swim in chlorinated water every day and I don’t wear a swimming cap because I find them so annoying. Naturally that means that I have to use very effective shampoos, conditioners, and masks to try to restore my hair every day. (For reference, I have fine, dry, naturally curly, shoulder-length, colour-treated hair.)


I used to be an Alterna Haircare diehard, but after trying samples of Drybar On The Rocks this week, I’ll be switching. The shampoo removes the chlorine from my hair so effortlessly, without stripping away what natural oils remain. The conditioner is lightweight yet leaves my hair so soft, shiny, and manageable that I don’t even need to use a leave-in product anymore. 


I’m so glad I finally got around to pulling this sample out of my bin. It’s definitely a game changer for my hair routine!

RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen, I bought the Becca Anti Fatigue Under Eye Primer about a month or so ago and have been less then pleased. Would you mind explaining the way you apply this? I apply after all skincare and SPF. I apply a thin layer with my ring finger under each eye and then either a highlighter pen (YSL) or a lightweight concealer. I have mature eye with fine lines and a little crepe so I hate every concealer I have used but still fall for the hype and keep trying!! Any tips would be appreciated!

Re: RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@makeupjunkie65  I have combination skin, so I’m very careful about my morning routine, otherwise my makeup slides and creases, particularly under the eyes. I do all my major skin care in the evenings, so that my skin is well-balanced in the morning and doesn’t need anything extra. (I know most people will say that moisturizing in the morning is an absolute must, but I think we all need to make the choices that work for our individual skin types, too 😊)


After showering in the morning, and once my skin is completely dry, I apply the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. I take a dab, and press it gently into my under eye area until it melds completely with the skin. I’ve learned to apply a very small amount, otherwise it can actually cause more creasing. Within 10 minutes, my under eyes appear smoother, which means the fine lines are more shallow and easier to camouflage. 


Next, I apply a water-based primer. I typically alternate between:


BECCA - First Light Priming Filter Face Primerand 

MILK MAKEUP - Hydro Grip Primer


I apply it pretty quickly with my fingers on most of my face, but I take care to pat it carefully on my under eye area (instead of using a wiping motion) to avoid moving the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer around. 


Next, I proceed right to applying my custom blend of foundation and BB cream, along with eyeshadow, blush, etc. Since I’ve been using Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese brightening sheet masks several evenings per week, I no longer have the need to brighten my under eyes with concealer. (The sheet masks take care of all my hyperpigmentation and discolouration so efficiently, and have the added benefit of keeping my skin hydrated, plumped, and acne-free!)


Finally, I dust my face with a very light layer of loose powder to seal the deal. (I’ve recently stopped using setting spray because it was exaggerating texture on my face.)  My favourite powder for the last year or so, because it really flatters mature skin, has been:


GIVENCHY - Prisme Libre Loose Powder - 2 Taffetas Beige


I hope this helps you attain better results with the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. If not, I’m sure everyone will jump in with other great suggestions for under eye products that are working for them that may be better suited to your skin type 😊

RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I love the Ren Glow Toner!!! I have normal to dry and mature skin and this makes my face soooooooo soft!!! Gentle enough to use every morning and I still use my DE Babyfacial weekly. The bottle is enormous and a little goes a long way!! Great purchase!

Re: RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I love ren skincare 

Re: RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@makeupjunkie65  I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried this toner. I need to go digging through my REN samples now 😊


Do you mean this one?


REN CLEAN SKINCARE - Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

RE: Re: RE: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen, it is a amazing and often overlooked product!!💎👍💎

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I wouldn't call this a beauty product, but I'm obsessed with Megababe Thigh Rescue for summer! I'm blessed with some THICK soccer thighs, and I've avoided dresses for too long due to the dreaded chub rub, or else being forced to wear Spanx or undershorts that roll up/down/every which way. Recently I discovered Bandelettes, which are like garters that protect your thighs and *do not budge*, but Megababe might be even better. It's made with aloe and fruit oils, which I feel more comfortable applying close to my *ahem* than deodorant, and it applies clear. One application doesn't last all day - I typically carry it in my purse and reapply once - but boy do my thighs feel good when it's on! 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@tastelikewater  This sounds like a good product! Do you apply it in combination with the bandalettes, or is it an “either or” situation?

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen It's definitely an either/or situation. Bandelettes need to be used on their own, 'cause if there's any slip they won't stay on.