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Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I always like hearing of other people’s product successes, so I thought I’d ask: What has been your best beauty product discovery of the last 6 months? 


Mine has been BECCA - Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer:A2495B22-105E-468D-A379-5BB52B80C29E.jpegUpon first application, I honestly thought it had done nothing. I shrugged, continued on with my usual morning makeup routine, and went about my day. Later in the day, however, I did a double take when I looked in a mirror and saw how improved my under eye area looked! After a couple weeks of daily use, a coworker even commented that I looked younger. Who doesn’t want to hear that once in a while 😁

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@Loretta55  Nice! I’m glad it works for you 😊


I’ve always wanted to try it but I have very fine hair. Do you think it would work for that? I’ve always considered it a product intended for people with thicker hair types. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I gave an Invisibobble to a coworker the other day who has finer hair than mine and she was very pleased with it @PinkEvergreen . Invisibobble makes a few different versions of their products so perhaps one of their products may work for your hair type.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

Hi @PinkEvergreen ,


My best beauty discoveries of the last 6 months are DERMALOGICA - Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator,  the  BAREMINERALS - BarePRO™ Performance Wear Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 and MARC JACOBS BEAUTY - Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil - Nude(ist) 300.



I had been on the hunt for a new foundation for quite some time, and finally settled on the Bareminerals. It's exactly what I was looking for in terms of coverage and SPF, and I love how comfortable it feels on my skin. Smiley Happy The Marc Jacobs lip liner is also the perfect nude lip liner and it's super long lasting! I have worn it almost daily ever since I picked it up. 



Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@LaurieBT  Glad to hear you found some keepers! 😊 What do you like about the Dermalogica exfoliator?


I’m particularly interested to hear about that one because I have very sensitive skin and can only exfoliate 2-3 times weekly, maximum, and only with the gentlest exfoliators. After going through many products, I’m currently using and liking:


LAURA MERCIER - Flawless Skin Face Polish


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen ,


The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator could be a great option because it's very gentle, and still effective in brightening/smoothing the skin. Once you mix it into wet hands, it transforms into a creamy paste and it's not too gritty like other exfoliating products. I use it once per day (usually in the AM) and I've been loving it. I haven't tried the Laura Mercier face polish yet but it definitely looks like one I would try out next. Smiley Happy

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?


@PinkEvergreenUnidentified@PinkEvergreen, I have been loving and using my ILIA - Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment - Sing. It is a quick blush application withgreat color pay off to reapply. But, I actually loved using it as a blush more because it stays on, does not appear shiny or dry, does not enhance texture.  

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@loveyall  That sounds awesome! I used to ignore cream and gel blushes, but now they’re all I use because I find them so flattering for my skin.


It sounds like you’ve found your perfect match with this ILIA multi-use pigment! Do you use it as lip gloss as well? 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen , it is not glossy or shiney enough to be a gloss; but, it does work as a good lip color.  The feel is comfortable and dries do w to a semi matte

 There is transfer but no bleeding.  I love it.  The color is not as bright on my.lips as it is a blush.  What cream blushes do you use and love?

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@loveyall  Hmm, that sounds good! I hope it shows up in my BoxyCharm one day lol 😊


Right now I have two go-to cream blushes that I use regularly, which I happened to post about yesterday in this thread: ColourPop Super Shock Blush and Natasha Denona’s Diamond & Blush palettes. 


Before that, I used NARS - Liquid Blush but I found it a bit of a pain to apply. It dispenses way too much per pump, and really needs a lot of blending, in my opinion. Plus it got clogged and the container was not travel friendly (bulky and leaky). 


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

I live in a hot climate, so eye makeup has always been a challenge since most products tend to melt, smear, and/or disappear as soon as I spend any time outdoors. But, I've been finding that Glossier's eyeliner is amazing since it's the only pencil eyeliner I've tried that lasts (and trust me--I've tried more than a half dozen pencil eyeliners from Sephora over the years and thought I would always need liquid liner in the summer months). Also, URBAN DECAY - Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara is perfect for hot weather. 


Also, I'm loving MILK MAKEUP - KUSH Lip Balm especially since there are now different colors available. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@txcatx  Oh and I love Milk products so I’ll keep an eye out for the lip balm you recommended. So glad they’re coming out with more colours! I’m currently obsessed with:


FRESH - Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - Dream


A little goes a long way with that one, so it may be a long time before I can justify purchasing a new tinted lip balm. But hey... it IS summer now, so maybe I’ll forget it in a warm car and have an excuse 😁


P.S. The product link only shows the plain version of the Fresh lip balm. I have shade Dream and it is the most beautiful, natural pink. The container is also customized with pink lettering, which I also adore: 2D9160AD-7411-4C9D-8167-FBD3F622461E.jpeg


Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen I literally just bought a new Fresh lip balm yesterday.  I don't know what it is about them but they seem to nourish my lips better than any other lip balm that I've tried!  My favorites are the Petal and Bloom colors.

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@CookieGirl1  Also, are the tubes not like the best quality out there? I love how they’re almost like a pottery texture, so sturdy, and twist closed. No melted-balm-in-purse disasters with these! 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen I know, right?!  Fresh balms just have a special place in my heart.  And my purse.  And my nightstand.  And my bathroom.  And...

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@txcatx  I’ve never heard of UD Cannonball before! Is it a relatively new product? 


Regarding pencil eyeliner, I can’t seem to get anything to stay on my lower lash line. Do you use the Glossier there? 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@PinkEvergreen The mascara has been around for years--I originally found out about it because a lot of the YouTube makeup people I followed were using it. I had a tube years ago and forgot about it, but then I found a backup tube that I had bought still in its packaging while I was decluttering lately and fell in love with it all over again. 


As for pencil eyeliner, I honestly have never had a problem with eyeliner not staying on my lower lash line since my problem is that everything tends to melt and smear all over my undereyes, so I'm not sure of the longevity of the Glossier liner for you. Sorry!

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@txcatx  Thanks for all the info! 😊 Glad your backup was still good!!

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?


Cannonball has been around for several years, but I've never seen UD promote it in any's never sampled or in a gwp or put on sale, but it seems to have an underground cult status anyways.


@txcatx it almost looks like it's being discontinued in favor of the new Perversion waterproof; I don't have any direct confirmation of that, but it has been pulled from both Ulta and UD's site. Grab more from Sephora while you can! 

(ETA: ok, weird, and sorry. It is gone from Ulta, and it doesn't show up on UDs site when I browse, but if I search "cannonball" on UDs site, it still comes up. Perhaps it's not on the way out...yet... 😋)

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@RGbrown The mascara always seems to disappear for a bit, but then always comes back! It's so weird. I'm not sure if they have old stock or perhaps it's because of its cult status. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?


I have noticed it goes oos at Ulta a lot; I've had it on my loves list there for eternity and it's kinda fun to watch it lol, but now it says "no longer available" there instead of just oos. I did find it on UDs site, but it's like they don't want anyone to know they still have it since it doesn't show up while just have to search for it. Sorry for the mild panic I was feeling for you over it 😋 Though I still might not be surprised if it just quietly disappears now that they've come out with a new waterproof one. 

Re: Best discovery of the last 6 months?

@RGbrown I appreciate the heads up, though. I might stock up on a couple of tubes after I'm eventually over being mad at Sephora for never sending me targeted 20% off coupons. It just might take a week or two, ha. 


Actually, I've found that WANDER BEAUTY - Mile High Club Mascara has been working for me in the heat, too, and it's not even a waterproof mascara, which is surprising to me.

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