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Best Stage Makeup Essientals

Any performers out there? What are your staple products for stage makeup? Long lasting, color lasting, survives sweat, etc.


I used MAC and MUFE foundations and face powders in the past, but I broke out a lot. I now use Bare Minerals for everyday wear, but I'm not sure that's going to be good enough for full face coverage.



MAC liquid eyeliner-black

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate - 01

Smashbox PhotoFinish More than a Primer


Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

The laura mercier powder is a great setting powder to use. It keeps your face matte, doesn't cling on to dry patches, and just looks great in general.

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I've heard about Illamasqua being good stage makeup because its super dramatic and can be seen well from far away. Plus, they have a lot of statement, unconventional colors.


For long lasting stuff, I use Tarte's waterproof stuff. I'm not a performer but I am a runner and thats what I use when I want to look nice but know I will sweat a lot.

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

MUFE is great for both stage and film.  The MUAs I work with always use it, or NARS.  When I have to us my own makeup, I do use bareminerals, but I have pretty healthy skin so I am mostly using it to take away shine, since for stage these days I usually work in more intimate spaces that don't require heavy make up.


For special effects, definitely pick up some Ben Nye.


When I did a production of Cats, we had this amazing oil based make up that you set with a powder and then you would sweat through it- I forget what the brand is though, and am not sure that they make it in normal skin tones.  But it was fantastic!!  (And that make up took like, an hour to apply- here's me, the second from the left standing up!)



Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I'm not a stage performer but I once covered a black eye 24/7 with makeup, including through my workouts where I sweat profusely.    I just used MUFE hd foundation, their camouflage palette, their HD concealer, HD powder, and pressed powder + whatever eye makeup I wanted to wear, and I'd set it with model in a bottle.  It worked for me.  Actually, I even stuck my head in the shower to see how it would hold up, and it held up very well. 

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I am a fellow theatrical performer and one product I would DEFINITELY recommend buying for your stage makeup kit would be the Urban Decay Basics palette. This gives you the best basic neutral matte tones that have great pigmentation that you can build to your own liking! And although the highlight tone isn't something that you would necessarily want to use all the time (since it is shimmery) if you every find yourself in a show that calls you to play a fairy or mythical character of some sort, that would work great for such a look! I hope this little extra hint helps Smiley Happy 

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

Ben Nye is great for most stage makeup, however you might want to look into alcohol activated makeup. It is supposed to stay on no mater what,even water activated may help however if you sweat a lot it may sweat off. Also for special performances or if you are doing full body look into Pax.

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

Kryolan, Ben Nye, Mehron, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, La Femme, Face Atelier, RCMA, and Yaby are all great theater/stage grade cosmetics that perform well under studio/stage light and settings.



Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

Hi!  I'm also a performer-and MAC foundations and cake foundations completely broke me out, so I found other alternatives.  I use the Clinique Superbalanced foundation.  It's sweat proof, and evens out the skin well:


I set it with Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder, which is also sweat proof:


For eyeliner, the most amazing liquid eyeliner is definitely the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof eyeliner-it doesn't budge through absolutely anything:


Hope that helps!  I also love the Hourglass mineral veil primer before any foundation-really makes your skin super smooth and prevents any breakouts.

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I got a sample of the Stila a few months back and FELL IN LOVE! I just got it full size in my latest Sephora shoppping and I can't wait to use it for shows. You're right, it's great! 


I'm going to put those other items in my "loves" to keep track of them, thanks!

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I'm not a stage performer but you should look into "Kryolan". Here's there website:

There website says "Kryolan have been supplying the film, theater and television industries for over sixty-six years... What sets Kryolan apart from other make-up brands, professional or otherwise, is our dedication to meeting professional make-up artists’ needs and demands. Every sector has its own expectations, for example theatrical make-up must be extremely hard-wearing, so we only produce formulas that can perform under industry pressures:"

I've used some of there makeup before and loved it. In my opinion it's better than MAC.

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

I went to Kryloan for workshops back in the day and they really are amazing for stage makeup.  The foundations they have are a bit rich and not as friendly for sensitive skin, so I would probably stick with MUFE for foundation.  Illamasqua and MUFE have great pigments for stage too!

Re: Best Stage Makeup Essientals

wow their website is really cool! Thanks.

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