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Benefit Fake Up swatch

Swatches of 3 shades of Benefit Fake Up concealer under natural lighting and in the bathroom lighting. Yes, my skin look drastically different (yay for phone camera, just cropped and didn't do anything else). I'm a light/med and can go with either light or med for undereye area (light brightens and med look natural) altho for pimples they are too light/dark. =/2013-04-04 15.41.13.jpg

Your experiences/swatches? care to share?

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

Thanks for the swatches Beautytester!


@Ireagan- I agree it goes on SO smoothly. I also like to use it as a base. Almost like a treatment primer and then apply another concealer on top for additional coverage.

<3 Melissa

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

Oh that's a great idea! I was debating between light and med, but since half of my products are a tad dark, I think light will work well underneath. Yay, another reason to get it. =P

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

I was actually thinking about using it as a base! It's so moisturizing and leaves a bit of a sheen under my eyes, not greasy, but you can tell something is there. I'm going to try layering my Nars concealer on top of it tomorrow!

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

I bought Fake Up in light yesterday, and just tried it out. I LOVE IT! It's the ONLY concealer I've tried that doesn't make my undereye area dry and cakey. The only downside is it's definitely not full coverage. I have terrible dark circles and it doesn't cover them completely, but it definitely brightens the eye area. I'm just so excited to have found a concealer that doesn't make it look worse!

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

Very true, it doesn't seep into the fine line or look cakey. It's not full coverage, but the plus side is that it looks natural blended even if it's not an exact match. I can wear light or med and looked fine. Swatched from the sample card, so tempted to get it......if my skin doesn't get too oily this summer, I just might get it.....=P

Re: Benefit Fake Up swatch

I agree that it doesn't really matter if your shade doesn't quite match your skin tone. I got the light shade but I am what you would call "porcelain" and it's definitely darker than my true skin tone. Thankfully it blends so well that you can't even tell!

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