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Becca - Closing in September 2021

Apart from buying a highlighter years ago, I didnt buy anything else from the brand.


Having said that, they still had some nice products.


For the last few months i kept thinking about buying the Becca Skin Love primer, i got a sample of it, and the smell was divine, fresh, the kind of fresh that i wish there was a hand cream and a body mist with that scent. I might have decided to go for it if it wasnt 51$ (CAD) for 30ml. It also really didnt do much or enough for my skin, it just smelled really nice, so... not at that price. 


Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@Emy10  I feel obligated to mention the existing Becca brand thread:

But while I'm here: as with any makeup brand, I liked or loved some Becca products and disliked or hated some others. I said this in another thread last week, but I'll miss this brand. 


I still call BECCA Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer Cinnamon my favorite color corrector for my dark hollow tear troughs. I like several shades of BECCA Cosmetics Glow Lip Gloss and wish I'd bought more shades when they were available over the years. BECCA Cosmetics Mineral Blush Nightingale and Songbird are wonderful on my skin tone. And though I wish they'd expanded the shade range of these lipsticks to include more fun or "unconventional" colors, BECCA Cosmetics Ultimate Lipstick Love Orchid (C) is my perfect nude shade (a near-identical match to the natural color of my bottom lip)—and this comfy cream lipstick formula performs quite well. And I've yet to see anyone not be able to use one of Becca's highlighters. 


Since Becca products are available at several retailers in the US, I've had no trouble buying them at discounted prices or even getting them for free (via Nordy Notes or Ulta points). But I don't mind paying full price for certain products, like the concealer I mentioned. I'll probably buy another backup soon while I attempt to find a replacement from another brand that matches the Cinnamon shade and works well with my particular skin type/behavior and texture. Sigh. 

Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@Emy10 I was going to say I never bought anything but highlighters from them but then I remember that is a lie -- I have two of their eyeshadow palettes.  Maybe the only eyeshadow palettes they ever made?  I really like them, although, I will admit  I haven't used them in years (don't judge me, pressed powders never go bad!  LOL).

I remember their cheek tints.  Those were literally my go-to blushes for awhile.  I'd just pop those on while doing my make up in traffic (again, don't judge me!).

But yeah, Becca hasn't done much for awhile.  Sad to see them go, but then again... not that sad.  They were definitely the highlighter of the moment in the late 2010s.

Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@itscarin The Becca cheek tints were my gateway to cream blushers.  I actually found one to declutter last month and ended up using it daily (don't judge me lol).  I do use their under eye colour corrector as well.  I'm hopeful it'll come back into stock before they're done. 

Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@missjeanie I would never!  (judge you)  Love those little gel blushes.  They're so hygienic in a tube as opposed to a pot, and so easy to take on the go.

Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@itscarin  you lie!!! .... to yourself!!!! 😂😂😂


I know what you mean, its that sometimes we forget certain things we buy because we bought them on impulse and never really used them.


I also thought about buying a palette from them, but didnt because i knew that i mainly wanted to buy it because it looked nice and i wouldnt have used it.


I have this thing where when i see or beautifull colors or beautifull arrangements, or beautifull packaging that it makes me want to get things because they look beautifull. 


Im lucky i didnt do that too often, but i still did with the Hourglass Metallic strobe thingy highlighter palette. This was Very expensive. I thought i could use it in the inner corners, but when i did it didnt do what i thought it would do. I dont use highlighters on my face (cheeks), and so i mostly bought it because the product itself looks good (dimensional glowy pyramids 🤩🤩🤩). 


After a year of having it, (it also came broken and was out of stock, but still got a refund), i just threw it in the garbage. Looking at it 20 more times before i did. Then next day took the trash out and forgot about it easy enough, because i was not using it. 😌😌😌


I humbled myself alot with makeup in the last 2 years, i rarely buy makeup anymore, i dont buy new things anyway, i more buy skincare, but also less.


Here are the last real high end things i got:


Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless powder 

Skincare: Tatcha deep cleanse.


Its not much, but i dont need other things either.


Also, i wont be in a rush to re-buy the Flawless powder, but that Tatcha cleaser is really good, but because i have a few other cleansers (Elf, Lancer too, got the a starter kit from Pharnaprix) i wont have to re-buy it soon and might not, that Elf Daily Cleanser is really great. 


Freakin Lancer brand is crazy expensive too Lol.

Though, its worth experiencing it in my opinion. 

Re: Becca - Closing in September 2021

@Emy10 I love the flawless powder!  I hear what you mean about not using a lot of stuff.  There are two parts of me: one that wants to be responsible and sustainable, and not purchase things to avoid being wasteful, and then the other part of me that just wants all the things for no good reason.  

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