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Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

Hey There BIC! Jeffrey Here, Sephora Beauty Director!

If you know anything about me, I'm definitely a "techie" at heart. I LIVE for some innovation. One of the most innovative brands I've played with to-date has to be Artis Brushes! I'm so excited that Sephora is now carrying the brand, because I've always been intrigued by how new a different these tools are! So of course when I got my "Beauty-Junkie" hands on the Elite Mirror 10 Brush Collection, you KNOW I had to try them out ASAP! But it had to be for the perfect occasion, thusly I decided to give them a test run before the recent launch-party for the Sephora Squad! I am VERY pleased with the results. The experience was unbelievable! You will never touch anything like them! This is largely due to their coolest point of difference: They are made of Synthetic Fibers versus Brush Hair. So COOL! If you want to learn more, Here's some of my Highlights!:


Artis Elite Mirror Ten Brush CollectionArtis Elite Mirror Ten Brush CollectionThe Oval Range Pt. 1The Oval Range Pt. 1The Oval Range Pt. 2The Oval Range Pt. 2The Circle RangeThe Circle RangeThe Linear RangeThe Linear RangePalm Brush Mini and Cleansing PadPalm Brush Mini and Cleansing Pad



Overall the brushes performed even better than I thought they would. The idea of using a brush fiber versus a hair at first sounded a bit scary to me. My misconception was that the fibers would hold too much of the product and that most would remain trapped in the tool, but it was exactly the opposite! The fibers are packed so tightly together that foundations and concealers glad effortlessly over the skin. I also found that the less pressure I used the better the application. (Fun Fact: there are more fibers in an Artis Brush than there are on the average human head!) 

During the application I used all of the Oval Range, as I was primarily focused on complexion fo the party. The Oval 7 was definitely my favorite of the bundle. I felt it was an EXTREMELY versatile size that I could use for both liquids AND powders. The oval design allows for the tool to tuck perfectly around deeply contoured areas like the under-eyes and around the nose. 

Another star-performer for me was the Palm Brush Mini! I loved to carry this with me to touch up with, because of it's portable design and medium density. I also loved this brush to apply bronzer with, mainly because it reminded me of an old-school "baby-buki" brush. I also used this for setting powder and really enjoyed the smoothness of the application there as well.

Some of the other standouts were the Oval 4 and Circle 1R, which literally act like the pad or tip of your finger, respectively. These were perfect for spotlight applications like highlighting the cheek bones, or the inner corners of the eyes. The Cirlce 1R is also amazing for buffing the crease and moving stubborn product.

Lastly, I really dig the Linear Range as well. I plan to use them for lower lash-liner and smokey eyes due to their flat shape. I've heard tell that these are also great for brow powders. 

The brand also sent the cleansing pad which is a MUST. The micro-fiber cloth is the fastest and easiest way to clean the product. You can even use it to switch colors while working. I would definitely grab this too if you plan to invest in any of the Artis tools.

I have to give these a five-star rating! I really enjoyed the experience, and because I was using something so new and innovative, it made application, Really FUN!

What do YOU guys think?:

  • How do you feel about the Artis brushes? Are they worth a purchase for you?
  • Anyone that's tried them, Can you share any feedback or tips/tricks with me?
  •  How do you feel about tool innovation? If could invent ANYTHING or solve ANY beauty problem what would it be?

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

I bought an Artis oval 7 brush last year and it was exactly what I needed. I use it to apply foundation and the coverage is flawless and fast. I cannot say enough good things about these brushes. 

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

Oh, and btw, I saw a video recently where you were saying your were pursuing the mission of "tight lining the world". I'm using this technique now, so... it's happening! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

IT completely CHANGES the eye! The EDU Director over at Artis says the Linears a awesome for that technique, soooooo next time I do my makeup I'll definitely try THAT out!

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

That's tempting! On the other hand, I'm still trying to master the ones I have! ๐Ÿ˜„

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

I'm still debating if I should splurge and get one on sale this Friday! 

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

Oval 7!!! It's AMAZING!! Definitely my suggestion to start with.

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

Thanks for sharing! I have two of their brushes and I must agree they are unlike anything else I have! They are definitely the most expensive brushes I have by a lot but they are so worth all the hype. I mostly apply my makeup with brushes as itโ€™s faster for me in the morning and they just do such a good job of not leaving streaks - every other brush I own gets streaky after a few uses but these are so dense that doesnโ€™t happen 

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

Exactly. It's like there's a slight learning curve because you can get great coverage with very little work. It's almost as if you have to dial it back a bit. But other than that, there were so easy to pick up and just use! Another misconception I had. I thought they be fumble-y to use, but on the contrary, It was so easy to just jump right into it. 

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

These brushes look amazing @JeffreyBD!๐Ÿ˜Š

Re: Artis Brushes! First Impressions and Overview!

They were awesome! If you pick up ANY of them, the Oval 7 is THE look!

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