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A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Hello! March's Challenge!! Drumroll please...Free for all! Time to get caught up on anything you missed or forgot to do.


Previous challenges-

April- Lipstick

May- Eye Shadow

June- Primer/Foundation/Concealer/CC/BB

July- Highlighters

August- Brushes

September- Sheet Masks

October- Hair Care

November- Fragrance

December- Nail Polish

January- Blush/Bronzer

February- Candles/Wax Melts/ Diffusers


I've been thinking for a while now about creating a challenge. And why not mix my two favorite things in life!? Beauty and photography. As some of you know I am a photographer on the side. But my creativity for things like this are horrible! Each month we will have a different theme, and your challenge is to incorporate the theme into a creative photo!


This challenge is going to be a little different, because you won't be creating looks! Starting in April, but I'd love to get your input and if this is something you would be interested in participating in. I thought about doing prizes and voting, we can still vote for the best if you guys want. But with all the legal jargon needed for prizes I decided I didn't want to mess with that. I might send  unicorn mail throughout to those who participate often though 😼 PS- They make for great filler posts on your social media too. And active participation in the forum, reviews, and gallery ( don't forget to post your challenge photos there too!) can possibly help your chances of getting those two beautiful perfumes I got as a gratis below *wink wink*.  


The challenge and "rules"-

1. Flat lays and staged photos only. I'll post examples below. But no faces or people allowed in your photos. (Though you can include photographs).


2. All photos you take must be your own. 


3. Post as many images as you want, you have a whole month to get creative with each theme. Post one, post everyday, doesn't matter.


4. Let's talk gear and products! Tell us about your image. List the products and colors, talk to us about your concept and how it came to be, taken with your phone or DSLR? 


Here are some helpful reads- digital-photography-school dot com/flat-lay-photography/  and digital-photography-school dot com/tips-for-getting-started-with-still-life-photography/


Here are some of my example images I've taken in the past-

Flatlay 1.jpg

Gucci Flora Gardenia.jpg

Floral Street Sunflower Pop.jpg

Gucci Bloom Eau De Toilette 1 oz/ 30 mL eau de toilette spray 

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Eau De Parfum Travel Spray 0.34 oz/ 10 mL 


Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@greeneyedgirl107, it is the Lorac PRO Palette Noir. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi pretty!  I wish I had bought LORAC palettes when they were carried in store at Ulta.  So many of them were appealing but just not enough to get them as back then I was buying a lot of palettes.  Now that nothing has piqued my interest in some time, I'm regretting it.  Idk if ulta even carries the line anymore.  I thought kohl's did, but I'm guessing not since sephora went in.

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@greeneyedgirl107 @itsfi I miss when they had the Lorac Mega palettes for the holidays. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@SportyGirly125 It's always sad when brands aren't as prevalent as they once were.

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@greeneyedgirl107, I was late in picking up the Lorac pro palettes. Had my eye on them when they were first released but wanted to hold off until I worked through more of my existing eyeshadows. The Lorac shadows are nice and I do like the color stories to a few of them. All the Ulta stores in the city have permanently closed and the closest ones are anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes away so I do not get to them often, if at all. I ordered this one and another one based on swatches I saw online. I noticed that the brand has a corresponding "mini" version of each of the larger palettes - if I'm remembering right, there are 6 shadows in those palettes. Th Lorac palettes are available online but I've found that store inventory varies by the particular store - when there were 2 Ultas in the city, one carried the palettes but the other did not. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi Thanks for the info!  I didn't realize that Ulta carried anything from the brand at all.  I've bought so few eye palettes in recent years that I'm wondering if I should track down ones I didn't bother to buy initially, or that I have FOMO about.  Several would be LORAC.  


I'm so sorry that all your Ultas closed down.  That is just awful!  My local mall has closed a lot of stores (and it was never an amazing mall to begin with) but I'd be so disappointed if Ulta closed by me.  That said, I do the majority of my Ulta shopping online, but I like to go in-store to browse.

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi I love how it makes you try new things! You are going to love next months! I like how you magnified it, I did something similar! 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Just saw the theme for September’s challenge @Samtian. Loving all the themes but I have a few things 😉 that come to mind for this month’s sheet mask theme. lol. Going to post a note about this month’s photography challenge theme on the mask thread.

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Awwww, thank you for saying that @Samtian! Venturing out of my comfort zone isn't something I'm great at, even if I know I should, and it's definitely not my first choice, but it's good for me and good for growth. Thank YOU for giving me, giving all of BIC, a platform to be creative and to grow. I appreciate that more than I can truly put into words.
Yeah, this magnification thing is something I'm going to have to work on more. I *think* I have an idea of what I should have done to get the shot I was aiming to - part of it involves taking the photo straight on and close up, instead of at an angle at a distance. I'll try to keep working at it with other photos I take. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi - Actually, I like the original photo better!  The angled palette and brushes are great.  My eyes go right to the white tips of the brushes and then the brush handles.  Then I look at the wonderful palette.  BTW, what palette is this?  Those colors are right up my alley.  The small/close-up pic, my brain keeps trying to widen the space.  I personally don't like close-up closeups.  With that said, I can't believe how clear and in-focus the pic is!  My pics never come out like this.  You definitely have a gift! 😘

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@Titian06, ah, thank you. That is very kind of you to say. Lighting plays the biggest part for me when it comes to my pics. 📷 


Oh, I think you would looove the colors in this palette. It’s Lorac PRO Palette Noir. ♥️

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

I keep my brushes in various places - drawers, brush rolls, and other fun things that I've converted or repurposed into a brush holder, like an empty candle jar, or a flower pot, like this one. 😁

August - Brushes.jpg


Photo Details:

Product(s):Mix of brushes from the Sephora Collection, Real Techniques, and Sonia Kashuk
Camera:iPhone X
Background:Table top
Prop(s):A flower pot I turned into a brush holder
Other Material:--
Lighting:Natural, indoor lighting, early afternoon
Editing: Cropped at the sides



Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Super cute brush holder 😍

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

I love this little pot! so cute- I use multiple little pots or else I get disorganized and can't see my brushes haha 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

Thank you @katshepp! 100% agree - it’s so helpful to be able to see our brushes, isn’t it?! I love using pots, candles, mason jars, vases, etc. to hold brushes. It’s a great way to repurpose things. 👍🏼 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi , This pot is perfect for holding your brushes!  Clever!  It's a nice photo!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@tsavorite, thank you. I did initially pick up the pot with the idea of putting an ivy-like, pothos plant in there, but ummm... plans changed?! lol. 

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi Aww I love this brush holder. How cute ❤️

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@QueenMarceline, thank you. It is fun to see this on my table when I get ready in the mornings.

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@itsfi ooh that is a pretty holder!

Re: A Year of Beauty- Photography Challenge

@Samtian, thank you. I couldn't resist picking it up. 

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