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summer lip products

During the summer I was wondering whether I should use a lipbalm or lipstain. Can lipstains come with SPF? If not should I just use lipbalm?

Re: summer lip products

It's always important to have SPF, Fresh's Sugar lip balms come with SPF and come in an array of colors and so does Laura Mercier's Hydra Tints. I haven't come across a stain with an SPF (probably because they soak so quickly into lips), but the Fresh and LM products give a nice sheer wash of color to where if it does slowly wear/fade it won't be a night and day difference.


Miracle Skin Transformer and The Balm has tinted lip glosses with SPF, and Lorac, Korres, and YSL make actual lipsticks with SPF if you want something bolder and with higher impact color.

Re: summer lip products

Add on to that, Clinique have a gloss w/spf that I really like. Maybelline Baby lips is also good tho not super hydrating on me.

Re: summer lip products

I had the same issue with Babylips, loved the smell, but the texture felt super thin and too greasy for my tastes.


Re: summer lip products

I find that the Baby Lips tend to migrate to the corners of my lips too, which ends up making me look like I have mouth **bleep**.

Re: summer lip products

Can't believe that word just got bleeped... had to google it to find out why.


Will it let me type mouth 'crud'??

Re: summer lip products

I think you could also use a lipstain and then wear a clear lipbalm or product with SPF overtop!

Re: summer lip products

Dior Addict lipsticks are so moisturizing their like having a lip balm in your lipstick.

Re: summer lip products

I haven't seen any lip stains that have SPF and even if they did, that protection wouldn't last all day.  However, if you like the ease of color that you apply once and don't worry about, why not use the lip stain and put on a clear lip balm with SPF when you're going to be out in the sun?  I have a L'Oreal "lipstick" that is a stain and a balm that really lasts.  I just use my rose or clear Fresh lip treatment over it if I'm going to be out in the sun (but don't take it out in the sun with you!)


I think a lot depends on the amount of color you want to have.  I love just having a tinted lip balm on most days.

Re: summer lip products

To add to beautylovingirls comment. I love the dior addict lip glow specifically. It has an SPF 10 and adjusts to a "your lips but better" color and it just feels so nice on. And I am someone who is picky with my lippies because I ALWAYS get the nasty "crud" like crayzeeRN said, and this never ever gives me that. And after the moisturization wears off a bit I still find that the color is there so it almost stains.. I just love it.

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