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red lipstick

I want suggestions for a matte red lipstick. I tried the MAC Russian Red and Ruby Woo and both looked too orange on me. The one that worked for me was the MAC Red, but it's a satin finish. Any suggestions for a similar shade of red but in matte?

Re: red lipstick

Nars Red Lizard! It's a true red, not orange-y. I love it. Fire down below is a deeper darker red woth looking at. Also look at their pure matte lipsticks too, I don't owe the Red color but Nars is a great brand and their matte colors aren't drying and last forever.

Re: red lipstick

So I was swatching through some of my reds and I realized I only have about 3 matte red shades that I use regularly and unfortunately one of them is Ruby Woo and the other was Limited Edition. So the one I would suggest is Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet. To me it is a true red and shouldn't read so orange and definitely has a cooler tone than Ruby Woo. You can get it from the Lime Crime website.





Lime Crime Velvetine Red Velvet (Matte, Liquid Lipstick)


Bottom L to R:

MAC Ronnie Red (LE, Matte)

MAC Red (Satin)

MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)

MAC Heartless (LE, Amplified)


I realize these swatches all look the same, it's hard to phtograph the slight differences but trust me they aren't the same haha.

Re: red lipstick

Sephora's creme lip stain is utterly wonderful. I also have problems with too-orange tones -- my skin is very strawberries (not peaches) and cream and I wear a lot of true reds other bolds -- and the Sephora red is perfect. I get complimented on it every time I wear it -- seriously, strangers stop to tell me how good my lipstick looks -- it stays all day without moving (really), is easy enough to remove at night with an oil-based product, and is inexpensive to boot. 

Re: red lipstick

i recently purchased Nars pure matte lipstick in red and i love how it last all day and doesn't dry out and flake like the matte lipsticks in the 90's.  whats really cool about this lipstick is when it does start to wear off a bit all i have to do is press my lips together and it's as if i just reapplied, i'm actually wearing it in my avatar pic, i'll post it bigger.


Re: red lipstick

Hi Sephora555-


Try using a red with a blue tone base rather than warmer/orange.


I recommend the following options:


Box - matte deep scarlet red



Sephora Collection Lip Last 20 Wanted Red - matte dark red

lip last.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: red lipstick

Have you tried NARS Cruella?  It's matte and it's theoretically a red that would work for everyone (although, lol, how many companies have said that sort of thing when it's not true) but it's worth a shot?

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