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"Go to" summer lip color

What is the color (could be specific or general) that you are constantly reaching for to finish off your lip look this summer?


I am loving the corals!

MUFE rogue artist intense in satin coral (for a high end)

Revlon lip butters in peach parfait


Share your favorites!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

For a bolder lip, I have been grabbing my Maybelline Vivid lipstick in Hot Plum. It looks more pink on me and oh my goodness I'm in LOVE with it. 

When I do a bold eye, I try to do a more toned down lip. For this I've been using Mac's Creme Cup with NYX butter gloss in Merenge over top.

I also love the coral look but unfortunately this is one look I hate on me. I've tried various shades and numerous products...just to come to the conclusion that coral lips just do not flatter my skin tone at all. Oh well Smiley Happy

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

NARS Barbarella


Dior Lip Jelly Pen Carioca







Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Uhm it's beautiful!!! I'm just staring at this in envy! I don't think it would work for my skin color, but the Make Up For Ever is so gorgeous!!!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

It actually shows up pinky nude on me, so I definitely suggest trying it out next time you're at Sephora Smiley Happy

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

It looks really light and bright, something suitable for lighter complexions. My lips are kinda dark and this doesn't seem like it would show up nicely. But i will check it out!! Thanks for posting these. 

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Im loving NARS cruising..its nude but with a little pink in it!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

It's not my summer color, but rather my new go to all year round color.  Bite Beauty Fig.  It is the perfect my lips but just ever so slightly more pink.  I really want to buy it right now because it just came back into stock, but I don't need anything else and cannot justify paying shipping for it.  

Bite Beauty - Luminous Crème Lipstick

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

That is a great color for year round!


Re: "Go to" summer lip color

I want Smiley Happy

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Now I am so glad I splurged the other day.  My order shipped but when I look all the items I purchased, this one now says "Out of Stock Permanently".   

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