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"Go to" summer lip color

What is the color (could be specific or general) that you are constantly reaching for to finish off your lip look this summer?


I am loving the corals!

MUFE rogue artist intense in satin coral (for a high end)

Revlon lip butters in peach parfait


Share your favorites!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Beautiful choices!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Love the colors!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

When will smashbox pout be in stock?

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Hi Mkupgk-


I checked out inventory and it should be coming the next few business days! Please add your email to be notified once we receive it online:

<3 Melissa

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

I've had a really exciting summer in several different climates and countries, and have found myself gravitating to different lipsticks in each!


Paris in May:

Cold, rainy, grey, everyone dressed in black leather (me included...)


Bright, bold, long-lasting semi-matte colours, mostly from Givenchy Le Rouge's line:


Givenchy Le Rouge in Fuschia Irresistible

And Givenchy Le Rouge Summer Collection in Croisiere Coral



When I was back in Canada in June, it got a little bit warmer and I felt more playful so I gravitated to interesting high pigmented glossy lips:


Bite's Lush Fruity Lipgloss in Strangefruit (awkward name...)

Now I'm back in Durham, NC in July, where my face melts off 2-3 times a day, and so I've been wearing subtle glosses:


Sephora Crystalgloss in Flushed from the Tangerine pantone line has strangely been serving as a really cute nude on me:

(photo from BeautyProfessor)


and this Stila Lipglaze in Loganberry, on the right

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

How fun!  Very interesting that you look changed depending on where you were!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

Thanks! Ya, I'm surprised to look back on it now and realize I was changing my lip look like that, haha. Or more so, changing the opacity of my lip look. Smiley Wink

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

It seemed to get more sheer as the temp increased.  Makes sense to me.

Re: "Go to" summer lip color

lol ya. That way, when they melt off, you might not notice!

Re: "Go to" summer lip color


Do you remember where you found the limited edition Croisiere Coral?

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