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long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

I'm in my mid-50s and I need a lipstick that 1. lasts and 2. brightens.  I'm a medium skin tone, brown-eyed brunette.  I usually wear pinky-browns, but, as I get older, I feel I need more color without going dramatic.  Also, NOTHING stays on my lips for more than an hour; most long-last formulas dry and cake and flake (so attractive).  I'm a teacher, so I talk a lot and my lips dry out easily (I use balm every couple of hours).  I need help!!

Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

Has anyone who does a lot of speaking (teaching, lecturing, public speaking) tried OCC liptars with a gloss on top?  I'm thinking those wouldn't rub off the way a lipstick would so it might fade a little but you'd still have pigment, and then the gloss would keep your lips moisturized and something that you could apply without a mirror throughout the day.  The only Lip Tar I have right now isn't really work-appropriate so I can't test it out....hmmm....good excuse to buy another one??

Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

I have the same dilemma and asked BTers earlier - here is the thread - there were some great responses:


Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

I am about your age and have similar issues . I find most "long wear" lip colors actually cause my lips to peel.  I am not a teacher but I do a lot of public speaking so I know all about the dry mouth and  lips. LOL  I find that layering pigments can be a big help.  I keep my lips soft by applying a lip balm every night before bed and as a first layer when I am doing my makeup.  Don't use something waxy like Chapstick.  Fresh, Korres, and L'Occitane are my favorites.  When applying it before lipcolor, just pat or dab a small amount on.  You don't want to apply too much because it may cause the color products to smear.  If you find you did lay too much down just give it a good blot.  Find a lip pencil that has a matte finish and good pigment.  Bite and Nars are great choices.  Line and fill in your lips.  Lightly blot.  Now you may want to go over the top with a lipstick.  You can use something opaque or something translucent. Perhaps something clear to add shine.  It's up to you.  Bite lipsticks are gorgeous and beautifully pigmented.  They are not thick and I don't find them drying-even the ones with a matte finish.  Make Up For Ever makes a line of translucent lipsticks called Rouge Artist Natural.  They are hydrating and add shine but are not sticky or like a lipgloss. There are many good brands-have fun playing with testers.   After applying the lipstick, give your lips another light blot.  Another good tip is to use a clear lip liner to outline your mouth.  It creates a barrier that prevents bleeding and feathering which becomes more of an issue as we get older.   Make Up For Ever makes one called Lip Line Perfector. This all may sound like too much work but it is worth the extra steps to keep your lipcolor lasting for hours. I know this is a long winded reply but it is what works for me and I wanted to share it.  Good Luck!   Smiley Happy

Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil is AMAZING. I bought this about a month ago (in "Velvet") and I wear it every chance I get. I put it on in the morning, it lasts through work, classes, three-hour labs, and today it even survived through an hour-long nap. Lipsticks usually only last about an hour on me so this is definitely the best one I've ever tried. 


I've never used a lip primer but I would imagine that with a primer this would last forever Smiley Tongue 

Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

I have three different bite pencils and they are all amazing and last forever. I highly recommend getting them for both long term wear and hydration.

Re: long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

i always recommend  Nars pure matte, doesn't dry or cake and it last all day.

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