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lipstick that lasts!

I simply cannot find a lipstick that stays on me for more than one hour.  Those that last close to an hour dry out my lips and cake in the corners and edges.  I've tried using those stains with balms, and I get the same results -- pale lips adorned with gross little crumbs in the corners.

Help me!  I need 1.  something that lasts at least through a movie  2.  a non-drying formula, and ..

**Women in their 50s and older:  I need a new color!!  I've been a pinky-brown girl, and now I'm looking washed out.  I'm a brown-eyed brunette who tans easily.  I want to brighten without saying "Wow!  Look at my lipstick!!"


Can someone please help me????

Re: lipstick that lasts!

Re: lipstick that lasts!

Do you exfoliate your lips regularly?  I used to have trouble getting lipstick to last until I started exfoliating.  I prefer Lush lip scrub just because I love the taste, but sugar/olive oil works fine when I'm in between Lush orders. 


After exfoliating, I use a light lip balm, let it sink in, wipe off the excess/shine, and then use a lip brush to apply my lip color (I wear bold reds, so the lip brush helps me stay in the lines lest I look like Bozo), tap a bit of powder on the first coat to set it, then apply a second coat of color.  Sounds a lot more labor intensive than it is, and I rocked that red for 7 hours straight yesterday, even through drinking cans of Coke and eating 2 meals.  Before exfoliating, my lip color would shed and flake right off, but daily scrub treatment has pretty much fixed that problem for me. 

I have tremendous success with Bite Beauty's lipsticks (Zivoli is my go to red); perhaps one of their rose (like Pepper) or soft plum (Shiraz) colors would suit you?

Re: lipstick that lasts!

Bliss has a great lip exfoliator set called Fabulips it's whole set and will make your lips super smooth. Make sure you moisturize your lips and use a lip liner which will help in the wear of your lipstick and some great colors for you would be:


YSL Volupte Shine lipstick in:


#6- Pink In Devotion

#8- Pink in Confidence

#9- Nude in Private

#15- Coral Intuative

#17- Rose in Tension


Hope this helps!

Re: lipstick that lasts!

STILA is the best staying power i have found and ive tried it all..check out the reviews!

Re: lipstick that lasts!

I really like Bite's lipsticks.  Their stuff stays on my lips forever.  Last night we went out for Mexican food, and when I wiped my mouth at the end of the meal, I was surprised to see lipstick on the napkin.  Most lipsticks come off on the glass with the first sip of cold iced tea. 

Re: lipstick that lasts!

Here's another vote for trying Bite.  I am your age and I find these lipsticks go on beautifully and wear very well.  They lay down color in a very thin layer that doesn't tend to get "goopey".  I find as I get older, I really need to wear color.  I have a light complexion with dark hair and I am loving red lipcolor.  Bite makes beautiful options (my favorite is Pomegranate) but if that's just too much for you right now there are other options hat are great.  Shiraz is a very wearable plum that has a pink undertone (as opposed to ones with a red).  Zin is a lovely  muted berry shade. Granache is a deep cool pink. Mulberry is wine that is not too dark so it's quite wearable. 

Good luck and let us know if you find something that works for you.  Smiley Happy 

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