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lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

Hi ! my mum's b-day is coming and I want to gift her some lipsticks and I'm having doubts about what shades to get since she is 50+ years old with light skin with yellow undertones.. she loves those burnt reds, coffee browns or bright oranges could anyone suggest colour shades? thanks !!

Re: lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

thank you very much for the recommendations !!

Re: lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

Our pleasure! Best of luck finding a gift!

Re: lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

It's honestly a toss up, because you have to factor in her actual likes and preferences but also what is actually flattering for her skin tone.


I've worked with women of all ages, some which come in and state how they love dark, rich colors but are older and they don't realize the color makes them look very severe and even enhances the thinness of their lips.


Of course, I know you don't want to pull your mom away from shades that she's super familiar with and make her uncomfortable, but in that aspect, try to go with softer finishes, more sheer tints to allow her to wear the colors she likes but not have it be as dark/dramatic.


Try doing a couple of lipstick or lip gift sets, that way she can sample a variety and you don't have to break the bank by committing to full sized products she may or may not wear.


Sephora's Izak Mini Set:

IZAK Mini Lipstick Set


Kat Von D Set:
Star Kissed Lipstick Set


Bite Beauty Sets (also packed with skin nourishing ingredients to minimize lines on lips):

Luminous Crème Lipstick TrioColour + Shine To Go

Re: lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

Lylysa's suggestion is definitely the best option, now don't say this aloud to your mother (I certainly didn't when I did this!) but get her a neutral lipliner as well and teach her how to use it, or at least a good plumping lip balm, this will reduce the appearance of the lines on the lips which tend to get deeper as one ages. It will also make application of the lipstick much more easy and increase its longevity ^.^  Hope this helps!

Re: lipstick colours for 50+ year olds

Smashbox has some great neutral toned lip liners that glide on smooth and cramy-like and wear for a long time, perfect for layering under lipsticks.


The resveratrol in the Bite products help plump and smooth without any burn or sting from other plumpers!


Soap & Glory just launched a lip gloss set that uses sodium hyaluronate (binds healthy moisture to skin) and glycerin to hydrate and plump:


Soap & Glory - Sexy Mother Pucker™ Trio


This can pair up great with any of the lipstick sets!

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