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help me find a liquid lipstick

I don't hear a lot about liquid lipsticks here, but am interested if anyone could share an opinion. In particular, I've got my eye on the hourglass opaque rouge liquid lipstick, bite beauty cashmere lip cream, and stila stay all day liquid lipstick. They seem to be fabulously pigmented and very long lasting but is there a catch? Also, if you had to choose one liquid lipstick which would it be?

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I've been looking at several of these too; I'm trying to graduate from balms, glosses, and light lipsticks to "grown up lipstick" now that I am going to be 32 Smiley Wink.

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I love Liquid Lipsticks! The Hourglass has awesome staying power, Some have problems with it drying out, but i think alot has to do with how you prep. You need to use a lip scrub, and apple a thin layer of a balm, and let it sink in, then blot it off. And then you ready to apply. I really like the Stila one! It goes on very nice, Although i'm not sure how long it last. I've never had it on for more than a few hours, but i've has the Hourglass on for 10+ hours. 

They are both wonderfully pigmented, and go on easy.

But when i do feel my lip might be getting dried out while wearing them i dab a little bit of lip balm over them. 

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I love love love Kat Von D's Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick, it lasts a LONG time.
I never have to re-apply it and literally have to use a make up whipe to remove it before
going to bed. That is how long it stays.
I have gotten so many compliments on it too, the most ever.
So it's pretty nice. I highly recommend it.

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

Hi Ghkim,


KVD makes some awesome lipstick that has tons of pigment! You can also wear a balm on top or underneath for a more sheer look.


Kat Von D
Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

liquid lipstick.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I would suggest checking into OCC's Lip Tars! Those babies are packed with pigment (a small bead sized drop is all you need) and they mix and match so well to custom blend your own designer shade of choice! Their multi-shade sets are great for starting out and playing with color options!

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

ah yes, i do love occ lip tars. i am definitely looking forward to purchasing the minis. happy 6000 hearts by the way! Smiley Happy

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

Thanks, Ghkim! Smiley Very Happy


<3 OCC

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I have the Hourglass liquid lipstick in Icon and Empress and I love them both.  Gorgeously pigmented and last for hours.  I have seen the Bite Cashmere lip cream on a SA in Sephora and it was stunning on her.  I don't remember the name of it but it was the darkest shade-a deep berry/wine.  I have no experience with the one from Stila. 

Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

I haven't tried any of those, and Stila does not carry any of the deeper reds/plums/burgundies that I like. I love the MUFE and the KatVonD (original not foiled) liquid lipsticks.


Re: help me find a liquid lipstick

ah yes, i keep forgetting to try those as well!

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