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bite beauty lip library

the bite beauty luminous lip library goes out so fast ERGGHH

is it really that great? i cant even read the reviews because theyre all sold out.. haha

how big is it?

Re: bite beauty lip library

i cant view it (sephora just posts that it is sold out). What does it usually retail at?

Re: bite beauty lip library

The luminous lip set is showing in stock when i add to cart

Re: bite beauty lip library

It is on sale for $24, normally $30  ($96 value)

6 inch x 4 inch rectangle and 1/2 inch thick

I personally like it a lot since I have extremely sensitive lips. Bite Beauty is literally the first lip color that has not made my lips peel. I cannot wear any other brand that I have have tried.


Since the library has been on sale recently, the only way to get it is to check very early in the morning when the sale items refresh. (Usually about 4am PST) It is only there some days... and sometimes sells quick depending on the stock I guess.


Hope this helps!


Re: bite beauty lip library

I dont even see this when I search for it.  Ill have to check it out early in the morning and see if it is there then

Re: bite beauty lip library

I wake up early everyday so I am in the habit of checking sephora sales every morning. The Library was for sale two days this week and is not even listed most days. I have only seen it probably 6 days this month so you do need to check frequently. I was pretty determined to get it since Bite Beauty has been the only brand I can use so far without a bad reaction.


Also the Discovery Kit by them is also nice and comes with 5 mini tubes that are pretty convenient. On sale for $20 and only has been on the site 2 days this month.

Re: bite beauty lip library

@momo I havent tried the Bite brand yet but have one of their colors (vouvray) on my shopping list. I too have sensitive lips- I hope I can score the library or the discovery kit (i like the kit better I think cause I can take them individually).

Re: bite beauty lip library


is this what you're talking about? When I searched for it through sephora it didn't show up, but it did with a google search and I was able to add it to my cart for $24. maybe you can still get it!

Re: bite beauty lip library

@veevali I added it to my cart yesterday and was ready to check out this AM it says it is out of stock Smiley Sad I should have checked out yesterday. I was just so tired by the time my kid got to bed and I have a bad cold so I was kind of in la-la land. I hope it comes back up soon.

Re: bite beauty lip library

Awww, that sucks. I hope you feel better soon! It disappeared from my bag too. Did you have a chance to "love" it? That way you can keep an eye on it if it comes back in stock? I tried to see if I could find the discovery kit, but its sold out right now...


Have you checked out this one?


It only has two mini lipsticks, but is on sale right now as well. Or you could try the cuvee deluxe lipstick collection, but that's $72...

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