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bite beauty lip library

the bite beauty luminous lip library goes out so fast ERGGHH

is it really that great? i cant even read the reviews because theyre all sold out.. haha

how big is it?

Re: bite beauty lip library

@veevali  I like the nude colors but I really want to try those reds and Fig in the Discovery/Library. The Deluxe lipstick collection isn't on my radar right now (looking for more of a trial item). Thanks for posting & thinking of me thou

Re: bite beauty lip library


Re: bite beauty lip library

Has anyone tried to depot the lipsticks into little containers so that they have use them on the go?

Re: bite beauty lip library

I considered it but the palette itself is made of thick hard paper (like smooth cardboard) so it might be possible but I was afraid it would ruin the palette. The pans are pretty secure and the space between the pan edges and palette openings is very snug.

Re: bite beauty lip library

has anyone recently seen the bite beauty Discovery Kit on the Sephora site? I have seen the Lip Library for sale yesterday and missed the sale by a few hours (i am really mad at myself). 

Re: bite beauty lip library

The Discovery set was on sale about 2-3 days this month. I have found that after purchasing an Item, I can sometimes find a link to repurchase it going through my recent order list, even before Sephora posts it for sale through the normal search.


I have noticed this before for the Discovery Kit. I will check my recent order lists periodically and if I see it I can try to update this thread with a link if it comes up!

Re: bite beauty lip library

@momo Thank you SO MUCH! Or please message me the link (Im afraid it may get lost in the threads if I don't go on BT for a day).

Seriously, thanks. I have been going on in the mornings like you suggested around 7AM EST. And still am not getting it. The only way I had access was through the link veevali sent a few days back. :/

Re: bite beauty lip library

Sounds good! Please check you private messages frequently, this item goes quick! : )

Re: bite beauty lip library

Hey here are links to the Lip Library and Discovery Set


On sale right now and only available through these links since the sales have not refreshed for the day. They will be posted probably in the morning but might sell out before then. So if you want these order now! : )

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