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Your "perfect" nude lipstick

So how do you find the perfect nude lipstick? I don't mean neutral; I mean same stinking color as your skin "nude".


These celebrities NAIL the perfect nude lip, but how do they find the right lip color? Is it years of searching? The expertise of a makeup artist? Do they send lackeys running around sephora stores searching for the one specific color that works for them? Is it just foundation with some gloss over it? 


How do you find the right color?

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

Oh yes- I can't do the nude lip either. I can go with a colorless gloss because my lips have some natural pigment- but I noticed that sometimes a really nude lip detracts from the whiteness/brightness of teeth. Perhaps it works better on medium or tan skintones...more contrast with teeth!!


Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

I almost feel really silly asking this, but is a "nude lip" actually supposed to match the colour of your skin (on your face?) and/or be about the same as the foundation colour you wear? I have never liked the way that looks on me. :/ I am light skinned (about MAC NC15) but if I wear a lip colour that is really pale and it makes it look like my lips are "disappearing" its not flattering on me. :/ Mind you, the natural colour of my lips is not the same as the colour of the rest of my face either. (My lips are sort of a coral-pink colour, or more light peach if they are dry.) Maybe if your natural lip colour isn't that far off from your foundation colour it looks more natural?

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

Don't feel silly at all!


Nude lips can denote a range in the color scheme.


Like I suggested in my post below, try to get a shade about one or two shades warmer than your foundation with honey, champagne, or even rose, and even caramel undertones as to not look washed out. Of course there are instances where sometimes the desired look is to have the lips be pale, then adjust picking accordingly, but for a less dramatic nude lip, it's easier to pick with those tips above.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

@ladydragonfire- Never feel silly about asking that's how you learn.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

I have spent hours researching good nudes for my skintone and let me tell you I still feel like the perfect nude for my skintone still has not been created yet! it is the one item I waste the most money on (nude lipstick). I have so many that just take too  much effort to make them work for me that I don't even bother.


I am dark-skinned and have very pigmented lips which are darker than my face which is a whole heap of trouble when trying to do the nude look. I often have to go for very opaque formulas so they need to be perfect or else I look like I dipped my lips in baby powder (the dreaded ashy lip that haunts all women of color),

Right now I am on the hunt for a peach-based nude that won't wash me out but where the peachiness still shows through and it is near impossible. All the ones I've seen are just not tinted dark enough to work on me.


So far the nude lipsticks that have worked for me are:

NYX- Stone

YSL lipstick in #147

MAC Tea Ceremony

MAC Taupe ( though a bit too red)


Now all of these are pinky nudes so they don't really go with my makeup when it's more on the warm side (thus my search for a peach based nude).


A lot of these celebs are using the old flesh-toned lipliner + concealer on lips finished off with a lip gloss to get their nude looks but that can be a bit drying on the lips. I tried it once with my MAC concealer and I have to admit it was gorgeous but just not comfortable for long wear.


I hope that helps!

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