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Your "perfect" nude lipstick

So how do you find the perfect nude lipstick? I don't mean neutral; I mean same stinking color as your skin "nude".


These celebrities NAIL the perfect nude lip, but how do they find the right lip color? Is it years of searching? The expertise of a makeup artist? Do they send lackeys running around sephora stores searching for the one specific color that works for them? Is it just foundation with some gloss over it? 


How do you find the right color?

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

Its easier to pull off a full on nude lip when you have a great tan like all those gorgeous women! For me, I'm fair right now and full on nudes wash me out and make me look like I have concealer on my lips or something which doesnt flatter me at all. But pink-nudes look fantastic on me whether I'm pale or tan. I like NARS Cruising lipstick, NARS Lip Laquer Chelsea Girls.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

I'm on board with Sephoramusthave -- I think it all depends on your skin tone, but for me, a nude with pink in it is much more wearable than a classic nude. In every day life, having lips the same color as your skin isn't very flattering; it can make you look really washed out. I think the idea of nude is to be really natural, but naturally, lips are a few shades darker than the rest of your complexion. You can still have "nude" lips without having completely nude lips, if that makes sense.


All of that said, NARS Cruising is my favorite! Smiley Happy It's the most lovely nude pink -- really natural looking. I also love Bite Lip Shine in Prosecco, which seems pale pink in the tube, but it looks nude on the lips.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

I'm not really a fan of it... I asked my boyfriend, he's also not a fan of this trend.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

I agree with the other posters, it can certainly make you (even the models shown here) look washed out.  I think a nude like color with a tint is also the most flattering.  I would look sickly if I wore my skin color on my lips...

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

@maryfairy- Alot of knowing the pefect way to achieve certain perfect colors comes from the know how of the MUA. And when you find that certain color on a celeb or model etc. it doesn't mean that it's going to be the same color on you everybody's body chemisty is different. Some nude colors you could swatch:


1. MAC Creme Cup

2. Bobbi Brown's Italian Rose

3.Nars Turkish Delight Lip gloss

4.MAC Fresh Brew

5. YSL Rouge Volupte' in #1 (More of a pinky nude)


Hope this helps!

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

If you want to venture into the realm of an actual nude/flesh toned lip, you have a couple of options.


Yes, you can always use a touch of foundation or concealer, but as those products aren't designed for lip wear, it can result in the look of dry, cracked lips over the course of an hour or two.


The key is to find a highly pigmented lipstick or liner to block out the actual undertone of your lips to prevent it from coming through and shifting the shade you're wearing.


Nude lip primers/neutralizers like Lip Plump by Benefit (don't think Sephora online carries it anymore, but check Benefit's actual page) or using a nude lip pencil to line and fill in your lips can help with blocking out undertones.


Choose a color that's maybe a shade or two warmer than your own complexion to prevent it from washing you out or draining your complexion entirely. Depending on what undertone your skin has, try to find shades with tones of honey, champagne, or even a touch of rose. I would suggest avoiding frosty or super shimmery finishes as this makes a nude lip look chalky.


Matte finishes are easier to work with as they generally have fuller coverage, plus you can always add a touch of gloss to give it some shine.


Nars' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is available in Bella De Jour:

NARS - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


MUFE's Rouge Artist Intense lipstick line has an array of nude/flesh toned shades that come in matte and satin finishes:


Tarte's Matte Lip Surgence Lip Stains offers a warmer, rose toned nude, perfect for deeper or warmer complexions:


Tarte - LipSurgence™ Matte Lip Tint


Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

A perfectly nude lip isn't my favorite either (on me, but it does look great on these girls... maybe because I am so pale Smiley Sad...). Anyway! I think it is so much harder to find the "perfect" MLBB color!!!! I think think that you end up with a similar look but not so washed out, but that it is so dificult to find! Do any of you guys have the same problem?


Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

It's all about testing, testing, and testing.


Nudes and natural shades can be some of the most difficult to find because of undertones and how a product wears.


I like sticking with a rose-toned nude lip or a pink-toned nude lip just so one doesn't look washed out.


There's a difference in trying a make up trend for fashion forward reasons and an entirely different thing to make it your staple.


I've done a true, nude/flesh toned lip before, but I always pair it with a very dramatic, almost more severe look because I know how stark it can look so I amplify everything to match.

Re: Your "perfect" nude lipstick

@melde- I just go for the colors that catch my eye, also I have a darker complexion so it's not that hard but I'm sure it's harder with a pale complexion. You just have to swatch and keep trying to get that one color you love.Also venture out there a  little try colors that you have never tried before, you don't know how it will look on you until you try it.

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