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Your perfect "Red Lip"

I'm fixated with finding a matte red lipstick I'd totally love. I'm fair skinned and would prefer something blue-tinted, but still bright, and definitely bold and highly-pigmented. I used to use MAC's Kanga Rouge, but was never totally sold on it. I love, love Tom Ford's Wild Ginger, but it's definitely more of an orange than a red.


What red matte lipstick do you think is best?

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

I personally think that NARS makes some of the best reds out there! I love, love, love Dragon Girl (a true bright red) and Cruella.



Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

i agree Nars is the best.

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

I've been wearing "RiRi Woo" by MAC as my go to red lip all summer. It's a part of the RiRi Hearts MAC collection so it might be limited edition but I know you can still buy it and it is basically the perfect matte red lipstick. It has a retro matte finish and is a really flattering cool toned red shade. Super bright and in your face pigmentation. I wear it to work almost every day and I get complimented on it so often and it is super long wearing. 


I've also been digging N.Y.X. soft matte lip creams in "Amsterdam" and "Monte Carlo" and they are relatively cheap so very worth trying out.

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

Lime Crime's Red Velvet.......Trust me on this

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

The only red matte I've used is Tarte LipSurgence matte in Fiery (3rd one, 1st red swatch).

It is definitely cool toned, no hint of orange. You can lightly blot some onto your lips for a pink stain, or apply it straight for a dark cool red as I usually do. The one time I wore it out I got excited compliments and was very memorable.

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

Well i have two Reds that are my Favorite. 


HourGlass Opaque Liquid Lipstick in Icon, A Blue Red

And There ^^^ is me wearing it.


And Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, More brighter than the Hourglass, And it isn't too Orange Based. 

It was a promo code, so it's half sized, but the full size it a lot bigger. 


Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

I second Dragon girl from Nars its super gorgeous! 

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

MAC's Ruby Woo

Re: Your perfect "Red Lip"

Dior Addict Extreme Fireworks! Its great 

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