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Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Hey everyone, so lately I been thinking about the YSL Glossy Stain. I actually got a sample pack of 3 colors from Shyam after my face was done. I was curious to know what your thoughts are and what are your favorite shades or what colors are the best in that line. I see it's long wearing which is nice to know. I'm tempted to get one really I want one badly lol.


Anyways share your thoughts :-)

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Wow that color looks amazzzzing :-D !!. I think it's time to start a list of what ones I want lol !!.


Thanks for sharing girl :-)

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Favorite lip product EVER.

Why you may ask? Because it's a gloss AND a stain all in one package, isn't "tacky" feeling, and leaves a true to color stain on the lips for hours after the gloss has faded. Pigment is buildable, and the packaging is to die for. Always remember to exfoliate the lips before use (possibly the night before), and do not blot your lips after this lip product is applied for best results. 


I have #7 and #15. 

7 is a great "my lips but better shade", I call it the universal shade because I think it looks pleasant with a variety of natural lip tones. 15 is a brilliant rose color for a pop of "fabulous" wherever the day takes you!


Keep in mind that some colors have a shimmer, and others do not. Both of the ones I mentioned have a bit of shimmer to them, but I can't imagine getting a "plain" one after those with shimmer! Don't fret, it's not disco ball shimmer, they are modest and refined with the amount of shimmer that goes into the product. 

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Hey Spyski ! 


I've been seeing it and hearing about it and I have seen all the shades. They look very shall we say.... DELICIOUS lol !. 


It's good to know it's not going to feel tacky. When I think of gloss I think of thick, tacky, and goopy  and it's not easy to wear. However I do like the concept of this product very much. It's a hybrid product that gives you great longevity from what I hear. I do love the packaging too it's very chic and very elegant !. That's part of what draws me to products lol. 


Tell me whats a great way to exfoliate my lips without ripping them apart ?. I honestly tried the St. Ives scrub on them.. I know bad choice but what can I do lol I am not that savy with knowledge yet. I wont don't worry :-). 


I will keep an eye out for the # 7 shade, I had my eyes on some of the darker shades. I thought I seen like a crimson/bloody red shade in that line if so I am all for that. Ooo # 15 sounds really cute too. 


Awesome, I don't mind shimmer it's great that you've given me so much awesome info on this product. 



Thanks girl ! 

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

I love the glossy stains, too.  Everyone here got me looking into them and I went into the store to try them on.  The way they look in the package is very bright but they're not that outrageous on the lips.  I was really glad to have an associate with time to help me.


I have 5 and 14.  5, for me, is a nice my lips but better and a bit darker color.  (But that's not true for everyone -- I know my lips are a lot darker than my niece's, for example.)  14 is a great bright berry color.  I took this on vacation and it was great for a dressy night out.


The gloss definitely isn't sticky, which is one thing I hate about glosses.  I get more stain from 14 than 5, I think.  I also find that using two coats (wait a bit between them) makes it last a lot longer.  And I don't find they dry me out -- they seem to seal in moisture.


When I was on vacation I was scuba diving a lot (two dives a day most days, for two weeks).  After a week my lips were really chapped and bleeding and looked and felt awful.  The YSL Glossy stain was the one thing that really sealed over my lips so that I could be comfortable because even air motion made them hurt.  It felt so good I put it on before bed a couple of times.  (Yes, a very expensive thing to wear, but I'd do anything to be comfortable.)  And the stain was dark enough so that my lips didn't look too terrible.  (And yes, I now have a lot more lip balm choices and vow to carry something in a waterproof container with me so that I can hopefully prevent this next time.)


If you have time to get into the store, use the express service and get help if needed trying on a few shades.  The ones on the sample card all look like nice colors.

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Hey Mafan,


Between here and magazines I read on the long subway ride home I have seen quite a bit about them. Also the makeup artist I had at Sephora actually gave me a sample pack of them. I'm really tempted to wear them while I am away and then from there make my decision if I want them or not. Mind you I likely will want them, but price as always holds ya back at least up here. In Canada we got more then enough taxes to really kill the buzz of wanting it. However for now I will use what I have. Sorry to hear about your chapped lips dilema, but glad you managed to use the stain to help keep your lips from becoming worse. Likely when I come back from Ohio or when I am down there visiting my boyfriend I can ask them about it when I get my makeup done :-). Thanks so much for your insightful experience with this product !.



Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Hey Carmen,

I saw in the post above that you mentioned being interested in trying #7 (which you should, it is gorgeous!) and good news, it is part of that sample pack! I don't have a glossy stain yet either, but having been stalking #7 (Coral Aquatique) as well. Let us know how it goes!

Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

No problemo! Try the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish as an exfoliate. Leaves the lips incredibly smooth and ready for color! 


Re: Your Thoughts - YSL Glossy Stain.

Thanks Spyski !


That's awesome :-). How often would you say I should use it ?. Once a week, 3 times a week ?. 

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