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Your Thoughts : Beecology Lavendar & Lemon Lip Balm ?

So I am currently using the Burts Bees chapstick and I am not really sure how well it's working for my lips. I've heard that this particular product is supposed to be the best lip balm ever sold. I was wondering if you've used this product, does it condition the lips well. 

Re: Your Thoughts : Beecology Lavendar & Lemon Lip Balm ?

I used this chapstick before, and i didnt really like the texture. Personally i LOVE Baby Lips by Maybeline. Let me tell you it works wonders hun! Burts Bees may work, but Baby Lips makes your lips soft and rejuvenated with moisture. (it also tastes amazing). Personally I think you should make the switch! Its inexpensive and DEFINITELY worth it.

best wish(:


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