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Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

Just a quick question, have you tried Korres lip butter, and can you describe it? Would you recomend it over Fresh's lip balm? I was looking at the coral shades for each. 



Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Korres - Lip Butter


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Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

To me Korres lip butters are not very moisturizing and the Fresh lip balms are so much better! Smiley Happy Definitely try the Fresh lip balms instead.


A good drugstore lip balm would be the neutrogena revitalizing lip balms. THEY. ARE. AMAZING. Holy grail. Even better than Fresh! 

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

I own both and I find myself using the Fresh balms more because they're easier to apply. I also think the Fresh balms are a little thinner than the korres balms, which makes them easier to apply under your other lip products. 

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

I love both (Korres is so moisturizing!), but for practicality reasons, I prefer the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I can put it on without thinking, whereas Korres can be a bit messy. My only word of caution is to be careful how you store the Fresh balm -- don't keep it in a pocket, because it's so soft that it melts -- and breaks -- really easily. I also have to be careful not to wind mine up too far or else it breaks from the base.

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

I've only ever tried the Fresh balm here and there, but never bought it. I bought the Korres balm before and didn't think it was bad. It was a good balm, moisturizing, felt nice, but not the best I've used. If you accidentlaly apply too much it gets too slippery on lips, the Fresh one seems thinner upon application so there's less worry.


Both smell delicious though! Haha, sorry if I wasn't much help in deciding, best of luck though! I'm a lip balm junkie!

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

I have both. Here's the breakdown:


Texture: Fresh is more like a softer lip balm, and look like lip balm on your lips, too. Korres have a slightly bouncy/jelly texture, feels more like a dense oil/cream base than balm. It also makes your lip look slightly more moist/glistening than Fresh. Fresh feel more moisturizing cuz the balm sorta have a protective layer and Korres sinks into the lips faster.

Color: Fresh Coral is the most intense color of their selection. Korres is more sheer.

Application: Fresh is easy to apply cuz it's a lip balm tube, but it's soft so beware in the summer or hot weather. Korres is in a pot, so not as sanitary/convinient and I usually use it when doing make up at home.


Lastly, Fresh have SPF15 and Korres doesn't. SPF is important and the tube is more convinient, so I usually use Fresh. If you want noticeable balmy color, go for Fresh. If you want a sheer wash of moist color, go for Korres.

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh


Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

i love me some Fresh Lip Balm. I really enjoy the advanced lip therapy.  Helps with fine lines! amazing stuff!

Re: Which balm? Korres vs Fresh

Hi Berniebeauty,


I personally use both and I think both of them are very hydrating and it will come down to texture. The Korres lip butter is thicker does not have a lot of shine. The Fresh Lip Balm smells really nice (like sweet lemons) and has a thinner consistency. Its a hard decision!

<3 Melissa
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