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What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

I'm on the hunt for a nice matte (yet not dry) red lipstick that's medium bright in colour, and one that's not too orange. I already have Stila long wear lip colour in outrageous, which is awesome, but I'm looking for something more on the red-side. I want to go for a look that has lightly black-lined eyes and a nice, matte red lip.

For reference, my skin tone is Fair/Light with warm-yellow undertones. Any suggestions guys?

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

The Dior Diorific lipstick in #39 . Expensive but the perfect red you just can't go wrong.Hope this helps!

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

It's a bit off but gives the same effect. I have Tarte matte Lipsurgence in Fiery. It's a matte cool dark-ish red (but light enough you can def tell it's red and not black/brown etc). I have light/med asian complexion (yellow undertone). When I wore it, it makes my complexion look brighter and when paired with black-lined eyes, gives a Marilyn Monroe kind of look. The first time I wore it out, a girl pointed at my lips, bounced up and down while exclaimed "I like your lip color! I like your lip color! I like your lip color!"


So, I suggest you check that out. There's also Dragon Girl lip pencil by NARS and YSL lipstick with SPF15. I'm assuming you are looking for a cool red and not warm red (since you mentioned not too orange).

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

Nars Lipstick in Jungle Red. It says semi-matte on the website but I find it to be closer to an actual matte. It has won a ton of awards for best red lipstick.

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

Awesome! Thanks guys! I'm gonna test these out at my local Sephora :x

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

   Hi rosefilou! 

   On the topic of matte red lipsticks, Makeup Forever has some great ones in many, many shades. I, myself, prefer a creamier texture, not completely matte, so I also like shades from brands like Sephora Collection, Too Faced, Smashbox, and Clinique. 


    Check em out!


Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

other than all the great answers above, you should also try lip stain. my fav is JOSIE MARAN MAGIC MARKER LIP STAIN. go to a store and try all the colors! they have natural matt finish AND it stays on FOREVER!! 

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

These are all great suggestions, I definitely made a list and I'm gonna try them out on my next Sephora visit!

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

So I made it to Sephora today and tried them all out, and I loved ALL your suggestions. After vigourous testing of both high and low end reds, I found Sephora Collection Colour Lip Last in #19 Pure Red NAILED IT. Exact colour and finish that I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your replies! *Below is the look I was going for (ya, in my dreams!)

Re: What's the best Matte Red lipstick?

My GO-TO Red is MUFE #41.  I have had many friends of different skin tones try it and love it too. Especially if you're into something more of a brown/blue red rather than orange/coral red.


Ignore the crappy application here, I just slapped some one to show how the color appears on my med warm/yellow/olive undertones. 

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