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What is your favorite lip balm?

I've been using Fresh Advanced Therapy, and it is great, but I want to try something new. (The other Fresh Sugar lips are good too, but sheer color is just not flattering on me.)


I'd love to hear what all your favorite lip balms/treatments are and why. ^_^


Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Rose salve: cheap, works in the summer, great on nails or dry patches of skin.

Fresh sugar lip balm: the only lip balm with SPF that my lips like in the winter. Otherwise it gets dry/cracked/flaky.

Jack Black lip balm: also works in the winter but leaves a film AND they lied to me. Originally it looks like it's just a handful of natural ingredients, but later the FDA law on sunscreen forced them to reveal the full list that consists of half petroleum/vaseline among other cheap things.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

For lip balms I like-

CO Bigelow Lavender Salve & My Favorite Night Balm from Bath & Body works

EOS Lip Balm Spheres - I have at least 6 of these in various spots in my house.


The lavender salve I put on my lips as I am putting on my make up.  I like how soft it makes my lips.  I put the My Favorite Night Balm on every night before bed.  It really helps with "chappy" (as my niece puts it) lips in the winter.


The EOS balms are just easy to use whenever my lips feel a bit dry during the day.


For lip treatments I like the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush.  It reminds me of the lip smackers I used to use when I was younger and it makes my lips super soft.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

I use the lip scrub from Lush too, mint julip is my fav. Is there a certain brand of lavender salve you use?

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

The one I have is from bath & body works.  I've seen them a few other places.  I like the scent and the fact I can use it on my cuticles, etc.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Burt Beeswax lip balm

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

EOS Lip Balm Spheres! Yay for moisturizing without the oily feeling. Love the minty one.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Co-signing with everyone about EOS, love them! I like Maybelline baby lips too.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?


Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping LipBalm...personally I would had never thought rose scented balm on lips, but it works! I often use it at night. The scent is soft and I have never felt like I have a mouth full of rose flowers!


Korres Lip Butter because it gives a little shine with moisture and also has (sheer) color choices.


My 2 all around, multi usage picks are Josie Maran
Argan Balm and Rosebud Perfume Co.
Rosebud Salve in a Tube....they are great to use for other areas (like elbows, cuticles, etc and lips) Smiley Happy





Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

A really good one is NUXE NUXE Reve de Miel - Honey Lip Balm.  you can find it on Amazon.  it is a thicker consistency, but once you put it on, it really stays on your lips for hours.  I put it on before bed and when I wake up, I can still fell a good amount of it on.  And aafterusing it for about 1 week, my lips became super hydrated!

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm.  It is so moisturizing and it locks in the moisture so you don't have to reapply it every 5 minutes.  One little tin of it will last you forever too.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Dr. Weil's for Origins Conditioning Lip Balm with Tumeric. My lips tend to crack but this balm has really helped to keep my lips in better shape. No scent, no strong taste (but if you don't like tumeric the hint of flavor might turn you off).

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

I am a lip balm junkie! I have different liip balm/lip butter/what ever you call it products for different purposes.


Spring/summer over night: any EOS or Yes to Carrots lip butter in mint (they are both hydrating enough that I can still feel them on my lips in the morning)


Fall/winter over night: fresh Sugar lip treatment or Yu Be moisturizing skin cream (they are a heavier formula, especially Yu Be but be warned it has a very strong smell)


Before other lip products:  Blistex five star lip protection (it does a decent job on its own, I do have to reapply throughout the day, but it is excellent under other lip products and I like that it has spf 30)


Anytime favorites:  i will use any of the above mentioned anytime, but I also like Korres lip butters (though I am not a fan of putting my finger in the product) and Burt's Bees +Soothing


Products that I did not like:

Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness (did nothing)

Vaseline lip therapy (did nothing)

Ole Henriksen fresh lips (did not like the formula, too watery/messy for me)


Good luck finding your next lip balms!

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

EOS lip balms. I use the yellow one during the day (SPF 15), the orange one if my lips are suffering (healing version), but my favorite overall is the pomegranate raspberry. You can still feel them in the morning. For the price and quality they can't be beat. Plus I like the little spherical packaging!

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

I love Smith's Minted Rose lip balm.  It smells wonderful and has a nice little tingle.  It's really moisturizing.  The only little downside is that it comes in a pot so I have to use my fingers.  

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Honestly, my favorite lip balms are the ones I make myself.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

What do you use to make your own? If you don't mind sharing! Smiley Happy

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

@jellybean917: (great name btw) Not at all! Smiley Happy

My most recent ones were made by melting down regular lip balm with bits of eyeliner and lipstick (for color) and a small amount of oil serum (for extra moisture), mixing the melted solution together and then pouring it into empty lip balm containers.

Then I froze them for a few hours to take shape, then let them thaw to air tempterature. They look great if I do say so boyfriend even tried one yesterday. lol

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

At night, I apply Eucerin Aquaphor to my lips. During the day, I use the Aquaphor formulated for lips b/c it's less gloopy, give it a little time to sink in, then apply my lipstick/lip stain/whatever.


My lips used to be really dry and flaky, but now they're soft and smooth. I still need occasional exfoliation, but it was a huge improvement. PLUS, it's cheap and a multitasker. You can apply aquaphor to dry, cracked skin anywhere on your body. It's also good for minor burns.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

Wow, sounds like I need to try EOS. Those look like so much fun. ^_^


And the lush scrubs look good! I really want to try the mint one. It's been a while since I've shopped Lush. I used to use their bath bombs (and a few other things) all the time, but then they kept discontinuing my favorites. Then I was really sad when I found out how many Lush products had parabens. Ick. Gotta be super careful what I get from there.


@Midnightangel - That is super amazing that you make your own.

Re: What is your favorite lip balm?

soap & glory's a great kisser, and for drug store, i love cover girl's lip smoochies in tweet me. smells like cherries and is the prettiest sheer red color Smiley Happy i also really like maybelline's baby lips Smiley Happy eos are great, but they're a bit bulky so can be a little less portable if you're not wanting to carry a purse Smiley Happy 

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