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What is it?

Sephora cast member gave me a sample of a lip balm and I didnt keep the baggie so I dont know what it is.


It has a mild rose scent and I think it was in a small round package.

Creme rose comes to mind but cant find anything on site that fits that ?


FYI She helped me find the right coral shade lipstick for me and 

brought the balm sample up to the register...nice of her..

Re: What is it?

Thank you so much  ITs the DIOR !!!

Re: What is it?



I think it was probably the Dior Crème de Rose


Re: What is it?

Dior creme rose lip balm, I love that stuff!

Re: What is it?

Hmmm.... The only product I can think of is the rosebud perfume co.   Rosebud salve.  It's $6 and comes in a little round pot, it is light pink with a faint smell of rose. Hope this is the one! If you go to brand "rosebud perfume co" it will come up.

Re: What is it?

Is it the fresh sugar lip balm? I put a link below!

Re: What is it?

oh and it is a very very light pink color

Re: What is it?

Hi rockhound0508,


What is the texture like? If it's sort of sheer-shiny-vaseline like, it may be the rosebud salve, but if not, it could be the Dior Creme Rose lip balm! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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